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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ Years 2006 to 2009⁓⁓

Other years

⁓⁓ 2006 ⁓⁓


JUNE 2006    


6/10/06 Medjugorje

“Will you be My victim soul?”

     In the morning, while everyone was still sleeping, I began to wake up, and I heard the words in my heart, Will you be my victim soul? I immediately felt great fear. The words “victim soul” illicit in my mind and heart an openness to great suffering. After a few minutes, I prayed, “Let your will be done, not mine,” and I said, “Jesus, I trust in you.” I asked Him to give me the strength, but above all, love, for only through great love can I ever be faithful to such a call. I also realized that my prayer since this pilgrimage on the eve of Pentecost has been for the Heart of Jesus to be completely incarnated in my heart, and of course, this will require me to be a victim soul because my Lord is The Victim Soul.





World Covered with White Cloth Soaked in the Blood of Jesus

     As I prayed in the chapel, I saw the world interiorly with a white cloth soaked in the Blood of Christ around it. Under the world was a large gold chalice, and drops of blood were filling it. I felt as if the world was the Host. I felt Jesus’ presence penetrating the entire world. I felt the drops of blood were the many souls who are shedding their blood, giving their lives, completely united in the Blood of Jesus.

End of 2006

⁓⁓ 2007 ⁓⁓




Chosen to console Christ

     "This is my Son, my Chosen, listen to him." Luke 9:35

     Jesus again points out to me the word “chosen.” I prayed, "I am listening, Lord; speak to me. Help me understand why you are placing so strongly in my heart the words, 'chosen soul.'"  

     –Jesus spoke in my heart: Many people followed Me, wanting Me to heal them, counsel them… I served everyone, but there were very few souls who consoled Me, who served Me, wanting nothing for themselves. You are My chosen soul to console Me constantly.

8/14/07 – St. Maximililan Kolbe

Learning how to console Jesus

     Jesus wanted me to understand the immensity of how many souls go to hell. This is such a deep, deep sorrow for Jesus and Mary.  He said,

     Pray unceasingly… Accept whatever I give you for the salvation of souls. I want you to continue My suffering on earth, united to Me, for the salvation of souls. As you offer your life for the salvation of others, you are bringing Me great consolation. There are very few souls who are willing to do this for Me.


Offer every task to Jesus on the Cross

     Before every task you do, offer it up to Me on the Cross. After each task, thank Me for the opportunity to serve Me. In this way, you will remain more recollected and united to Me. Practice this.



     –Jesus: I thirst! I thirst for souls to love Me and console Me on the Cross.

     –I said, “How can I console you; I can’t reach you on the Cross?”

     –Jesus: I am lifting you up to be with Me. It is through the Cross that we will be united. Suffering will become your greatest desire and joy because you will be quenching My thirst.




Believe, Hidden Life – silence, prayer, sacrifice

     Believe in Me. Believe in the power and love of the Holy Spirit. My Apostles were only twelve, yet they reached the ends of the earth. Mary lived a hidden life of continuous prayer, sacrifice, and the immense suffering of being separated from Me. This hidden life is what empowered the Apostles and aided the beginning Church. Your small group will also reach far. Your most important mission is to live like My Mother, in deep silence and hiddenness, praying and sacrificing constantly.




November 2007 

MOC release souls in purgatory

     During the Mass, I saw souls in purgatory. They were beneath the altar as if the altar was united to Heaven. Then during the time of adoration, after the Mass, I was praying for the souls in purgatory. Jesus told me to pray without ceasing, for my prayers are heard and answered by Him. The prayers of the MOC would help release many souls from purgatory. I then saw souls walking up these steps that were in front and beneath the altar. Jesus kept encouraging me to pray, for my prayers were releasing souls from purgatory. 


November 2007 

 MOC prostrated with Mary before Jesus crucified

     This evening, after Communion, I felt myself praying before Jesus on the Cross. I was kneeling next to Mary at the foot of the Cross. I was kissing and embracing the feet of Jesus; they seemed real, tangible. I felt Mary place her cloak around me, but it was black. Then all of a sudden, we were both completely prostrated in front of the Cross. Mary’s arm was around me, and the cloak kept us as one. Then I saw many, many mothers prostrated with us in front of the Cross. Jesus was pouring out great graces and mercy upon us. Jesus spoke to me about the MOC, but I can’t remember everything because I wasn’t able to write till after.

