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My Dear Father,


This is exactly where the Path leads us: to the beauty of the fullness of our restoration in Christ as the new men and women of the Kingdom of God!  

He (St John Paul II in “Givenness”) writes about the word “helpmate” (Gn 2:18): “Woman is given to man so that he can understand himself, and reciprocally man is given to woman for the same end.” How true this is in the GIFT of our communion. “God has given you to me.” “This awareness becomes a source of enrichment for each of us.” Yes, my dear Father, God has given you to me as my spiritual son and father, and also as my friend. You have enriched my life with the gift of your life as you have made yourself vulnerable to me and have received me into your heart. THANK YOU!!!

“Only someone who has dominion over himself can become a sincere gift for others.” God leads each of us through the narrow path of the Cross to have dominion over ourselves through the gift of self-knowledge and the knowledge that we are the “beloved” of God in Christ. This is what I read in your words to me in the last email. You are acquiring dominion over yourself, and therefore becoming more-and-more a gift for others! 


“The beauty of the Transfiguration strengthened the Apostles, so they could endure the humiliating Passion of the Transfigured Christ. For beauty is a source of strength for man. It is inspiration for work, a light that guides us through the darkness of human existence and allows us to overcome all evil, all suffering, with good…”  


Thank you for reminding me in your last email that I am called to be the Maccabees mother encouraging her son to be martyred for God. I pray, as St John Paul II writes, that the beauty of my femininity and maternity will be a source of strength for you to love as one with Christ to the extreme of the Cross!!!!

I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us to be the witnesses, the “great saints” of our times as God’s “new Adams” and “new Eves”. Men and women who have the courage to "discover good and beauty” in each other and in all of creation “despite all the deprivation and degradation to which human civilization succumbs.” As we become ONE with Christ Crucified, we are made new. In our communion as man and woman we are called to help each other walk this narrow path to new life!

 My dear Father, the Lord has been warning me for years that life as we know will cease to exist… Yet He is bringing those humble and docile hearts, that have the courage to respond to His grace, to Mt. Tabor to be transformed in Him. We, the “new Adams” and “new Eves”, will walk TOGETHER strengthened by our communion of LOVE in the Trinity to live His Passion and bring forth the “era of peace” through a New Pentecost for the world!! To me it was significant that the Spirit brought us the document on “Givenness” through you. You are being given the grace to enter and live the words of this document and to be its WITNESS to your religious order and to the world!!

 I pray, my St. John, the words, Totus Tuus. “A prayer that we remain pure, and thus transparent to God and to men.” I thank God for having given you to me, for you are truly beautiful and you have brought the beauty of God’s love to my heart and life! Animo, my dear spiritual son and friend, God is doing AMAZING things with us.


 I send you my love and blessing through our Mother of Sorrows,

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