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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2010 ⁓⁓

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Pray continuously

     Mary: My daughter, pray, pray, pray. I know how much you love to be in prayer before My Son in the Blessed Sacrament, but I desire for you to pray continuously. Allow your every word, thoughts, and deed to be a prayer. It is in this way that you will come to know the promptings and whispers of the Holy Spirit and live in peace.


The world depends on swords, missiles, and guns, but this decisive battle will be won by the Cross

     The world depends on swords, missiles, and guns to win battles, but this decisive battle will be won by the Cross.  My victim souls uniting themselves to My love crucified will free the world from the bondage and darkness of Satan.




My priests must unite themselves with My Love Crucified to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit

     Prophecy at 3:00 PM, Hour of Mercy, as I prayed the Chaplet before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament:

     You do not need to understand everything (everything concerning God’s plan of salvation); what you need to understand clearly is the mission I have entrusted to you. The time of My Mercy is coming to an end very soon, and you will enter the time of darkness. Life as you know it now will come to an end. It is in this time of darkness that My army of Holy Priests will turn the eyes of My people to the Cross. They will lead My people through the narrow passage to unite themselves with My Love Crucified. It is through this corporate Calvary in which My holy army of priests, along with the lay faithful, will be united with My Mother at the Cross. From this union of souls with Me on the Cross will flow the Holy Spirit upon the earth as a blanket of light. It is then from the illumination from the Holy Spirit that all people will see My Mother as Queen of heaven and earth rising like the sun from the east. My daughter, your mission is to raise up My army of holy priests for the times you are about to enter…My priests must unite themselves with My Love Crucified to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit. 



New Evangelization can only come about through the Cross, the power of the Love of God

     Jesus explained that to be consecrated to Mary is to abandon your life to Her so that She can bring you to the foot of the Cross. As a soul receives Holy Communion in a state of grace with reverence and love, and a soul spends time in adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament, Jesus begins to reveal His love to that soul. But to respond to this Love, a soul must then allow our Blessed Mother to bring him to the foot of the Cross where Mary is united most intimately to Her Son, participating in the redemption of mankind.

     It is when a soul responds fully and allows himself to be crucified in Christ that He is able to receive the full power and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In the Cross lies the crucible of fire, which is the pierced and Sacred Heart of Jesus. Only by entering this fire can we be fully emptied, purified, and transformed. Then the Holy Spirit fills us and moves through us as His empty vessel (pure chalices of gold). This is the new Evangelization.  That is why the new Evangelization can only come about through the Cross, the power of the Love of God. 

MARCH 2010



Prophecy as Jeremiah to My priests

     You are called to prophesy as Jeremiah. Tell My priests they have turned their backs from Me. I want their faces to be turned to My Love Crucified.   As they gaze at Me, they must see themselves in Me. I want their love to be crucified like Mine. They do not preach with the power of My Word because their hearts are not transformed, nor do their hearts seek transformation in Me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I desire for My priests to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Speak to them of the first apostles and disciples from the Acts of the Apostles.

     If they do not transform their lives in Me, I will spit them out.* They will have to account for every soul that has been lost because of their lack of shepherding before the Father…Tell them I am raising up My army of holy priests, My Green Berets: men of fortitude, men of courage, holy men, men willing to lay down their lives for their God.  It is these holy priests that will be My Light during the time of great darkness that is approaching.  The time is on the horizon… It is time for all My communities to join forces and work together as My Alliance of Love.  Each individual flame will be united as ONE to ignite the world and set it on fire. Prophesize to Priests.

     *Cf. Rev 3,16: "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. 


The Army of Holy Priests Prepares the Way for New Pentecost   

     After reading Jeremiah 10.

     You will prophesy the new Pentecost that is on the horizon. You will prepare the way by raising up My army of holy priests.  You will call them to repentance. Tell them of My immense love for each of them. I am their Father waiting for them to come back to Me. I wish to embrace them and forgive them. I want them to know and experience the love I have for each of them. I want them to understand how much I need them to fulfill My work of redemption. My hands are nailed to the Cross; I need each of them to be My hands, to anoint, bless and heal My children. I need them to be My feet, moving out as My missionaries to proclaim My words. I need them to be My eyes so that My divine gaze can penetrate the core of My children and bring them to repentance and reconciliation with God, their Father. I need them to be My suffering and pierced Heart to My people, My Heart of compassion.