     –Jesus said, Do not delay in acting when I tell you. There is great urgency. The MOC are needed now to help the world. A mother's prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings are needed to help the world.


 The Power of a Mother’s Prayer Saves her Children

     Yesterday, my heart was deeply pierced when my 16-year-old son taunted God with his offensive words, pride, and rebelliousness. How could I even answer him? My heart ached with such pain. The son I have given birth to, nursed, formed in the truths of our Catholic faith, and the Word of God is turning his back on everything. My Lord and my God, have great mercy on my son because he does not know what he is doing. Have great mercy on all teenagers who are under great attack from the evil one. I give you this suffering, hidden to the world but known to you and my Mother. I give you the tears of my soul for the conversion of my children and all the youth of the world. 

     During the Consecration of the Mass, I united my blood, which are the tears of my soul, to the Precious Blood of my Lord in the chalice and prayed fervently for all young people.             

     –Jesus said to me: I have had mercy on your son because of your prayers and sufferings. Your children will all be saved because of your fidelity. Teach other mothers the importance of their prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings offered up for their children.  


The Cross is Needed for the Salvation of the World

     You must be transparent. Do not hold back. Allow people to see your love for Me on the Cross. My Cross is needed now for the salvation of the world. This is very urgent; many souls will be saved or lost according to your response. This is how My Father desires it to be. Do not be afraid to proclaim My Cross. 

November 2007 

White Martyr

     As I was walking home from Mass and praying the 2nd mystery of the rosary, the scourging of Jesus, I felt the words of Jesus fill my heart:​

     –Are you willing to shed your blood and have it sprinkled with Mine on the earth? You are called to be My white martyr. The blood that you shed will be the tears of your soul, only known by Me. I will allow you to suffer the pain and sorrow of others so that you can unite to Me the tears of your soul for them.




The MOC Will have the Power to Change the Course of History

     You are called to be My constant consolation in the obscurity and hiddenness of your home. My 30 years in Nazareth were My happiest and brought My Father great delight. Mary cooked, cleaned, organized, and was in constant prayer. This life in the home lends itself to the contemplative life. I have used the homeschooling movement to bring families back home and mothers back to this life. The world is seeking to constantly take mothers away from the home. The MOC will live the most simple and ordinary lives in their homes, giving to Me their simple and ordinary life. God delights in this. People seek greatness, to be noticed and acknowledged, but God delights in hiddenness. Many times, the simplest and obscure crosses are the hardest to embrace and live with love. These are the ones that delight My Father the most. These mothers will live in the hiddenness of their homes, offering to God all their struggles, joys, difficulties, sacrifices, and sufferings. These mothers’ lives have the power to change the course of history. 

⁓⁓ 2008 ⁓⁓





Do not allow a single drop of My Blood to be wasted.

     I sensed Jesus’ Blood dripping to the ground as He was scourged. I wanted to soak up each drop with my body. I understood these words to mean: not to let any suffering go wasted.


MARCH 2008



JUNE 2008



My hands love, heal, unite and bring peace

     Yesterday, Sunday, during Communion and after I saw Jesus crucified on the Cross. I was standing under His left arm, and drops of blood were dripping from His hand into my heart. My heart was collecting each drop as a chalice.

     This morning after Mass, I asked Jesus to explain this vision to me if it is His will because I do not understand why I was receiving the blood from His hand wound and not His Heart.

     –Each of My wounds is a stream of blood, of grace, that comes from one source. I am now allowing you to receive My blood from My *hand. As you can see, My hand is nailed to the Cross, but through this stream of blood, it brings My grace and love. I desire you to receive My blood in your heart so that you can be My hands in the world. My hands that love, heal, unite and bring peace. Do not be afraid to place your hands on others. I will anoint them through you.

