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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2016 ⁓⁓

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MAY 2016


Path, formation manual for My saints of these times

     We are making all things new through My Blood and the blood of My victim souls. My little one, believe that the union of love in suffering with God produces one hundredfold. Trust in your beloved Spouse, who is making you a new creation in God and for God. This Path (book) is My Light in the darkness, hope in despair… It is My formation manual for My saints of these times. You (LC) have been entrusted with this treasure from God.

     I see the Simple Path inside the heart of each LC member, where it is protected, loved, appreciated, and blessed. We must be the hidden force for every soul that receives the Path to read.

JUNE 2016



Warn and prepare My people for the justice of God is upon you

     The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. My Little one, the time of the great upheaval will soon be knocking at your doors. Most are unprepared for this visitation. My prophets of light must warn and prepare My people for the justice of God is upon you.

     I stopped writing because of doubt and asked Jesus to give me a confirmation of these words from the Bible. I opened the Bible randomly to Mt 3:1–12, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Mt 3:2



See yourselves as My living monstrances being held up by God to penetrate the darkness of Satan

     My little one, the time is here. God has come to visit His people as Justice. I am preparing all those willing to listen to My voice, but the obstinate will perish. You must be willing to suffer all that I permit in your lives as one with Me, and in this way, My hidden martyrs of love will obtain the salvation of many. Believe in the power of your ordinary sorrows lived through Me, with Me, and in Me. This is the triumph of My Eucharistic life. See yourselves as My living monstrances being held up by God to penetrate the darkness of Satan.



God’s Lighthouses during the storm

     The time has arrived in which My pure victims of love will be lifted up high. Satan will be forced to flee from the Light of God illuminating from these souls. They will be God’s lighthouses during the storm.

     Fr. Donald Calloway writes in Champions of the Rosary:

In union with Christ and with his Church, the message of Fatima invites and reminds us to offer ourselves as victims of incarnational love, victims of expiation for the conversion of humanity. We are to be incarnational love, Christ-bearers even to those who contradict or persecute us. Real love sacrifices, repairs, and creates. Mary, who radiates the light of Christ and is a living monstrance, helps us to become humble, poor, and broken so we can become a living Eucharistic monstrance.



Receive My pain and the thirst of My Divine Love for souls.

     Your sorrows and agony of heart are one with My sorrows and agony of heart. Your tears are My tears for our people who have gone astray. I wait, interceding before the throne of the Father and calling forth My victims of love throughout the world, but My time of waiting and mercy has reached its end. Now must come the purification by fire, but the multitudes are unprepared. Believe that your simple hidden life of suffering with Me is saving a multitude of souls. My daughter, remain in the silence of your heart and in prayer, gazing at Me. Receive My pain and the thirst of My Divine Love for souls. Allow My gaze to immerse you in My pain and agony of love for souls (participating with your beloved Spouse so that he is not alone). The hour has come; remain with Me. I bless you, My little one, with My gaze of Divine Love.


June 2016

My home is the domestic Church

     I saw interiorly the gaze of my Jesus. How can I describe this gaze? It is impossible, but this is my attempt: In His eyes, I see through His tears an intense pain, but a completely pure pain beyond anything of this world. This pain IS the love of Christ.

     From last night’s teaching on 1 Peter and Mark 11, the Lord is also showing me that my home is a temple, the domestic Church. I, too, enter my home daily and receive the sin, oppression, and corruption in my family. I must continue, with Jesus, suffering in silence and prayer this agony of love. This is a unique and intimate union with my Beloved. This work, my interior martyrdom, is only meant to be lived between Jesus and me. I must learn to live this intimacy with Him, resisting the temptation to share with others. I also must wait for the right time, as the Spirit moves me, to confront the darkness. Then I must speak, but always with love, tenderness, and patience. After I speak, as Jesus teaches us in the Gospel, I must retrieve again and let go of all control, believing that God’s miracle WILL come.


The Path is My formation for the saints of these decisive times

     The Lord of heaven and earth cries tears for Daughter Zion. She, more precious than gold, has defiled herself, making herself unfit for the King of Kings. Therefore, God, in His infinite mercy, is coming as Justice to purify all that has been defiled. Prepare My people for this purification by fire.

     –"My Lord, how do we do this?"

