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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2014 ⁓⁓

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In the Sacred Heart

1st Nail – feet

     You no longer do what you want to do nor go where you want to go, but now, you only go where I take you. You choose to live each day according to what is most difficult, not what is easiest. This will require a great discipline of your will. This is a complete dying to moving in your will.

     Jesus explained that, as we go through the passage created by the lance, we receive His thorns on our hearts, thus preparing our hearts to enter the fire of His Sacred Heart. Once we are in His Heart, we receive His nails. It is through the gift of His nails that we are crucified to Him so that we are no longer two but ONE. This is the greater purification: putting to death our will.



Obedience is the fruit of trust, surrender, and pure love

     Obedience is the fruit of trust, surrender, and pure love. Obedience is the virtue that is perfected in My Sacred Heart. I only did the will of My Father because I live in Him, and He in Me. In our unity—oneness, I could never act outside of Him. This is love. This pure love moves you to the obedience of the Father’s Will. Therefore, a sign of genuine love in the Heart of the Trinity is perfect obedience to My Holy Will.

     The purification of your desires is the first stage of purification in My Sacred Heart. (This is the first nail from My feet.) You begin to move only according to My desire and not yours. This requires greater silence and stillness of soul in Me. You have come to recognize My voice and the promptings of My Divine Spirit. At times God requires immediate obedience, as you just experienced; at others, your obedience is lived as you wait upon the Lord. The latter obedience requires greater abandonment and trust and, therefore, is more pleasing to Abba, Our Father.


1 Samuel 15:22: “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”



Death to your human desires

     With this first nail, you begin to be crucified with Me. My desires begin to override your desires and tendencies. Obedience now is the virtue that moves you to act according to My Will, despite your desires.



The justice of God will soon visit like a thief in the night

     You are My family of love. You are My consolation, joy, peace... because you are My hidden martyrs. Your “yes” blesses and consoles My wounded and suffering Heart. Like Mary's “yes”, it appeases the justice of God. Remain small and insignificant, and God will reveal His power and might.

     The justice of God will soon visit you like a thief in the night. My Missionaries of the Cross will help sustain My Church during these dark times. The Path needs to be completed…




You will live the fulfillment of Revelation 14

     God the Father:

     You will live the fulfillment of Revelation 14. I will close in the distance between My holy remnant and My Son, making them ONE with the sacrifice of the pure Lamb. These souls will fight the decisive battle, which begins when My finger touches the world with My justice.



Meaning of the veil for the Mothers of the Cross (MOC)

     As I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, I saw myself interiorly kneeling as I gazed at the face of Jesus crucified. Then Mary came next to me and placed a veil over my head, and she began to teach me about the meaning of the veil for women. I was not writing as she spoke, I was only listening. This is what I wrote of what I remember after:


  • Veil – consecrated to God; pure, silent, consolers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • We (MOC) receive the precious Blood that fell to the ground, the Blood discarded by hardened souls.

  • Mary collected the Blood on the ground (as in the movie, The Passion of Christ), the Blood that was going to be trampled, forgotten...This white cloth that Mary used soaked in the Precious Blood of Jesus is the veil of the MOC.

  • We wear over our heads the Blood that is being rejected by souls.

  •  We suffer hidden in our hearts the hardness of hearts of many souls.

  • We are covered, anointed, by the precious Blood rejected by hardened souls.

  • We live consumed in these hidden sorrows, which are the groans of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • We gaze at Abba as He gazes at His daughters consecrated in the rejected Blood of His Son, and we supplicate in Christ's groans for grace for the most hardened souls.



I am making all things new through My hidden victims

     The time is at hand when all will be called to suffer persecution for My sake. This time of persecution will divide My followers into two camps: those with Me and those against Me. Few will remain with Me in the time of the great tribulation. You, My little ones, are being prepared for this time. Your lives lived in humility and purity of heart united to Me will be the light in this darkness. Your lives, hidden and transformed in My crucified love will usher in the New Pentecost for the world. My hidden force of spiritual mothers, as one with My Mother of Sorrows, will raise up God's army of holy priests for the decisive battle to be waged against the principalities of darkness.

     Your mission is to raise up and form many victim souls for these decisive times, for the battle will be won through the power of the Cross. My hidden martyrs of love are the power of God to wage this war against the principalities of death. Do not be afraid to speak from the housetops what I speak to you in the hiddenness of your heart. I am making all things new through My hidden victims of purified love. Be steadfast as the one chosen by God to hold the sword of His mission. Trust and suffer all with patient endurance.