JULY 2008



Only through this profound interior transformation, the world will change.

     My daughter, you are called to speak from the heart. Trust what I have placed in your heart.

     My daughter, your ordinary life as wife and mother lived in sacrificial love, a complete self-donation united to My Mother, will help in the transformation of My Church, especially in the sanctification of My priests. I desire the Mothers of the Cross.

     Oh, My daughter, it is only through this profound interior transformation that the world will change. It will only come about through My living Hosts. Allow me to speak to your heart. I will teach you everything you need to know.




Preparing the “red carpet” – MOC

     I desire and need victim souls. The sacrifices, sufferings, and tears of mothers united to My Mother directly touch the Heart of My Father. There need to be enough mothers willing to be My victim souls before the work begins of the Missionaries of the Cross. The MOC will be a powerful hidden force that will prepare the way by opening the hearts of many souls, and sanctifying many souls, in order to receive the preaching of the Missionaries of the Cross. 


Few souls love Me                 

     My daughter, you who loves Me so much, how is it that such few souls love Me?... My Heart continues to suffer infinitely. My people do not come to Me. How few are with Me in this union of love (I understood on the cross). My daughter, the time is running out.


Receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

     Fatima Chapel, my baptism of the Holy Spirit

     First appeared the Host, then appeared the Sacred Heart inside the Host. Third, the Cross. The Host with the Sacred Heart was in the center of the Cross. Then came the Holy Spirit as a huge and powerful dove flying out from the Host within the Heart towards me.       –Jesus said, Receive the Holy Spirit.He then explained to me the vision:

     First, My people must come to me in the Eucharist. It is here that they will come to know My Sacred Heart… Then there are the few souls that will respond to My love and allow Me to bring them to union with Me in the Cross. These are the souls that receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.




“Shake up My people” Awaken

     Jesus spoke to me with great strength and sternness:

     You have been chosen to shake up My people. To awaken them from their sleep…

     You are called to bring My people to the Cross. They will enter through the gate of My Mother. As they enter through her, she will anoint them and give them the graces needed to come to Me on the Cross.  As they respond and kiss My feet, I will raise them up to union with Me on the Cross.




I am the chalice of My Beloved Son


     Yes, My daughter, you are each called to be living chalices. You are to drink from the Blood of My Son's sacrifice... You are My victim souls; you will receive My Son's Blood in suffering, and you will bring it to the world in love, humility, and service... I am the chalice of My Beloved Son; I received every drop of His precious Blood. I adored in My Motherly Heart every drop of His Blood, and it is I who am pouring His Blood in the hearts of My children...



Give your lives for them (priests) as you give your lives for your children

     As Mothers of the Cross, pray for My beloved priests as you pray for your sons. Give your lives for them as you give your lives for your children. Your voices (Mothers of the Cross) are united as one with My Mother before the throne of God. Your lives united in Mary are bringing down graces upon My priests.



The evil that has penetrated the souls of his priests can only be overcome through this spiritual motherhood.

     As Mass began, I felt the presence of God the Father. He was on top of the cross. Jesus was on the cross: in his chest was a white circle (Eucharist) with His Heart in the center. Then from this Eucharistic center came forth the Holy Spirit to the world. I felt this union of grace as if a living stream that was flowing from the Father to the Son and from the Holy Spirit to us.

     I then felt God the Father speak to me (I will not quote because I'm writing a few hours after)… He told me to give my all in proclaiming the Mothers of the Cross. He said that the evil that has penetrated the souls of his priests can only be overcome through this spiritual motherhood.


Enter the passage I allowed to be open in My side

     Enter the passage I allowed to be open in My side. You must come to Me on the Cross to enter. This passage is self-denial, mortification, and suffering, which leads you to My Sacred Heart. Your Family of the Cross has the mission to lead My people through this passage.


Mothers of the Cross will be the backbone (support) and heart of My Church

     My Missionaries of the Cross are also My prophets of this time... Just as holy mothers are the backbone and heart of their families, willing to give their lives for their children and spouses, the Mothers of the Cross will be the backbone (support) and heart of My Church. It is their lives that will bring forth My army of holy priests...