     By living and becoming My Path – then you become My heralds of hope, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The Path is My formation for the saints of these decisive times, preparing the path for My Second Coming. Do not be afraid to proclaim from the housetops the words I speak in the recesses of your heart, for those who have pure hearts will hear My voice and follow Me, but the obstinate will perish.

     –My Lord, you told me that we could bring back to life the dead. Please, you are God, pierce also the hearts of the obstinate.

     It is your willingness to persevere in suffering with Me that has the power to pierce these souls. Remain steadfast in all that I have taught you.



The power of Love in victim souls

     1 Peter 4:8

     Above all, let your love for one another be INTENSE because love covers a multitude of sins.

     James 5:20

     He should know that whoever brings back a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

     Proverbs 10:12

     Hatred stirs up disputes, but love covers all offenses.

     1 Corinthians 13: 4–7

     Love is patient, kind

     Love is not jealous, pompous, inflated, rude

     Love does not seek its own interests, is not quick-tempered, does not brood over injury nor rejoices over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. 

     Love bears, believes, hopes, endures all things

     When we give our fiat to Jesus to be His victim souls and make our covenant with God through the oblation of our lives, we are giving God something that we didn’t have to give. We are freely giving Him our will, our all. This act of love draws us into the Eucharistic life of Jesus to actively participate with Him in the salvation and transformation of souls. As we choose daily to suffer ALL with Jesus, to bear, believe, hope, and endure all things, we live in Jesus’ perfect act of love in the Eucharist. Because we are living in Christ, in Love, the multitude of our sins are covered by Christ, and Abba only sees His Son—our sins are blotted from the sight of God.



Victim souls save dead hearts

     Jesus, through His gaze, brings me into His agony of love for souls. He said that “He is making all things new,” but many souls are in danger of being lost for all eternity. It is these souls He cries for. The illumination will come, but I understood that many souls whose hearts are obstinate will not convert and repent even through this great grace from God. Jesus said that His victim souls have the power of God to prepare these souls for the illumination. He told me that some of these souls in danger of being lost are in my territory of souls.

     Mary, please help me to live in the intensity of Christ’s Love for the salvation of souls. Amen.

JULY 2016




     I have entered a greater fullness of my vocation as a MOC – it is to accompany my Beloved Spouse in His sorrows of Heart for souls. This is my call to perfect love – to remain immersed in the pains of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Hosea 11 says, “My heart is overwhelmed, my pity is stirred.” The heart of my God is overwhelmed with sorrows, for His Bride has defiled herself and turned away from her God. Jesus says to me, “The Lord of heaven and earth cries tears.” Love moves me to remain with Him, gazing into His eyes filled with tears. These past two weeks, I have lived in a union of sorrows with my Jesus, a union that can only be lived in the silence of the Holy Spirit with Mary. A bond of love so strong that it doesn’t permit the sharing of this experience with others, for then the bond would somewhat be weakened. I feel more and more the life of a cloistered. I have found my vocation! My life has truly become the white towel Mary used to soak up the Blood of her Spouse, Son. I, too, seem to receive the sins, wounds, brokenness, and oppressions of souls all around me. They bring me into this profound intimacy of suffering my Lord’s sorrows with Him. At times, I question my vocation—Is this truly God’s will for me to feel constant sorrow in my heart? Exteriorly, I seem to function well in my state of life, with a smile on my face, even though, at times, the pain is so intense that it becomes difficult. Am I deceiving myself? Yet, I don’t think so; I feel I have finally entered the life of a victim of love. Love moves me to remain with my Beloved, to accompany Him in His agony of love.



     Today I ponder the words from our Path p. 140: “VIOLENCE OF SORROW” from St Bernard.

     Mary made hers the pain of her Son and lived with Him in the Father’s Will. This obedience brought forth great FRUIT.

     The Lord desires for me to remain more united to His pain, for many souls are in danger of being lost. Isaiah 7:9 says, “Unless our faith is firm, we will not be firm.” The storm is here and strengthening, and most souls have their houses built on sand. They are in danger of crumbling. Love moves me to CONSTANT INTERCESSION with Him before the throne of Abba.