MARCH 2014



God will fight this war through the power of My Cross

     My little ones, do not be afraid to speak the truth of all that I tell you. The world is going to fight this war with deadly weapons; this is the plan of Satan. But God will fight this war through the power of My Cross. Your mission is to proclaim the power of victim souls, thus helping God gather His army for the decisive battle. This is Mary's white army, the white martyrdom of the heart. These merciful victims of love, as St. Therese called them, will defeat Satan and his dominions.  

APRIL 2014



Live in My Hidden Force unnoticed by all but seen by Abba

     I Am the Lord your God, the Mighty One.

     I Am the Alpha and the Omega.

     I Am the Creator of heaven and earth.

     I Am your God who came down from heaven so that you could feel My touch, gaze into My eyes, and encounter Love.

     I Am alive and present in the world as the Hidden Force. I see all, know all...

     Believe in Me so that I can become ONE with you. I came so that you could become ONE with Me, your God and Savior, and through Me, enter the bliss of the Trinity.

     The darkness of Satan will not conquer the Light of God. It is the Light of God that will extinguish the darkness of Satan. You have entered the hidden power of God, consumed in His Heart. Your life now holds the power of God. It is through your love in suffering that your life will conquer the forces of evil. Live in My Hidden Force, unnoticed by all, but seen by Abba, our Father. Believe in who you are through the mercy of God, who loves you… Now we—for we truly have become ONE—must enter the pains of Calvary for the salvation of many.


Without Faith, the power of God dissipates

     My beloved spouse, it is God the Father who chose you to raise up His army of transformed priests…

     –Jesus said that this will be accomplished through the MOC who have responded.

     They and you must BELIEVE that your hidden ordinary lives hold the power of God.

     Jesus then explained that this power can be used or wasted by us; it is contingent on our FAITH. If we do not believe, the power of God “dissipates.”

MAY 2014



Be sent out as My HERALDS OF HOPE to usher in My era of peace

     My “flame of love” is the Holy Spirit through My Path. My flame of love has been possessing your minds, hearts, and faculties so that it is no longer you who lives but I who lives in you. In this way, I live in you as you live in Me, and the Father lives in us. Do not be afraid to be sent out as My HERALDS OF HOPE to usher in My era of peace. Do not be afraid to confront the forces of evil as My light, for it is the light of My HOLY REMNANT that will conquer the forces of darkness. BELIEVE that you are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and HOLD THE POWER OF GOD.


Three Nails of Crucifixion: 1st. nail: crucifies desires, 2nd. nail: crucifies emotions, 3rd. nail: persecución & perfect union

     Cf, Jn 17:20–23 (Unity: One)

     My little one, you allowed Me to crucify your desires with My (first) nail that penetrated My feet. You are living your life according to My Holy Will and not, any longer, according to the desires of your will.

     With the second nail, I crucify your emotions. You now live in peace in the darkness of faith without My sweet consolations. My flame of love has now possessed your faculties of sight, touch, hearing, and speaking. It is My Spirit who sees into the hearts of others; it is God's touch moving through your hands; you live now in the “silence” of the Trinity, and your words are wisdom and understanding.

     The Third nail brings us into perfect unity. This nail is the nail of persecution. As they persecuted Me, they will persecute you. As they hated Me, they will hate you. This last nail fuses your heart to My Sacred Heart, and you love as one with Me all the enemies of God and thus complete your crucifixion in Me, and the triumph of God's love is manifested through you in the unity of My Body. Prepare yourself in silence and prayer to live the last stage of My Divine Path.

     –Mary then spoke in my heart as I was praying the rosary:

     The time I have been preparing the Church for is upon you now. I am with those that have entered My Immaculate Heart. During this time of great tribulation, I will be your refuge. The Refuge (en Georgi) has been set apart for this time by God. My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of my Son beat as one in this holy mountain. Believe we (Jesus & Mary) have been forming and preparing you through this Path to Union so that you will be one in the safety of God's Triune Love during this difficult time...

     Call my family (LC) to greater prayer and silence, diligent in living the Path of New Life we have set before you. You must be the light and power of God during the great devastation. Pray! pray! pray! for God's army of holy priests to come forth to usher in the reign of My Immaculate Heart. It is these priests who will help guide God's sheep into the safety of my Son's Cross to receive the fire of His love, the Holy Spirit. Believe and prepare, for the world is being made new.