A sweet fragrance that reaches heaven

     The prayers of the Mothers of the Cross are heard by My Father in Heaven. They are a sweet fragrance that reaches heaven. These mothers are My Father's white lilies. They have been purified in My blood... Believe, My daughter, believe.



Your prayers of intercession, praise, and thanksgiving are showering immense graces upon the earth


     This Scripture passage (Jn14:12-14) is to be at the center of My Family of the Cross... I have chosen My simple and humble servants to do great things... You have the mission to evangelize and intercede... Your prayers of intercession, praise, and thanksgiving are showering immense graces upon the earth...


Rekindle this needed fire (hidden force) for the Church

     How much I loved to be around My Mother and the holy women. Their zeal, strength, prayers, and sacrifices brought Me immense joy and consolation. How much their lives helped Me, My apostles, and the Church. Satan has attacked the woman. This hidden force so needed for the Church does not exist*... You are called to rekindle this needed fire for the Church...

     *(I sense “does not exist” may mean that it is very rare.)




Feast of the Immaculate Conception. MARY AS QUEEN & THE RED CARPET

     Yesterday, during Mass, I saw Mary interiorly as Queen. I saw her with a large golden crown and dressed in gold. She was the Queen of Heaven & Earth, absolutely beautiful! She didn't speak to me, but the look on her face was so beautiful. She was full of peace, and she radiated this supernatural confidence. She was again standing as if waiting to begin her procession. The red carpet, which I understood again was the blood of the Mothers of the Cross, laid out before her. I then saw Fr Jordi at the front of this red carpet and a long line of priests, all dressed in black cassocks, behind him. Fr Jordi was leading all the Missionaries of the Cross, and he held a long stick with a large wooden cross in his hands in front of him. After I received Communion, I saw each woman lying on the ground, a long line of bodies touching each other and covered in blood. This is the red carpet the priests are walking on and that Mary will be walking on. ​

     This morning in the Blessed Sacrament, I again saw Mary's face as I saw her yesterday. She spoke to me at length and with such peace, calmness, and tenderness.  She said to me that I have also found favor with God and that I will be the mother of a great family in the Church that will prepare the way for her reign, the Reign of the Immaculate Conception. ​   

    –She said, When the angel came to me, I did not understand everything. It was also a mystery to me, and I gave my fiat, "may it be done to me according to your word." You need to do the same.

     –I asked Mary about the Missionaries of the Cross, “Will this be an order of priest or diocesan priests working together?”

     –She explained that she has been forming the hearts of these priests for this mission. They will all be united. They are called to turn the hearts of God's people towards the Cross. My Son will be praised and glorified in His Crucified Body. It is His Blood that has saved and redeemed mankind…

End of 2008

⁓⁓ 2009 ⁓⁓





1st LC Retreat -Monastery of the Holy Spirit - Defining the Community of LC.

     I am uniting souls who desire to love Me passionately, who have opened their hearts to My Love Crucified. These mothers and priests (including laymen) will work together to aid in the renewal of My Church. ​

     The Mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to My Mother of the Cross as victim intercessors. They live a life of prayer, penance, and sacrifice, united in Me, crucified for the expiation of sin and the sanctification of My priests. Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence, and prayer is a sweet fragrance that reaches the Heart of My Father. The outpouring of their blood through sacrificial love, united to My Precious Blood poured out of love for you, will serve to lift the dark blanket of sin that covers the world. I will use the profound love of these simple mothers and their generosity in suffering out of love for Me to pry open the hardened hearts of My priests.

     This is a simple yet profound movement of love. It is from this union of love, found in the Cross, that will gush forth the Holy Spirit, bringing about a new evangelization as you have never seen before.

     The Missionaries of the Cross are My humble priests, living in union with their High Priest. They will go out and awaken My priests to love as My priests, victims united to The Victim. They, like Me, will live a life of prayer, poverty, and surrender to the Holy Spirit. They will again go out like My First Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, to proclaim My Love Crucified. The MOC will be their strength, companions, and spiritual protection through their hidden and devout lives. 