The first purification by fire is at hand

     My little one, the first purification by fire is at hand. The multitudes are not prepared, for they have turned away from Me to pursue the passions of the flesh. It is time for My little mustard seed to enter Gethsemane with Me, to suffer with Me My agony for souls. I wish you to warn My mustard seed about what is to happen. Pray, pray, pray, united to Me and Mary.

     Be at peace, for the Kingdom of Heaven is already yours. The first purification by fire will leave many desolate, for My bride must lose all that she has defiled herself with. Satan will use this time to snatch the obstinate into his camp, but My victims of love will defeat his plan through the power of God’s love that is with them. Be ready in the bosom of God, in perfect peace and hope, for the first purification I am warning you about. Remain recollected and in prayer.


Message to the Community of LC

     My Heart pulsates with the agony of God, for My people have abandoned Me. The sorrow of God is also His infinite love for each and every soul. Every soul was created by God and for God for all eternity, but the vast majority of souls are being lost for all eternity. My Sacred Heart is in anguish with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We seek victim souls to love in suffering with us to obtain the grace of salvation for many, but few respond. My little mustard seed, will you suffer more with Me for the salvation of souls? Will you give your fiat, like Mary, and persevere in suffering all that I permit in your lives as one with Love for the salvation of many souls? To possess My Heart is to possess My desire for the salvation of souls. Love moved Me to lay down My life as a ransom for many. My Bride, the Body of Christ, is created to love with Me as you lay down your lives solely to save souls. This is the power of God in the world. Do not grow weary of suffering with Me to save a multitude of souls from the fires of Gehenna. Your vocation to love is to embrace all sufferings and sorrows as one in My sacrifice of love. Live with greater zeal who you are in Me.

July/––/ 2016

Can you drink from My chalice?

     Psalm 126 “Those who sow in tears shall reap rejoicing.”

     Mt 20:22 “Can you drink the chalice that I am going to drink?”

     Mt 20:28 "The Son of Man came to give his life as a ransom for many."

     Jeremiah 14:17 “Let my eyes stream with tears day and night, without rest, over the great destruction which overwhelms the virgin daughter of my people, over her incurable wound.”


     Jesus asks, “Can you drink the chalice that I am going to drink?” Then he goes on to tell His apostles what that chalice is: “The Son of Man came to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mt 20:28). Jesus invites all His followers to drink from His chalice. At every Holy Communion, we drink from His chalice—His Blood. Yet, Love longs for His Bride to share completely in His life of pure love. Love waits for His Bride to respond and to also love as one with Him by laying her life down as a ransom for the salvation of many.

     Love Crucified is not an elite community. How much God desires for our community to be overflowing with members whose desire is to be one with the Victim of Love. Yet, few respond and persevere. But the mercy of God is SO GREAT that he uses the few, the ten, to bless and save the multitudes (Genesis 18:32).



     I feel called to greater stillness of heart and recollection, to live in the cloister of my heart, the temple of my Bridegroom, suffering with Him His sorrows for a humanity that has gone astray. God permits me to enter the violence of sorrows through my own family. Because of my humanity, I need to suffer in the flesh the sorrows of the Two Hearts; therefore, I receive the intense piercing through the condition of the hearts closest to me. Silence is of the essence to allow the piercings to enter the depth of my heart, which is where my Lord dwells. These violent piercings thrust my heart INTO the Heart of my Lord, and it is in the union of sorrows that I live true marital intimacy with my Spouse.

     Our vocation is to SUFFER WITH HIM, to REMAIN WITH HIM accompanying Him in His agony. This is our vocation to LOVE! Interiorly we must live more and more sowing in tears as our hearts receive the thorns, but exteriorly revealing the smile of a beautiful blossom.




BIBLE REFLECTION: Storms of faith

     Mt. 15: 21–28 “Lord help me.”

     Mt. 14:22–36 “Command me to come to you on water.”

     Jesus sends His disciples before Him. He permits each of us to “precede Him” and enter a storm of faith, a storm that brings our fears to the surface and challenges us to trust and abandon ourselves to Christ in a new way. During the storm, Jesus comes to the disciples walking on water, but they do not recognize Him. They think he is a ghost.

     I pondered before my Lord: “In what ways does Jesus come to me in which I do not recognize Him?” Jesus answered me with these words:

     –You fail to recognize me in their brokenness. His brokenness is upon My Body. His brokenness is part of Me; I have taken it upon Myself in order to suffer with him and for him.

