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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2019 ⁓⁓

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The Solitude of My Mother is the supreme union of love

     The Solitude of My Mother is the supreme union of love. That is why, through the power of the Holy Spirit, she is the Mother of mankind, for we are one. La Soledad is the deepest and most perfect union with the sorrows of My Sacred Heart. In this union of pain and love comes forth new life.





My Gift – Suffering of Solitude

     As I listened to all the testimonies in our recent retreats, I entered a profound and intense sorrow. In both groups, very few mentioned the hidden martyrdom of our community. I realized that they all received many graces, and they were very happy to leave with these blessings, yet, we, LC, would be forgotten. Our hidden lives as God’s victim souls will not be remembered and appreciated by these men and women.

     Thinking that my community’s lives as victims will be forgotten moved me to enter the sorrow of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I realized that this is how I, too, have lived my life with Christ and His sacrifice of Victim Love. I have lived receiving graces from Him and forgetting His sacrifice of love for me. I have not lived SOLELY to appreciate and REMEMBER with my every breath God’s martyrdom lived for me.

     Most souls desire to receive something from Jesus, but very few souls live solely to remember and thank Him for His sacrifice of love that continues in the Eucharist. I touched and encountered this “suffering of solitude” in the Heart of my Lord. This was my gift!

     My purpose in life is to live every moment of my life remembering and appreciating the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! This is how I live as His COMPANION OF LOVE!

This experience also moved my heart to greater love and appreciation for the MOC and MC. I am also called to live every day thanking God for all the women and men of our LC Community and their hidden martyrdom of love.

MARCH 2019



I am making all things new

    Lent message

     I am making all things new. Do you think that My death and resurrection were useless and powerless? No, My little one, I am making all things new, yet few believe, they have not come to know Me, My Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit. They live in the deception of Satan’s lies and darkness. Their gods have become money, wealth, power, and self, but the truth is that I am alive in the world, present with all My power and glory, and at the designated time, chosen by our Father, I, united to My faithful remnant of victim souls, will cease the dragon. Many will be lost because their pride kept them from believing in Me, the God of heaven and earth. Persevere in the mission I have entrusted to you.

     I stopped to ask Jesus how He wants me to persevere… So many times, I do not know what to do or say….

     Tell My family (LC) to pray for greater faith to believe in the words I have spoken (I understood His messages to us). If My words remain in your hearts, you will persevere through the many trials predestined for you to suffer for the glory of God and the salvation of countless souls. I desire to see each of you rejoicing ALWAYS, in good times and in bad, because you have come to believe that I am with you. You have come to taste the goodness of the Lord. Joy is the fruit of trust, and therefore, My followers live in praise of God. My witnesses will be known in the world through the light of praise and joy that radiates from your lives. My little ones, believe that amid this darkness, I am making all things new through you, with you, and in you. Proclaim what I have done in you (plural) through The Simple Path I have been leading you in. Go forth and be My disciples of Light, for the Light has already conquered the darkness.




What is a Victim Soul?

     I, Jesus Christ, am a Victim of Pure Love. I am your Victim in order to receive your brokenness, sinfulness, and all your misery. If I had not received all your misery, you would be in a state of total darkness and with no hope of heaven, of the bliss of living in God.

     For you to be a victim means you have chosen to follow Me in My footsteps. You, as victim, have chosen the greater path because only as My victim can you become ONE with Me – “No longer two but one.” This is My Kingdom on Earth because it is the purest essence of love that can be lived on earth.



My Mercy flows from My pierced Heart on the Cross

     The greatest work of the Simple Path is to lead souls into the depth of their own hearts to encounter Me. A soul’s obstacles to Me lie within the heart. My Mercy flows from My pierced Heart on the Cross. Every soul must approach the foot of My Cross with Mary and open their hearts to receive My infinite Mercy through My Most Precious Blood. It is My mercy that leads a soul to follow Me on the path of My Passion. It is My Mercy that reveals to each soul their many patterns of sins and thus brings them to repentance only so that they can be filled with even more of My Mercy.

     Do you understand, My little one? My Mercy is all, active and alive in the world, yet souls do not continue to enter the depth of My Mercy because the grace of all graces, to live consumed in My Mercy, is only reserved for the souls that respond in love to become one with My love crucified. These are the souls who are crucified with Me. These are the souls who die to themselves and, in that process, come to know, taste, and see the goodness of God. These are the souls who not only live consumed in the ocean of God’s Mercy but are transformed in My Mercy and become Mercy. These are the great saints of the end times.



