We shall stand in the solidarity of the cross with our persecuted brethren.
"For us Christians of Iraq, martyrdom is the charism of our Church"
-Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk, Iraq. 

"All Christian schools, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for muhajideen wherever they are within reach. We will open on them the doors of destruction and rivers of blood"  -Statement by a group affiliated with the Islamic State.

"There are more martyrs today than during the early times of the Church"-Pope Francis, 3/4/2014

pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters

 For God's Sake Wake Up to What is Happening!

This is only a sample of what is happening in many countries:

The martyrs teach us the way
Two priests martyred in Iraq


Why is it that many practicing Catholics are so confused? Why so many become angry when the truth is proclaimed? This anger is specially against virtues that challenge our personal behavior such as chastity, modesty, piety, penance.

Anger and confusion is the fruit of spiritual blindness, of thinking like the world and not like God.  We could be very active in the Church, theologians, priests or bishops and still have this blindness because the mindset of the culture works in all.

The cure is the cross. To die to the blindness and self-centerness of our culture we must go to the cross. There is where the rebelliousness of sin is put to death. There is where truth and love unmask the deceit of the enemy and vanquish him.

Every Christian must be so in love with Christ as to be ready to be a martyr. To do so we need to gaze upon the cross and ponder the price of love with gratitude.  The Lord also teaches us through the martyrs. We should develop a friendship with them and desire to immitate their love for the Lord. As we do so, we will be able to renounce to sin offer our daily sacrifices with joy. 

"If you are not willing to die for your God and your brothers, at a moment's
notice or by a thousand cuts and sacrifices over many years, then you do not have a religion. You have a hobby." 
-G.K. MacBrien

I encourage you to keep in your heart our persecuted brothers and sisters.  May our hearts desire to love Christ unto the cross!

The following PICTURES ARE NOT APT FOR CHILDREN. These pictures help us bring the reality of the cross to our hearts so that we experience the suffering of our persecuted brothers and sisters and stop catering to the desires of our flesh! Then the Lord can give us a clear humble mind to love his ways and is willing to suffer for love.

Asia Bibi in Pakistan

We cannot forget our sister Asia Bibi, condemned to death in Pakistan for ¨blasphemy¨. In truth she is condemned for her faith in Christ.  This mother of 4 has been 18 months in jail and now will be another Christmas there. The iman of the largest mosque in Peshawar has offered 4.400 euros for the killing of Asia. He has also demanded that the government hangs her and the president is afraid of indulting her.

Pray for her and her family and all persecuted Christians.
Unite your heart to them in Christ and you will see the grace of God. 

Death penalty for Christians in Iran

Youcef Nadarkhani, a 32-year-old, a Christian pastor in Iran has been sentenced to death for "apostasy". Another Christian, Behrouz Sadegh-Khanjani, 35, is facing indictment for apostasy.

Martyrs of Irak

The following images are not for children.

But we should take a good look at them because they will help us to enter into the reality of the cross.  As we unite with the suffering of the body of Christ, we will have the strenght in the Holy Spirit to enter into our spiritual battles. Then we will have no obstacle to the love of God.

The massacre during holy mass in Irak. 63 dead and 120 wounded.

Pictures: http://www.ishtartv.com/vvideotv,418.html  

+Killed: Father Wassim Sabih (Waseem Sabeeh Al-kas Butros) 27 años
+Killeld: Father Thaer (Thaer Saad-alla Abdal) 32 años
 Father Raphael Alkotaily was wounded


Church of Our Lady of Salvation: First mass after the massacre.
LOOK at your brothers and sisters bravely returning to the Eucharist, to pray for the dead and wounded.

Pray and love them in Christ