     I understood that I fail to recognize my Lord in the disorders, sins, and brokenness of those closest to me.

     The Holy Spirit moves the heart of Peter with zeal to desire to come to Jesus. To reach Him, he first must get out of the boat – the place of security, his confines, his control, his established barriers. Then he must be willing to trust to do what seems impossible—walk on water—to reach Jesus. His initial zeal for the Lord moves him out of the boat, but then when he takes his eyes off Jesus and experiences upon his body the strength of the winds, he doubts and sinks.

     The storms of faith are a grace of God that moves us out of the confines of our comfort zones and the pit of our wounds. Little by little, He moves us to “let go,” to complete trust and abandonment, SO THAT through His omnipotence and power, we can do the IMPOSSIBLE in our lives according to His Holy Will.

     Fear and doubt, because they are a reaction to a lack of trust and abandonment, act as a barrier that keeps us from becoming one with Jesus, and through Him, with Him and in Him, allowing God to do the impossible – His mighty works and miracles. Therefore, our lifetime journey through the narrow path of the Cross is to come to know our fears and doubts and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, “Lord help me,” receive the graces to move through every fear.

     To reach union with Christ will require moving out of our safety zones and taking many risks to do what is most difficult for us, what is scariest, what seems most impossible, like walking on water.

     The Lord is revealing to me that He is present daily in every person in my life. He is disguised in their brokenness as Jesus crucified—the Jesus hardly recognizable to His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane. I need to move out of my safety zone to do what is most difficult: love, patience, and kindness, not to be irritable and embrace with affection what feels repulsive to me. I need to see Jesus’ gaze in each of them so that I can move out of my self-love to embrace my broken Jesus. The moment my gaze moves away from my crucified Lord, I sink; I sink into myself – into the ocean of my own darkness.

     I continued my pondering. What seems to be the ugliest trait in others, that which bothers and repulses me the most? Self-centered people that are caught up in themselves, their own problems, miseries, pains… And we all seem to admire people that are selfless—giving of themselves constantly, attentive with details to others, many times in such hidden ordinary ways. I had to think of my sister, Elena. This is why the Lord has said to me:

     –It is through My crucified gaze that you will desire to be One with The Victim of Love, in which you will desire solely the Cross, in which you will desire the salvation of all your brothers and sisters and forget yourself, in which you will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to lay down your life as My sacrifice of love for the salvation of many.


     Lk 6:12–19

     What happened to the multitudes following Jesus (Luke 6:12-19)? Why weren’t they with Him in Calvary? Their reasons for following Jesus were still self-centered (See: Path, Bridging the Gap, pg 130). They were seeking good things such as healing, deliverance, and to touch Jesus. They also followed out of curiosity. But they had not reached the level of the FUSION OF LOVE where one follows SOLELY the Other for love of Him. A love that desires to walk the narrow path of the Cross with Jesus solely to accompany Him so that He is not alone, to participate in what He suffered: discomforts, humiliations, violence, anger, rage, darkness, pain, exhaustion, violent sorrows, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, mockery, murmuring, His thirst, hunger…

     The Lord permitted the storm I recently entered to enflame in my heart the fire of the Spirit to desire SOLELY THE CROSS. He calls me to be His companion of Calvary, to remain with Him, to kiss and console Him SOLEY for love of Him. He enflamed my heart with the words of St Paul: "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Galatians 6:14).

     Today I continued this pondering through the words of St Paul: "I drive my body and train it, for fear that, after having preached to others, I myself should be disqualified." (1 Cor 9:27). I have lived these past years with this understanding in my heart that I can teach the Path but not necessarily become the Path. One can preach the Gospel and not become one with the Gospel. As a mother, how easy it can be to preach to my children all the right things, but what really makes an impact in their lives is if they see me living Gospel in my daily ordinary life. These precious storms and sufferings of life need to bring me to see this discrepancy in my life until there is no longer duplicity, nor masks, nor a false identity but ONENESS WITH GOD!





