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A Well-Formed Conscience is Critical for These Decisive Times –II

  • CCC 1788- To this purpose, man strives to interpret the signs of the times

  • Chapter 8 of Simple Path

This preparation is what this Path has been teaching us. We call it the St. Maximilian Kolbe preparation because he saw the signs of the times and prepared…

St Maximilian was t because he knew the spiritual nature of the battle and his mission. He wrote:

Modern times are dominated by Satan and will be more so in the future. The conflict with hell cannot be engaged by men, even the most clever. The Immaculata alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan.

St. Maximilian’s preparation was not to avoid suffering, but rather to be able to carry out fully the mission which the Lord entrusted to him in the midst of enormous trials: to be faithful and to be a beacon of light for others. (p.398)

I need you, My faithful remnant, to save them from Satan’s deception. #109, SP

126. A Crusade of Victim Souls —Diary of a MOC.

Satan is working to bring forth his new world order of destruction, but My crusade of victim souls will possess the power of God to crush the head of Satan. You are the heel of the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Continue giving your life daily for the mission I have entrusted to you… Do not lose hope in all that I have placed in your heart. My crusade of victim souls will have to suffer greatly and be formed to perfection in love to fight this fierce battle, but know that My Cross has triumphed. Now, through this crusade, it needs to triumph in the hearts of My people. Persevere in love. Persevere in trust. (4/10/12)

The fear of suffering and death could not stop him. While many Christians collaborated with evil or fell into despair during the Second World War, St. Maximilian was ready to give his life as a martyr in Auschwitz. (SP, p.399)

El Congress has given the green light to the law presented by the socialist party to impose prison penalties to the pro-life groups that “block the right to abortion" in front of the abortion "clinics".

Clear & steadfast identity & mission forms our conscience


Cardinal Ratzinger speaking of prophecy: they help us to understand the signs of the times and to respond to them rightly in faith… (Sp, p.403)

151. Be My Prophets of Light to Warn and Awaken, p.439

I have formed you, trained you, dressed you to be My prophets of light to warn and awaken My people before the horrible day of judgment comes down upon you. There will be wailing, groaning, and grinding of teeth in your streets. The darkness of evil will cover you. Be prepared when these things happen that I speak to you about. Do not let the thief catch you unprepared. Believe, you are My people, My little ones, held in the Father’s palm. Believe that I Am one with you, the Light in the world, My living hosts. Believe so that My Light can shine through you to penetrate the darkness consuming the world. Believe in the Power of God working through His hidden force. Love and continue to suffer ALL, as one with Me in My sacrifice of love, to enter prepared with God’s armor the fiercest battle that is at hand. Do not be ashamed of My words (cf. Mk 8:38) and share the treasure of heaven that has been entrusted to you (The Simple Path to Union) with many. Complete My Path and, as My Heralds of Hope, teach it from the housetops. This is your mission. Respond with great zeal and courage of heart, as My warriors of love, for these decisive times. (10/20/2012)

Franz Jägerstätter - A Hidden Life


CCC 1794- The more a correct conscience prevails, the more do persons and groups turn aside from blind choice and try to be guided by objective standards of moral conduct. GS 16

To act in good conscience during these times of tribulation is hard work. We need to ask at the foot of the Cross, gazing at our Love crucified, “Is this tree with its fruits good or evil?”

Recently, I had to ask an important question for myself, “Do I stop speaking to my community as their spiritual mother of the great evil I see before us? Do I stop mentioning the so-called “vaccine”? Is it time to just stay quiet and suffer in silence?” I struggled deeply with these questions. My humanity wanted to back off. I was feeling exhausted swimming against the current. I went again into deep silence and prayer to be attentive to the voice of God leading me. The very next morning, I received Mark Mallett’s blog, Just Sing a Little Louder, and at the end was my sign from God.

Does one stop warning when the German soldiers are in the streets? When people are being forced onto trains? When the trains are rolling by? When there is smoke billowing from the “camps”?

I can’t. For sixteen years, the Lord has called me from being primarily a singer-songwriter to now writing about the times through which you are now living. And everything that the Lord had shown me years ago is now happening – including the fact that people, by and large, would simply not want to listen to what either I, or most especially, what Our Lord and Our Lady have to say.

For me, it has been 15 years since the Lord called me to be His victim soul and to help form more victims of love for the great battle that now has begun. The Lord also told me that few would listen, “My daughter, few will listen, but you are called to be My voice in this wilderness. You will be the last warning (I felt not just me but all the prophets for these times) 7/6/11.” Woe to me when the mass destruction of humanity comes, and I stayed quiet to not offend any of you and to preserve my reputation. Therefore, in good conscience, I must continue to speak the truth of Satan’s deception and lead this little army of our Blessed Mother in courage and obedience to lay down our lives with Christ as His martyrs, white or red!


Feast of the Archangels

Jesus to the Missionaries of the Cross

Believe that I am making all things new. Believe I have chosen you (MC) to fight the great decisive battle alongside Saint Michael. Believe you have found favor with God, not because of your human intelligence, nor any of your works, but because each of you responded simply to be My victim souls. Now has come the time of the great sifting; your fiats to be My victim souls will be tested in a way that you have not yet been tested. You must persevere in prayer and silence so that the many voices of the world do not cloud your conscience. In silence, attentive to My voice, I will convict you of truth. Always choose good and never evil. Trust that I am guiding you. Be ready to suffer greatly with Me. I responded in trust and abandonment to My Father, and I suffered crucifixion. This was My Father’s Will, for He is Love. I was ready to suffer all in obedience to His perfect Will because of love of Him and you. You are My Body; will you be obedient to My Will, which is the Will of our Father to make all things new? You must be willing to suffer greatly as one with Me for the salvation of many, and you too will receive the crown of glory. Persevere in remembering who you are and what I have spoken to you as My Missionaries of the Cross. Go in peace and love to do My Holy Will without fear.


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