JUNE 2014



Save souls through your sorrows

     Be filled with my joy in believing that God has found favor with you, and he delights in you…

     –My Lord, how do I live this joy with so much sorrow?

     Because your sorrows are saving souls… Your tears united to Mary's are watering the face of the earth with God's grace. Your sorrows in Me bring forth new life… God the Father showers grace upon the earth through the sorrows of Mary, which are one in My sorrows. Your sorrows united as one to the Mother of Sorrows brings new life upon the earth. Your joy will be found in your perfect faith in this truth. Believe, and continue to save souls through your sorrows.


     As I prayed the rosary after mass in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, I felt the gaze of Abba upon me. My soul was drawn, lifted into the gaze of my Abba. I began to love Him, glorify, and thank Him in Jesus, my Spouse, with the Holy Spirit and Mary… Then I felt my soul taken by the Father. I found myself on top of a very high mountain that overlooked the entire world. It seemed to me that this high mountain was the center of the world. Then Abba revealed to me a large Cross, with Jesus crucified on it, at the center of this mountain top. I then could see ***the spirits of souls from all over the world being drawn into Jesus crucified. I understood that these were all of God's victim souls being united as ONE to the sacrifice of Jesus. Abba then said that the time of the gathering is soon coming to an end. Abba explained that this Cross, at some point in time, will be seen in the sky by all. Then the great persecution will come, but the holy remnant of victim souls in Jesus crucified will sustain the Church…


6/24/14  – Colombia, Foyer de Charité 

Prophecy for Colombia #1

     Colombia has been a chosen land of God destined to bring the Light of God to the world.         Colombia has been showered with heavenly graces, and therefore, Satan has also come to spread his darkness and lies. My Colombian people need to repent with tears of supplication and the sacrifice of a contrite heart.

     My Love Crucified has now entered this country through the living sacrifice of My victim souls of love and reparation. I desire to raise up My army of victim souls in Colombia to pierce the darkness of Satan. Many of my Colombian people have fallen asleep, and like a thief in the night, Satan has entered and planted his seeds of discord, sin, and evil. I am now entrusting you the mission to raise up My army of victim souls, for the future of this country, selected by God to be the salt of the world, is in danger.

     Do not be afraid to proclaim My Love Crucified as the way to conquer Colombia back to God.



Prophecy for Colombia #2

     Cf. Jeremiah 16:5

     My people have forsaken Me with the idols of adultery, the occult, lust, and impurities of all kinds… God, in His infinite mercy, is granting the people of Colombia a certain amount of time to repent… They need to turn their eyes toward My love crucified. The Holy Spirit, through the power of My love crucified, will grant them the gift of self-knowledge to see with new eyes the darkness within them. Then, as they repent, I will come and raise them out of the pit of hell… It is the grace of my victim souls that God will use to bring many to this repentance of heart, mind, and soul. Love crucified is now to enter Colombia with the force of the Holy Spirit to help raise up my victims of love, for the great battle has begun…

JULY 2014


Remain in the cloister of your heart

     Remain in the cloister of your heart, accompanying Me in My agony of love.

     –I feel my heart as Christ's tabernacle, and the door has been closed. I am living immersed in the hidden life with Jesus suffering great sorrows...





Personal experience of solitude in the cloister of the heart

     I continue living a profound interior solitude. I have entered the tabernacle of my heart, and the door has been closed and locked. I'm living in the darkness of this enclosure. Through faith, I know that I am enclosed with Jesus; He is truly with me; I am not alone.

     Today the Holy Spirit gave me the light to understand and see Jesus asleep next to me, as He was in the boat with the disciples during the storm. I find myself wanting my Lord to sleep and rest while I keep watch and pray.

     Today I feel the gift of being united through this suffering of solitude to:

  • all my brothers and sisters in Iraq in the solitude of the desert, suffering great darkness alone and forgotten.

  • All my brothers and sisters, Asia Bibi, imprisoned and alone in jails for their faith in Jesus Christ.

  • All my sisters throughout the world suffering the solitude of having been abandoned by their husbands through the sin of adultery.

  • All my spiritual sons… who have come to experience life in the Spirit but must endure the solitude of not being able to live this new life with freedom in their communities.

  • Married couples who have not come to experience true intimacy in Christ and therefore live isolated from each other.

  • All the Mothers of the Cross and Missionaries of the Cross, in their hidden lives of sorrow.