     My daughter, My priests MUST become My loving image in the world. They, united to My Mother, will bring the Church to the foot of My Cross, and through their cries, supplication, prayers, and tears, the Holy Spirit will be released from My Cross.



Only a mother’s heart can call My sons (priests) to repentance

     Is 43:16-21; Ph 3:8-14; Jn 8:1-11;  Jeremiah 10:11   

     Jesus placed in my heart that I will call His sons (priests) to repentance. The flock is all scattered and confused because of the lack of holy shepherds.  Satan is the prince of the world, and they have not waged war against him but have participated with him.  There is no difference between His sons and all other men. Their eyes are not on the things of heaven but attached to all of the world, full of sensuality. They are not obedient to Him; their hearts and intentions are not pure, and they desire the comforts of the world and do not seek poverty.

     Tell them how much I love them and are seeking them out. I am ready to forgive them and transform them if they come to Me and repent. The time is short. They will each have to stand before My Father to be judged, and when they are shown all My sheep that have gone astray, they will not live. I am raising up My army of holy priests. Those that are not with Me, I will spit them out. I have chosen you as My prophet because it is only a mother’s heart that can call My sons to repentance.  You must plead and supplicate to them as a mother to her son. You will be My innocent lamb that is slaughtered. Your blood that is one with My precious Blood will be collected by the angels and used to raise up My army of holy priests.


To priests, after reading Jeremiah 11

     My daughter, My sons have not heeded My command. I have chosen them to continue My work of redemption in the world, bringing to fulfillment what I have accomplished through My death and resurrection. I have chosen them to be one with Me, fully transformed into Me through the power of the Holy Spirit. But they have denied the Holy Spirit this work in them by choosing the things of the world. There is no difference between My chosen sons and the men of the world. My covenant with each of them calls them to love as I have loved, to love with My Heart.

     My love is perfectly obedient to the Father’s Will, My love is simple, My love is sacrificial, My love is gentle and patient, but above all, My love is crucified. I came upon the earth desiring only the cross. My sons must have the same love for the cross as I had. It is only through crucified love that their lives will bear abundant fruit. It is only through crucified love that they will be transformed by the fire of the Holy Spirit into Me.  It is only through their crucified love that My priests will become the fortified wall of bronze protecting My Church from the principalities of death.  This is what you must tell My priests.  If they do not listen to My Words, they will perish during the time of great darkness.


APRIL 2010



Jesus’ shredded Heart because of priests and religious

      During prayer, I saw interiorly the crown of thorns embedded very deeply in Jesus’ precious head. He then revealed to me His Heart that was held in His hands. His Heart was all shredded; it didn’t resemble a heart. This filled my heart with an immense sadness, and I could not hold back my tears seeing the condition of my Lord’s wounded Heart. 

     –He then said:  

      My family of Love Crucified is called to repair and console My Heart. This condition of My Heart has been mainly caused by My own (priests & religious).

      My daughter, I desire to have an order of priests to console My wounded Heart. They will console Me by living a life transformed in Me. They will console Me by allowing the Holy Spirit to possess them with His power. They will go out as My first Apostles filled with the Holy Spirit to awaken the hearts of their brother priests. They will preach with the fire of the Holy Spirit, as did St. Steven. They will preach the truth concerning the horrible condition of My priesthood. They will bring to light the darkness hidden deep in the hearts of My chosen sons. They will preach My love and mercy while there is still time, calling each of them to repentance. If they repent, I will embrace them and forgive them, thus restoring them to health. My daughter, do not be alarmed if many of them walk away and cover their ears as they did to St. Steven. I promise you that enough will listen in order to raise up My army of holy priests.


Living Chalice  

     Mark 14:22–25 "Take this is my body...This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many..."

