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 Miami, USA

Stacey McMahon, February 29th

Cáliz Madres
Stacey 02292024b.jpg
Stacey 02292024e.jpg
Stacey 02292024f.jpg
Stacey 02292024g.jpg
Stacey 02292024c.jpg

Celebrating with Father Ron Sciera, her husband and LC Community members 

Stacey 02292024d.jpg



Catalina 03092024a.png

Catalina Granados, March 09th

Cáliz Madres
Catalina 03092024e.png
Catalina 03092024d.png
Catalina 03092024b.png
Catalina 03092024c.png
Catalina 03092024f.png

Celebrating with her husband Juan Carlos, her daughter Fatima, Father Jordi, and LC Council members 



Liliana 03092024a.jpg
Liliana 03092024b.jpg

Liliana Montero, March 09th

Cáliz Madres
Liliana 03092024c.jpg
Liliana 03092024d.jpg
Liliana 03092024e.jpg
Liliana 03092024f.jpg

Celebrating with Father Jordi, her husband and sons 

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