     In this darkness and solitude, I am intimately united to Jesus' solitude in the tabernacles of the world. I can thank Him, adore Him, and love Him for remaining with us, suffering the solitude of the distance between Him and us, the agony of His thirst for love, the agony of having to live the suffering of solitude because the majority have not opened their hearts to His love.

     During this past week that I was on vacation with my family, I went every morning to Mass at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church on the Palm Coast. Their chapel was behind the main altar. A large gold tabernacle was in the middle of the round chapel. I prayed my Holy Hour in this chapel every day, gazing at the tabernacle. The Blessed Sacrament was never exposed. The tabernacle remained each morning closed and locked with the key. Today I understood how the Lord has been teaching me all week. I, too, am living enclosed in the tabernacle of my heart with Jesus. I must remain enclosed in this darkness without the door being opened for as long as Jesus desires. This is why I feel separated from all. I do not seem to have any words to speak, teach, or write…

     With God's grace, I am trying to live this solitude with Jesus in peace and abandonment for my two families, the mission of Love Crucified, and for all my sons and daughters...

     My Lord, my God, my Spouse, I love you; save souls! Please grant me the grace to live this suffering of solitude and darkness with perfect faith, gratitude, and love, for without You; I can do nothing. May this holy darkness within me radiate Your Light... Amen



Disseminate My Path for these grievous times

     Prepare, for the great persecution is upon you. All will suffer during the time of God’s justice. My followers will suffer greatly, but will be filled with My peace and joy, for the gaze of our Father will remain upon them. The witness of My followers will be the Light in the darkness. Begin to disseminate My Path for these grievous times in the form of a book.  Prepare to receive My last nail [persecusion] that will fuse our hearts as one.



The Path, What Is It?

     The Path is not a book like most books we read and then place on our shelves. The Path has been given to us by God to prepare us to be His witnesses, martyrs, and warriors for these “decisive times.” The Lord for years has been telling us to “prepare” for the “fiercest battle” at hand, yet He doesn’t leave us on our own to prepare, He, as our loving Father, comes to prepare us Himself.

     The Path is meant to be lived, not read. Through the Path, Jesus is purifying, healing, and dressing us with God’s armor for the great battle we have entered. Through the Path, the Lord is making us His “living hosts” so that God’s Light will radiate through us to penetrate the darkness all around us.

     The Path is not linear, meaning we do not move from one step to another. The Path is a whole, in which all of it, eventually through the power of the Holy Spirit, becomes who we are, our very life. Each of the teachings of our Lord needs to become branded in our hearts. This is a grace God will give us, but we must be willing to work hard by meditating on the Path daily and persevering in living it.

     Ezekiel 36: 23-26

I will sanctify my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, and which you have profaned among them; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord, says the Lord God, when through you I display my holiness before their eyes. 24 I will take you from the nations, and gather you from all the countries, and bring you into your own land. 25 I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean from all your uncleanness, and from all your idols I will cleanse you. 26 A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you; and I will remove from your body the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.




The purpose of the Path

     The purpose of the Path is to make each of you My living hosts. As My living hosts, you are God's warriors for the great battle at hand. Countries will rise up and fight this battle with missiles and arms, but the evil will only continue to intensify. Allow Me to possess you with My life. Ponder every relationship and situation in your lives that you are not loving with Me, through Me, and in Me. Ask yourselves, 'Why is it so difficult to love this person or to love in these situations?' It is precisely in those situations and with those persons where you need to be purified. It is only in this way that you can become ONE with My Eucharistic life and be transformed into Love. My pure victims of love are God's warriors for these decisive times.




The darkness of Satan will not conquer the earth; the fire of God's love will consume the earth

     Do you believe, My little one, all that I have spoken to you throughout all these years? Believe the promises of God, and you will see the glory of God unfold before your eyes. The Spirit, the power of the love of the Father and Son, will set the world ablaze with His fire through the power of all My victim souls consumed in My sacrifice of love. Believe! The darkness of Satan will not conquer the earth; the fire of God's love will consume the earth. Believe in God's love for you... Believe you are the apple of His eyes... Live each day consumed in the love of the Trinity. It is in this Love that all fear is cast out. Draw all souls into the furnace of this Love through the prayer of the oblation of your life. It is the pure prayer of My victim souls that God has given the power to snatch souls out of the net of Satan's deception. Remain in Me and I in you. Live in perfect abandonment in the furnace of God's Love.