     You are My living chalice of My most precious Blood. (I had an interior vision of me united to Jesus crucified as ONE Body.) As I allowed My Body to be pierced so that My Precious Blood could be poured out on many, I desire for you to allow Me to pierce your heart open so that My precious Blood can flow from you to countless souls.

     –“My Lord, I do not understand how to be a living chalice of your precious Blood?”



By love in suffering 

     Mary soaked up the precious Blood of her Son with cloths (as in the movie, The Passion of Christ), representing that she herself is the living cloth soaking up every precious drop of the Blood of her Son. She did not allow a drop to be wasted. She knelt at the foot of the Cross, absorbing every drop of Blood that flowed from Jesus' wounds. At the moment of the piercing with the sword, Jesus was dead, but May was alive, and mystically her Heart was pierced. She desired to die with Jesus and enter His glory in heaven with Him, but the Father desired for her to remain on earth as the living chalice of Jesus' precious Blood. Through the piercing of her Immaculate Heart, she became the living chalice in which her Son's Blood was being poured out on the Apostles and nascent Church.

     Only through love in suffering, one with Mary, do we become victim intercessors. Our hearts are pierced as we abandon ourselves totally to the Father’s Will and accept all trials, tribulations, persecutions, and sufferings with patience and trust. Like Mary, we are then perfected in suffering, and our hearts become living chalices, one with Jesus, so that His precious blood can be poured out to others.     



My priests who do not amend their ways will be cast in the fires of Gehenna

     After reading from Jeremiah 24 (Two Baskets: Good and bad Figs), Jesus said:

    From My mustard seed, the Love Crucified Family will come forth an abundance of choice, rich fruit. My Apostles of Light (Missionaries of the Cross) will perform great miracles and will reveal great and awesome signs during the time of the great persecution, as you read today with St. Peter in the Acts of the Apostles (St. Peter brought a woman back to life). My priests who do not amend their ways will be cast in the fires of Gehenna as bad figs. 

     –My Lord, You are a God of mercy, how can this be?

     –The time of My mercy is quickly coming to an end. I am now pouring out an abundance of mercy; every one of My priests will be given an opportunity to amend their ways.


MAY 2010



The Cross of L.C.

    As you wear the cross of the mission on your chest, you will receive immense graces.

    –My Lord, do You desire the corpus on the cross?

    –No, because as you put on the cross, it is your body that is on the cross. As the Father gazes at each of you wearing this cross, He will see your body crucified on the cross.



Priests – Fortified Wall of Bronze

     Tell My sons that they have gone astray from the path I set before them. They have gone astray from the narrow path that leads to life. Their hearts have grown cold and hardened because they seek fulfillment in themselves. It is only through a life of penance and mortification that the flesh can be purified. Tell them, My daughter, to gaze at My love crucified and to allow My Mother to bring them to the foot of the Cross with those that love Me (I felt St. John and Mary Magdalene).

     The time of the great chastisement is about to begin. There will be moaning and groaning and grinding of teeth among the righteous and the wicked. My priests must be My fortified wall of bronze to sustain My Church. They will be called to bring My flock to the foot of the Cross and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. These souls filled with My Holy Spirit and transformed by My crucified love will cry out, "Abba, Father, save us!" and through this corporate cry, united to My Mother of Sorrows, the Church will receive its New Pentecost, and My Mother will begin Her ascent. (I felt the vision of our Blessed Mother as Queen waiting to begin her procession on the red carpet following the procession of holy priests...) Tell them, My daughter, tell them.


5/31/2010 – Memorial Day

Prophecy for the USA / Missionaries of the Cross

     After meditating on Jeremiah 2:9-19.

     I, the Lord your God, speak: You, My nation of the U.S.A., have forsaken Me, your God. You have made materialism your god.  You have made yourselves your own God. You have slaughtered My innocent little ones, and their precious blood cries out to Me. You have turned your face from Me.  Now I will turn My face from you during the time of the great chastisement.

     –I prayed, interceding…

     –My daughter, raise up My army of holy ones. You must speak My words of warning, for I, your Lord and your God, love you.  You must tell them to open their eyes to Love Crucified, to unite themselves to Love Crucified, for it is only in this way that the power of My Cross will triumph over the evil that prevails.


