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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2015 ⁓⁓

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Great exodus is soon to begin

     The time of the great exodus is soon to begin. You will have to flee for your lives. I am with you, My little one, and I go before you guiding you, and all Mine marked on their foreheads with the sign of the Cross. You will live a time of great confusion, chaos, and danger. Life as you know it will no longer exist. Trust, for your God is with you in the midst of the darkness. Prepare for the exodus you will be called to live.

MARCH 2015


The sin of indifference to Jesus in the Eucharist

     As I adored Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, He allowed me to see Him crying. I was moved to a profound sorrow of heart as I gazed at His tears. “Why, my Lord, are you crying?” I asked.

     He cries for the sin of indifference to His presence in the Eucharist. He explained that there is an even greater darkness than the darkness of all the evil of the terrorist, and that is the darkness of the indifference to Jesus alive and present in the Eucharist. This darkness leads and opens the way for the darkness of evil to spread and grow. Because of this sin of indifference to His Eucharistic life, we will live a time when we will not have Jesus in the Eucharist.

     I then entered the sorrows of my Beloved, and I cried with Him as one with my suffering Jesus. My Lord and my God is not known nor loved… I cried in repentance for myself, for I, too, have been indifferent in the past to my Lord in the Eucharist. It is pure grace, pure gift, to know Him, adore Him, and love Him as my one and all in the Eucharist. I cried for this grace to be given to many.

JULY 2015



Justice as the illumination will be knocking at your doors

     Soon, and very soon, Justice as the illumination will be knocking at your doors. There will be great moaning and grinding of teeth. Many will despair. There will be confusion. But those who have been made clean by the Blood of the Lamb will experience the glory of God… Know who you are… You have entered the inner chamber of the Father, the Holy of Holies. You have entered the court of the holy ones, the saints, the men and women made clean by the Blood of the Lamb, participating in the wedding banquet of God.  (These words are not exact, only what I remember writing a day later)



Sign in the heavens

     Soon and very soon, the faces of My people will be turned toward the sign in the heavens. My Cross will radiate the Light of God, and this Light will pierce through bone and marrow into the hearts of all people. This will be the terrible and good day spoken about for centuries. Life as you know it will cease to exist because the Light of God will have pierced through your consciences. There will be wailing, moaning, and grinding of teeth in all your streets. This will be the last warning before the justice of God visits you. This will be the ending of My time of Mercy. My family of Love Crucified must be ready to guide many into the safety of My Cross through The Path that has been given to you. You must make ready My Path for this decisive time. Many hearts will be made ready to respond to My cry for victim souls, for this will be God’s great army that will defeat Satan’s forces of darkness.




God’s great wedding banquet

     Soon and very soon, the Justice of God our Father will visit the world as a thief in the night. Few are prepared for this visitation. You, My little one, are the spouse of My most precious Blood, consecrated by Abba to bring new life to many souls…. Be at peace because the great wedding banquet of God is beginning in the land of the living. Call My family to purity and humility as they suffer with their God of the living. You are each being made clean through the Blood of the Bridegroom as you abandon yourselves to suffer with Me in the perfect sacrifice of My love. In this most perfect and pure union, you will bring to life the new men and women of the Kingdom of God prepared to participate in God’s great wedding banquet.

End of 2015

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