My Heart is the refuge during the time of the great tribulation

     My little one, the hour has come in which those who have entered the safety of My Sacred Heart will be protected. My Heart is the refuge during the time of the great tribulation. Many will seek protection from their governments, families, and communities. But only those souls who have responded and entered My refuge will be safe in the bosom of God. Prepare my little ones, for the great storm is now upon you.



 Love, love, love

     Given during LC cenacle rosary

     The time has begun. My Bride is being stripped of her glory. Those faithful souls who have entered the refuge of My Sacred Heart will be crucified as one with the Bridegroom as grace for my Bride, the Church. Intensify your cry for victim souls. Love, love, love. Love daily in My agony of love. Love in My pain and sorrow. Love in My tears and the tears of Mary. Love and believe in the triumph of My love. Believe, you possess the power of God. God's warriors of love are God's army destined to wage war against the forces of darkness. Be steadfast in your love for Me. God's little mustard seed, His holy remnant, is the power of God for the great battle. I bless my little mustard seed tonight with My words. Guard your hearts from all resentment. Remain in My peace.



Pray for trust in my love for you to be solid, unshakable

     The Lord asked me to write what He desires for us to pray for tomorrow at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception:

     Your power of intercession lies in your willingness to suffer ALL that I permit in your lives as ONE in My sacrifice of love. Your prayers receive the full power of the Holy Spirit in your abandonment to suffer all with Me. As you trust in My love manifested in My great suffering for you, you enter the mystery of suffering for Love. These are My little victim souls of love that God is raising up to defeat the forces of darkness.

     Pray with Mary for many more souls to respond to the trumpet call from heaven. Pray for trust in my love for you to be solid, unshakable. Pray for perseverance for all My victim souls as they are being sent to the battlefield to wage this great battle for souls. Pray for purity of heart so that Satan cannot deceive you. Know that you are My Mother’s white army of victim souls for these decisive times. Pray with My Mother through the power of the oblation of your lives united in My perfect sacrifice of love. Your faith is your protection against the deception of Satan. Believe in all that I have spoken to you, for the great battle has begun.




11/27/14  – Thanksgiving Day

Multitudes will vanish

     The hour has come when the earth will cease to exist as you know it. Many, in an instant, will vanish from the face of the earth. A holy remnant of God will remain to usher in the era of peace. Cry with your beloved Spouse as one Heart with Me, for the multitudes will vanish from the face of the earth. You, My little one, are My spouse of My precious Blood; suffer with Me in My agony of love for the salvation of some, for many are unprepared when the justice of God catches them as a thief in the night. My little one, My spouse, this is now the time to remain with Me as I cry God’s tears.





What is evangelization?

     What is evangelization? Evangelization is witnessing the Good News to all people: God is with you! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are present, alive, in the world. I came from heaven to evangelize the world. I came to reveal the Father through the Son and to bring you the Holy Spirit to protect, guide, teach and lead you through transformation into Love. I am the Evangelizer, for I am one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. My every thought, word, and deed was one with the Father in the Holy Spirit. I am Love, and therefore can draw all into Love. Therefore, what is required to evangelize? To come to know Love, to come to hear, see and touch Love, to receive the embrace of our Father through Me, with Me, and in Me.

     The Evangelizer is the Holy Spirit, who is the love of the Father and the Son. It is the power of the Holy Spirit who witnesses the love of the Father through the Son. Without the Holy Spirit, there can be no evangelization. The world is being prepared for the new Evangelization: men, women, and children consumed in the fire of the Holy Spirit through My Cross. New men and new women are required for the New Evangelization. This is why I plead with the thirst of God for victim souls, for it is only My victim souls that abandon themselves completely to Me that can be made a new creation in the image and likeness of God.



One saint that becomes one in My crucified love has the power to transform an entire society

     Some saints received the stigmata with the physical pain of the nail wounds, but ALL My saints were crucified to Me through My nails mystically. The mystical crucifixion is no less real and painful than the physical one, just as the white martyrdom is no less real and painful than the red martyrdom. Unity in the Holy Trinity is the fruit of becoming one with Me in My crucifixion, for this is perfect love. The ecstasy of the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit transforms the pain into the Sword of the Spirit that pierces the darkness of Satan. This union of Love is achieved by few because of a lack of perseverance and selfless love. One saint that becomes one in My crucified love has the power to transform an entire society. I am raising up My saints for the decisive times at hand to fight My holy war and usher in the era of peace.


END OF 2014

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