No date

During the time of great suffering, many souls will come to the door of My Church looking for refuge

     This morning when I entered the chapel with the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus said He was taking me to a place. I felt the Holy Spirit come before me as my most treasured companion in the radiant light in which I have seen Him before. I felt united to Him going up and down hills until I arrived at the top of a very high mountain. I then saw fire and smoke as I looked below, I felt the sound of bombs and the firing of guns. To the left, I saw the city of gold again with a bronze wall all around it. This city was protected from the fire and smoke. I saw a man at the gate of the city. He was black with smoke, dirty, tired, and scared. I was surprised to see only women opening the gate. They were dressed in white robes. I felt in my heart their purity, tenderness, and love. They embraced this man and brought him into the wall of the city.

     My little and pure one, there will be a great force in the world, great suffering.  It is during this time of great suffering that many souls will come to the door of My Church looking for refuge.  They will be welcomed and enter the gate by the holy women of God.  (I left the Blessed Sacrament because Mass was starting) During Mass, Jesus said, The man you saw entering the gate is a priest. It is My holy mothers that I am using to cleanse and purify them (mothers as living chalices)…He also said that every priest is being given a Spiritual Mother.  

JUNE 2010

6/5/10 – First Saturday

Remnant of victim souls united to Mary at the foot of the Cross will save the world

     On the airplane to New York, I began to pray the rosary. I immediately felt the presence of Mary, my Mother. She was wearing a white veil with a large crown of thorns over the white veil. I felt her crying. I asked her to speak to me through Scripture, and I opened the Bible to MICAH 2.

     –She said, "We (Jesus & Mary) are uniting the holy remnant of Israel." I felt many holy women, MOC, united with Mary. She said, "It is this hidden force that will raise up our army of holy priests."

     –I asked, "Mother, why are you crying if you have this hidden force of mothers?" 

     –She said, "My daughter, this mission will cost all of you much suffering...You must preach God's justice and wrath to our sons. It is our sons in the heart of the Church that are the most stiffed neck. You must preach the justice of God to them. It is the remnant of victim souls united with me at the foot of the Cross... that will save the world..."

     –I saw our Lady's mantle soaked with Blood, placed over the earth.



Kiss My Wounded Feet

     Rome: Basilica of the Cross as I prayed before the relics of the wood, nails, and thorns.

     My daughter, I allowed them to penetrate My head with thorns so that you could visibly see with your eyes the thorns that penetrated My Sacred Heart from the moment of My Incarnation. The thorns of pride and impurity of mind wounded My most sensitive Heart immensely.

     My daughter, I allowed My hands to be pierced with nails so that the hands of My priests would have the power to heal and anoint all My children. It is from this hole in My hands that flows the healing light of My Holy Spirit through the hands of My priests. It is this most painful piercing that provided the means for My priests to consecrate Me during the sacrifice of the Mass.

     My daughter, it is My Mother who first approached Me and kissed My pierced feet. This act of humility and love was to show mankind how to approach me at the foot of the Cross. It is the blood from My precious feet that has the power to anoint your lips with the power of My Word. They are few, My daughter, who approach me at the foot of the Cross to kiss My wounded feet. Blessed are they who follow My Mother in humility.



Life of Motherhood Fulfills the Desire of Jesus' Heart

     I felt the Father begin to fill me. He said:

     The ways of God are not the ways of the world. It is the life of motherhood rejected by so many women of today but embraced by My MOC united to the Mother of God that will bring to fulfillment the desire of My Son’s Heart… You are called to encourage the mothers in this path of life I have set before you that is so pleasing to God. You are called to encourage the mothers to love as My Son has loved you, in pain and suffering, for it is this love that will bring life to My Church. It is this love, the love of the Cross, that will heal the broken-hearted, that will restore the wounded, that will bring about unity and peace.  Blessed are they that hear this cry; blessed are they who hear these words from you and respond with love, for they will enter into the Kingdom of God and receive the crown of glory.  Thank you, My daughter, for responding to the call of My Son. Be still and know that I am God, that I love you, and I am with you for all eternity. 