MARCH 2009



I need humble, simple, and generous souls whom I can fill with My grace.

     As I reflected on Jn 1:10-13, "But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God," Jesus explained to me:

     Do you understand, My daughter, what this power is? This power is the power of God, the Holy Spirit. That is why I say you can move mountains. My family of Love Crucified will perform great miracles in My name. You, My humble and little ones, will reveal to the world My power and My majesty...

     –"How do we receive You, my Lord?"

     –Each time you respond in trust to Me, you open wider the doors of your heart, thus allowing Me, My power and grace, to fill you more and more.


     Jn1:14-18  "And from his fullness have we all received, grace upon grace."


      I am the well of living water, of living grace. You need to empty yourselves, being the nothing that you are, pure and empty, so that you can be filled with My living grace... I do not need more theologians in My Church... I need humble, simple, and generous souls whom I can fill with My grace...

     –I spoke to our Lord about the importance of theologians, but Jesus said that our libraries are filled with great books. He went on to emphasize again that He desires humble souls, generous souls, willing to enter the Cross in Him and be transformed. New men and women filled with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit.


Feast of the Annunciation, to the LC Community

     You will go out and preach My Gospel of Love, first within your own families. My Gospel of Love will set My people free—free to worship me again, free of the bondage of sin and darkness that keeps their minds and hearts, eyes and souls on the prince of darkness.​

     You will go out and proclaim My Love crucified.​ 

     You will proclaim repentance, as did John the Baptist. ​ 

     You will preach with the fire of My Spirit, as did St Paul.  ​

     You will prepare the hearts of My people for an outpouring of My Holy Spirit.

     You will bring them to the Cross. They will enter through the gate of My Holy Mother, the passage I have prepared for them. This passage of self-denial, penance, and mortification will lead them into the abode of My Precious Heart. I desire transformed souls in the world to be My slaves of love. 

     My Missionaries of the Cross will prepare My priests, who then will guide My people into My Heart.

     My holy fathers, My St Joseph’s, will love to the extreme of the Cross their wives and children and raise up fatherhood through the example of their lives. 

     My Mothers of the Cross are the delight of My Heart. They will continue My Mother’s suffering of solitude in this world. It is this suffering in love that I will use to bless this entire work in My Church. Believe, My daughter, believe, and I will do great things with My family of Love Crucified.​​

APRIL 2009

MAY 2009


JUNE 2009



Your (MOC) lives will be a holy cloth that soaks up the Precious Blood of Jesus.


     The mothers of the cross are my maidens that, united to me, will renew the priesthood. Your “fiat” to be victim souls will be perfected in my “Fiat.” Your lives will be a holy cloth that soaks up the Precious Blood of Jesus. In this way, you will become pure living chalices filled with the Blood of Jesus. You will live your hidden lives like me in prayer, sacrifice, and suffering. Your hidden lives lived in your domestic monasteries will be a source of grace for the sanctification of priests.

     You will imitate to great perfection my virtues of humility, simplicity, gentleness, silence, and charity. You will be women of an intense prayer life centered in the Eucharist. Your lives will be a continuous prayer offering as you offer up your daily sacrifices and duties on the altar of your homes. As you love in suffering, imitating Jesus and me, you will be our joy and consolation.


JULY 2009




Mortify yourself in silence

     I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit:

     Mortify yourself in silence... Allow silence to become your most treasured companion. In this way, it is I who will become your closest companion... You will learn to discern My voice immediately.



Mary to priests

     I, the Mother of all in heaven and on earth, the Mother of all priests, desire for their holiness. As I embraced St. John at the foot of the Cross, enveloped in the precious Blood of My most adorable Son, I want to also embrace each priest. Through My Son, they are each My sons. I love them with My motherly pure Heart. I want to lead them to be holy as Jesus is holy. I want to lead them into the abode of His pierced Heart. I will bring each of them to the Cross as I accompanied My Son. I will form them to be perfect victims as I formed My Son. I will place in their hearts the love of the Cross as the Father placed this love in the Heart of My Son and in Mine.



END OF 2009

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