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Gaze of love — her tenderness 

I need you. I need each of you to bring My tenderness in mercy to the world. It is love manifested through the tenderness of God that has the power to touch the hardened hearts of many souls. My little ones, learn from Mary, the Mother of God and your Mother. Her tenderness is manifested in Her silence as the love and mercy of God radiates from her gaze. Her gaze is the gaze of God and her gaze has the power to penetrate the darkness of Satan. God the Father desires that each of you become the gaze of Mary upon the earth.


How my Lord do we become Mary’s gaze?

By learning to live My tenderness through silence. My little ones, the eyes are the window of the heart and it is I who dwells in your hearts. You must believe that through your fiats to be My victim souls I have taken My abode in your hearts. Allow My merciful love to radiate through your gaze through the power of silence. The power of God radiated through Mary through the power of her silence. Remember what I taught you about silence. 8/4/18

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