Bring to light the truth of My sons’ sins

     After reading from the Book of Lamentations 2:2,10–14, 18–19, Jesus said:

     You are My chosen prophet to bring to light the truth of My sons’ sins…They are rebellious sons who have gone astray from their Father… I await them with mercy, but I promise you, My daughter, that if they do not repent, they will burn for all eternity in the abyss of hell.


     Book of Lamentations: “Your prophets had for you false and specious visions, They did not lay bare your guilt, to avert your fate; they beheld for you in vision false and misleading portents.”

JULY 2010



Treasured Pearl of Suffering

     I desire love; I desire for My mission to be fulfilled in each of you; I desire that you receive the treasured pearl of suffering that I am giving you…



Spirit of Poverty

     I wish to teach you about poverty, the spirit of poverty. There is physical poverty, but the spirit of poverty is much more beneficial for your soul. It saddens Me greatly when My sons (priests) and religious live physical poverty but remain only there and do not allow the Holy Spirit to bring them to live the spirit of poverty… The spirit of poverty is lived when you allow the Holy Spirit, My Blessed Mother, and Myself to strip you of everything interiorly: your desires, expectations, plans, attachments, securities, consolations in friendships, even consolations from Me, so that you are left completely empty. It is a soul that has been stripped of everything that is empty and can be filled with My life…

     My Lord and my God, what can I do to participate in this work? What can I do?

     –Jesus answered, Allow yourself to be perfected through suffering. Suffer with greater trust in Me… Suffer with greater abandonment and love.”


7/10 /2010  

Living Chalices / Foot of the Cross

     I desire to teach you about being My living chalice. As the Eucharist becomes the center of your life, you receive the desire to come to know Me and love Me. It is then, that My Mother, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will bring you to the foot of the Cross…

     At this point, Jesus gave me the image of the pelican piercing her heart and the blood flowing down to her chicks.

     It is at the foot of the Cross, as you kiss My feet, where you are perfected and emptied as you receive My precious Blood…But I cannot come to dwell in you and fill you with My life until you are pure and empty… It is through the Holy Spirit that you are perfected, and it is He that will lift you up into My embrace…

     During Mass, I had an inner vision of being lifted up and being ONE in Jesus crucified. I felt His Heart pouring His precious Blood into me, but we were one. It was no longer the Blood flowing down. I felt, through this union, my life being offered to the Father as one sacrifice united in Jesus Christ.

      This is the mystical incarnation… This is the union of love I desire from each Mother and Missionary of the Cross. It is in this way that Love crucified will have a solid foundation…



Victim Souls in Fire of the Sacred Heart Bringing forth the Holy Spirit

     As I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, asking Jesus to give me a confirmation concerning His words Saturday morning, I felt Jesus on the Cross. The flesh on His chest, like a curtain, seemed to open, and I could see His Heart as fire. This vision of His Heart as fire in the center of His chest was all in a circle; I felt as the living Eucharist. My Lord had me understand that each of His victim souls is in that fire. Each victim soul intensified the fire of love in Jesus’ Heart. Then the fire with all the victim souls consumed the entire body of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a massive dove, as I saw Him in 2008, flew out from the cross upon the world. He was covering the earth with a mantle of Jesus’ Precious Blood. All of us, His victim souls, were one with the Holy Spirit, participating in the fulfillment of the salvation of the world.

     Then Jesus explained:

     –It is My victim souls united in Me that will bring to fulfillment the salvation of the world. It was not My miracles that saved the world, but My love in suffering revealed on the Cross. My miracles were a gift so that people would know that I am the Son of God. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life… It is the way of the Cross, the Way of Love in suffering, that is the power of God that saves the world… I desire for My Body, the Church, to complete My love in suffering here on earth…

     –I asked Jesus about the Missionary Preachers.

     –He said: My Missionary Preachers will proclaim the power of the Cross. It is My beloved sons that are called to live as victims most perfectly in Me. It is all My priests that are called to lead all My children to the foot of the Cross with Mary…. 