The mission of LC. The Lord is preparing us for the ascent to Golgotha—the crucifixion

     The mission of LC has been to call and form victim souls who are God’s white army that prepare the way (red carpet) for the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the new Pentecost. Just as John the Baptist prepared the way, the hearts of the people through the call to repentance, we are preparing the way for the new Pentecost. As hidden victims of love—one with Jesus’ Eucharistic life—we are preparing the hearts of the multitudes by obtaining grace for them through the power of the Cross – the power of suffering as one with Jesus’ sacrifice of love.

     Our mission IS God’s “hidden force”—one with the “hidden force” which IS the Eucharist. Our mission requires great TRUST and LOVE (most especially of the Eucharist) because we must “glory only in the Cross of Jesus Christ” (Galatians 6:14). Our JOY and GREATEST DESIRE must be to be unnoticed, unwanted, unappreciated, forgotten, ignored, misunderstood, ridiculed, humiliated, abandoned, rejected, mocked as Jesus in the Eucharist. Our humility, purity, and simplicity are in being NOTHING—the anawims. Therefore, every MC and MOC must ALLOW the Holy Spirit with Mary to purify our desires to be noticed, wanted, sought after, important, successful… Few desire such a mission of life, but what glory awaits the very few that respond!




The Tabernacle door would not open during the LC covenant Mass in Colombia

     El sacerdote partió su hostia en 33 pedacitos para que todos comulgaran. Jesus explained:

     It was a sign from Heaven of what is to come. You will look for Me in the tabernacles of the world, but they will be shut; I no longer will be there. One Host fed 33 souls. 33 represents Me, My life on earth. At the age of 33, the end of My earthly life, I shed My Blood for you; I am the sacrifice of Love, the sacrifice of God’s New Covenant with His people. The triumph of My Eucharistic Life is at hand. You (meaning plural) are My participants in this triumph—one Host, one Body—no longer two but one in My sacrifice of love. Prepare your hearts and minds to shed your blood as ONE sacrifice for the renewal of the world. Seven chalices represent My souls who have allowed Me to empty them and purify them so that they now become God’s pure instruments to purify the world. The doors of My mercy are closing. The fury of Satan will be let loose for a short time, but My living hosts will pierce this darkness and usher in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother with a new Pentecost. Prepare by living as one Body with Me, and you will be in perfect peace during the time of great darkness.



I will make Myself known to every soul

     During prayer, our Lord asked me to read Mathew 14:26:

But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear.


     Then Jesus spoke these words:

     I am coming in an unexpected way at an unexpected time. It will be during the time of great suffering. My people will be in panic, terrified. I will come, sent by God, to make myself known to every soul. Many will panic and remain in disbelief, but others, through the mercy of God and the prayers of My hidden victims of love, will believe and repent. Do not be afraid during the time of terror, for the mercy of God will penetrate the world with His Light. In His Light, all will be revealed; all that is hidden will come to the light; all deception will be exposed; even the demons will be exposed. All will be seen in the Light of God. I need My little victim souls to continue to prepare hearts for this end time of God’s mercy. Persevere in all that I have taught you. Do not be afraid to suffer ALL with Me to prepare the multitudes for this outpouring of God’s grace.





Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico. Given by our Blessed Mother before the midnight Mass:

     Fr Jordi and Fr Ron concelebrated the Midnight Mass on the vigil of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Deacon Edgar was also at the altar. All the MOC and Daniel went, but we had no assigned seats in the Basilica, so we thought we would have to stand outside. To our surprise, through a connection Edgar made with a priest of the Basilica, we ended up sitting almost in front of the altar. This was another gift from our Blessed Mother to our LC community!

     My beloved, I have brought you before me to receive the fullness of the blessing God desires to give you, faithful spouse of my Son Jesus Christ, and to my family of LC. Receive my tears of joy; joy for your fiat united to mine; joy for your faithfulness to live united as One Body to the Holy Sacrifice of my Son. Receive the crown of glory reserved for the martyrs of Christ’s love. Do not be afraid during the time of the great trial that must come upon the world, for I am with you. You have followed me to the altar of sacrifice. It is here in the perfect sacrifice of the Mass that I am forming you as God’s holy warriors of love to fight the final battle. Remain with me in the perfect Sacrifice of my Son, and you will receive the crown of glory. I bless you, my little one, with the kiss of Abba as He seals your heart with the mission given to you for the glory of God and the salvation of many souls.

End of 2016

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