     Silence is a virtue. Silence is a prayer. Silence is misunderstood by many. There are cloistered souls who practice silence but are not silent because, interiorly, they are distracted, anxious, and chattering. Silence is your soul in communion with God. It is in silence that you come to hear the voice of God. It is in silence that you come to see the face of God. It is in silence that you come to feel the touch of God. Silence is the embrace of love between a soul and God. Learn to enter the prayer of silence. The Holy Spirit and My Mother will teach you. Silence is not necessarily talking. I spent My days on earth preaching, teaching, and conversing with My friends and community. Yes, My daughter, I lived in community.

     Jesus immediately responded to my thought when He said "community"

     But I entered the prayer of silence daily with My Father. It is the gift and grace of the Holy Spirit that will bring you to live in this communion of silence with Me amidst exterior noise. On your part, enter daily the prayer of silence in the Church or in your home. Ask My Mother to guide you and help you in this practice of silence most beneficial for your soul.



Prophet to Priests to Speak the Truth

     The time of the great darkness is quickly approaching the earth. Each of My sons will have to make a decision to be with Me or against Me, but will not be able to remain in the gray area. They will have to repent of their many sins with tears, and I will cleanse them with My mercy. They will have to renounce the world with all its passions and embrace poverty… They will live as victims following the pure unblemished Victim Lamb… They must humble themselves and come to the foot of the Cross next to My Mother and kiss My feet. It is the Blood that flows from the wound of My feet that will purify their lips so that they will be able to speak with the Sword of My Word… During the time of the great darkness, they must shine forth My holy presence… During the time of great darkness, the principalities of darkness will snatch all My priests that are not one with Me into the abyss of hell… You have been chosen as My prophet for these times to speak My words… It went better for Jeremiah than it will be for you…My Missionary Preachers will teach the way of the Cross to My priests and open their hearts to the Holy Spirit, but you will speak My words…




Your Life Is A Prayer

     When I say your life is a prayer, your life is an offering. To offer Me your life is the perfect prayer. Your thoughts directed to Me, directed to love, is a prayer. Your desire to know Me, love Me, and serve Me is a prayer. Your touch is a most beautiful prayer. Your words of encouragement and love to others is a prayer. Your efforts to bring peace and unity to your families is a prayer. Your smile is a prayer. But your most perfect prayer is your pure suffering united to Me and My Mother. The prayer of pure suffering is the sweetest fragrance that reaches and delights the Heart of our Father. This is also the prayer that produces an abundance of fruit. This is the prayer that is most united to Mine as I intercede before the throne of My Father. This is why My Mother’s suffering of solitude produced and continues to produce showers of graces upon the world. I wish the Mothers and Missionaries of the Cross to be perfected in the prayer of suffering.

     –But my Lord, what about contemplative prayer and the prayer of praise?

     –It is through contemplative prayer that you come to know Me and the prayer in which I fill, guide, and form you, but it is the prayer of suffering in which you honor, console, and love Me and participate in the redemption of souls. The prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving should be your every breath.


9/14/10 – Feast of the Exultation of the Cross

More grace is obtained for the world through the hidden life of suffering in love than the public life

     My little ones, do not be discouraged, for I am doing something new. You are My little servants of love, despised, and misunderstood by the world. Remain in Me and I in you, and in this way, the power of God will flow as living water to My Church. Do not be afraid or discouraged from being rejected and not accepted. Do you not see that this is the way of love, the way of the Cross? It is precisely in this path of rejection and humiliations that you will purchase for the world many graces. I am most pleased with each of you. My Father collected your tears last night as one with My Mother’s for the mission I have entrusted to you. Continue in the path of holiness you are walking.

     My little one, I will make all things new through My Precious Blood and the blood of My martyrs. This spirituality of suffering out of love for Me is not understood even within My Church. Yet here lies the power of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. More grace is obtained for the world through the hidden life of suffering in love than the public life… Live the hidden life to perfection in Me and in the Heart of My Mother.


9/15/10 – Feast of our Lady of Sorrows

I desire countless hidden martyrs like My Spouse, the Queen of Martyrs

     –I asked Mary, “What would you say to your sons?”

     –She answered, As a Jewish Mother, I would reprimand them with tears of love.”

     My daughter, the mission of LC is to bring souls to the feet of Jesus crucified with Mary through consecration. They will enter the Cross through the gate of Mary. You will teach them the way to union with God. You will proclaim consecration to the Holy Spirit through the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mary Most Sorrowful. I desire for this time to be the time of My greatest martyrs. It is the blood of My martyrs united to the Blood of Jesus Christ that will usher in the new Pentecost with the reign of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. I desire countless hidden martyrs like My Spouse, the Queen of Martyrs. Here lies the POWER OF GOD and the full power of the Holy Spirit, which will be poured out through the POWER OF THE CROSS.


Bless Your Children Daily

     Bless your children daily. Get up early each morning to bless those that go to school. Bless your husband as he sleeps. Bless your grandchildren each time you see them. It is I, your heavenly Mother, that will bless them through your hands and provide for each of them greater protection against the principalities of death.



Every thorn serves to enter our hearts to plow, to open, to soften, to produce much fruit

     As we began to pray, I saw Mary interiorly, with her hands covering her face as the image of our Lady of La Salette (Today is her feast day). She did not speak. Then she lifted her head, and I saw her face wearing a large crown of thorns with many thorns. She just looked at me, but still did not speak. I continued praying the rosary and just kept my gaze upon her.

     –She then said, “Provided you suffer with me… (Cf. Rom 8:17) I suffered united with My Son...” 

     –She then began to teach me. I understood in my heart that every thorn from Jesus is an immense gift. Interiorly, I saw a field with a tractor that plows the dirt. I saw the blades entering deep into the ground. Mary explained that the ground needs to be plowed and pierced so that the seed can produce an abundance of fruit. Our hearts are very hardened by sin. The seed of the Word of God nor the gift of grace can take root in such hardness. Every thorn serves to enter our hearts to plow, to open, to soften so that the seed can be received and bear much fruit. At first, these piercing hurts, but then it produces life.

     Our hearts are called to resemble the Heart of Mary, full of thorns so that our lives give away an abundance of roses.



The priestly order of Melchizedek – Cf. Hebrews 7

     I am the High Priest. I am the perfect, unblemished holy sacrifice of the Father for the redemption of mankind. The priests that came after Me were born of My Pierced Heart; were born of My crucified love. As a woman labors to give life, My priests were conceived in My crucified Heart and were brought to life through the passage in My side created by the spear. Therefore, every priest is called to be ONE with the Word of the Cross. Of themselves, they can do nothing and are nothing but, united as ONE to Love crucified, they are the power of God.

     The mission I desire is to bring all My priests to union with Love crucified. It is here that lies the power of God, I want them to possess. My priests have become ordinary men dressed in priestly robes; that is why their lives do not produce an abundance of fruit and lack the power to bring My little sheep to conversion. It is My priests who are in need of the greatest conversion. Go forth, My daughter, with the mission I have entrusted to you. Go in peace, My little one, to love today in the power of My crucified love.




The Jars Filled with Wine – Cf. Jeremiah 13:12-27

     I am preparing My pure holy vessels by cleansing them with My precious blood.  These living chalices will be filled with My precious Blood as I unite them to the Word of the Cross, and they suffer with Me.  My Blood will be poured upon My Church to cleanse Her through them.  You have been given the particular mission of cleansing My priesthood.  “Woe to you, O Jerusalem.  How long will it be before you are made clean?”




Will you suffer with Me? 

     Will you suffer with Me? Will you unite with My suffering to purchase the redemption of many? You see, My suffering and resurrection have purchased the salvation of the world, but My Father, from the beginning of time, willed for the fulfillment of salvation to come through My Body, the Church. Therefore, the salvation of many souls is dependent on your response to suffer with me.



Come to the Foot of the Cross 

     Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what your God has prepared for you in heaven. I invite you to come and see. I will remove the veil that covers the eyes of your soul so that you can see what few are able to see. You will see the new Jerusalem in all her glory. She, more precious than gold or diamonds, will be yours to possess. Allow Me to remove the plank from your eyes that keeps you from contemplating the glory of God before you.

     Come, My daughter, and bring many to the foot of the Cross. Prostrate yourselves before the foot of My Cross and kiss holy ground. Rise and embrace My precious feet and kiss My wounded feet. It is here through this gesture of humility and love that the plank of pride and self-love is removed from blinding your sight. Touch My feet, bless My feet with your kisses and cleanse them with your tears. The Holy Spirit drew Mary Magdalene to this act of love in preparation for My crucifixion, and it is My Mother who completed this act of love and reparation at My crucifixion. It is here at My precious feet that you receive the gold of precious repentance. I desire for you to bring My sons to the foot of My Cross.



Spend your Advent meditating on My death

     My daughter, I want you to spend your Advent meditating on My death. I came into the world to suffer and to die. I came into the world for the Cross… See the oppression and darkness in your family as the same darkness in the world and in My Church… This darkness also oppresses My Heart, and I continue to suffer. My daughter, God the Father, intended from the beginning of time for My Body (the Church) to be united to its Head to pierce this darkness. It will be My holy remnant in My Church that united in My Cross will pierce the darkness. My daughter, you must choose to love always. In your family, love through your silence, love through your gentleness, love in kindness, love in patience, and persevere in love. Believe My daughter all that I have told you. It will all come to pass…



How, my Lord, do I have the power to heal your wounds?

     My wounds are the sins of humanity. I bore them all upon My Body to heal them with My love. You have allowed Me to heal your sins through My wounds. Now, your love, which is one with the love of God, has the power to heal My wounds by receiving them, one by one, in your heart. In this way, you will suffer greatly as one with Love…





Mary’s Maidens

     My daughter, My Mother carried My Crucified Body in her arms, and then she placed Me in the tomb, but she continued to carry My Crucified Body in her heart. She continued to 'live in Love', in My crucified love. She is the first that continued to suffer with Me (Rm 8:17). I continued My love in suffering on earth through My Mother (Cf. Col. 1:24). She bore mystically all My wounds and radiated My light in the darkness of the world (2 Cor 4:6). My daughter, since My Mother 'lives in love' she radiates My light and possesses the power of God. Each of My wounds radiates healing light and mercy. She was the first to live on earth as My living, pure, holy chalice of My Precious Blood. Her hidden life on earth, after My death, God used as a watering can pouring My graces upon the early Church and world and continues through the ages till today. She is gathering her maidens, as she is always perfectly obedient to the Will of the Father, to live in the hidden force of My crucified love. This hidden force of pure victims of love will set the earth on fire. My daughter, you have been chosen to cooperate in this plan of salvation: BRING ME VICTIM SOULS!



The light of the Eucharist will never be extinguished; It will overcome the darkness.

     Jesus revealed to me a large, very dark cloud before me. The cloud was not the darkness of a rain cloud, but the darkness of evil and suffering. I could feel and see in my heart at the same time children, men, and women very hungry. I could feel their suffering in my heart. These were children, men, and women like us. I could feel an economic collapse and many families greatly suffering. I could also feel great danger. I then saw the Eucharist as a circle of bright light shining in what I felt were individual homes. These small lights shone brightly amidst the darkness. Jesus then said that the light of the Eucharist will never be extinguished, and it is this light that will overcome the darkness.



Souls Sealed with Cross on their Foreheads – Cf. Nahum 3 


     The days are coming, My daughter, in which it will not be safe for you to walk in the streets. My time of mercy is coming to its end. The time of justice is at hand. Many will die as the darkness sweeps through the entire world. There will be moaning and groaning and grinding of teeth. You will hear the shrieking of the evil ones. Many souls will be snatched in despair because they failed to recognize the time of My visitation. They have turned their backs on the God of Hosts.  But My souls sealed with the cross on their foreheads will rise up to defeat the darkness.

     It is now the time to proclaim My Glorious Cross. Bring many to the Cross to be united with My Mother of the Cross. My daughter, it will be like the time of Noah; very few people will be prepared in the safety of My Cross.


END OF 2010

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