Fear no longer had a hold on them

     The Mystery of the Cross is unveiled to the pure and innocent of heart. Its meaning, with its power and glory, is known and understood by My little ones that approach Me with sincerity and simplicity of heart. Those that allow the Holy Spirit to destroy their plans, expectations, perceptions, and desires enter the Mystery of Divine Love. My apostles at first could not receive the mystery of God’s plan of salvation, which opens the passage to enter into God through His Son, because their desires and expectations kept their minds and hearts concealed from the knowledge of God’s love, but when their expectations and desires were shattered, and their hearts were humbled in grief the Holy Spirit could begin to reveal to them the Mystery of Divine Love found and encountered in the Cross and through the Cross.

     To this day, the Mystery of the Cross continues to be veiled to the majority of people because they are not willing to allow the Spirit to pierce through their pride, control, stubbornness, plans, and self. Continue to enter through the passage I have created for you with the innocence of My little ones, and receive the graces of Abba’s love, protection in maintaining perfect peace, and the joy of the saints who live with perfect faith and hope in the knowledge of Divine Love. Once My apostles received the knowledge of My death and resurrection, they lived in the power of the Holy Spirit amidst great tribulations and darkness. Fear no longer had a hold on them. It is the same for you during these times of tribulations and great darkness—My hidden martyrs of love living in the knowledge of Divine Love through the Mystery of the Cross will shine like bright stars during the darkness of the great persecution. Persevere living as My hidden martyrs of the end times.




His Hidden Martyrs of Divine Love will set the world on fire with a new Pentecost

     Your misery is the essence of who you are. When you live in the awareness of your misery, then your gaze never leaves Me, for then you truly have come to know that you are nothing and capable of nothing good and pure. The essence of your misery is rooted in your ego—your I. Your ego must die like the grain of wheat in order for My life to take root in you. To come to know and live in your misery is the beginning of your death to self. It is the beginning of new life. A Life that begins to be centered in Me and My Will.

     The crucifixion of your desires is difficult and painful but not impossible for the soul who plunges its misery, with trust, in My Mercy. Allow Me to crucify you for the glory of God and the salvation of the world. This force of God—His Hidden Martyrs of Divine Love—will set the world on fire with a new Pentecost that will usher in My Eucharistic Reign with the Immaculate Reign of My Most Holy Mother. Be at peace, My little one, for I am well pleased with you. Do not be afraid but be obedient to My every Word. Go in peace to love one another as I love you.



My communities for the end times must be built on solid ground

     My little one, ___________, live in constant danger of getting up on their two feet and then falling again into independence. Bring them to know their nothingness, their complete dependence on Me, for, without their foundation on true humility, their house will again crumble and fall. My communities for the end times must be built on solid ground –the humility of knowing that you are nothing and can do nothing without Me, for it is God, through His little ones, that constructs and destroys to establish His Kingdom on Earth.



ONENESS is the longing of the Heart of the Father

     I am consuming you with My life. You are My spouse of My Most Precious Blood. My Blood, My little one, is ALL of Me. I desire to possess you completely with Myself. This is the fruit of allowing Me to crucify you. You are My delight, and I long to possess you totally. This ONENESS is the longing of the Heart of the Father, for when you are one with Me, you are one with the Father, and He delights in you as He delights in Me. Live consumed in Me as I possess you. Remain in this grace, My little one.



11/1/19 – All Saints Day

Saints of the end times to fight the great battle

     My little one, the holy saints of God—past, present, and future—are one in God. They are the first fruits as one with Me, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. These souls, at the designated time, will rise to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. These are the souls you are helping to form through The Simple Path to Union I have been leading you through. This formation for the saints of the end times will be blessed and protected by Abba, our Father, who desires to be glorified and loved by all His creation…. God Himself has come to earth through His little mustard seed to form and raise His saints of the end times to fight the great battle. Be at peace, My little one, for God has found favor with you.



God will bless the prayers of His saints

     As I began my Holy Hour, I heard Jesus tell me to open my Bible and read Revelations 8. After I read Rev. 8, He spoke these words:

    My little one, much will have to take place on earth before the establishment of My Eucharistic Reign. You (plural) are My saints of the end times united as one with the holy saints in heaven. Because My saints on earth are united to My sacrifice of love in your abandonment to suffer with Me, your prayers are powerful before the throne of Abba. Know, My little one, that your prayers are continuously before the throne of our Father as pure incense. He delights in your prayers, and He hears the cry of the poor. The poor are not only the poor of body but also the poor of spirit – those who have died to themselves so that I can live in them and through them.

     Much affliction must take place on earth because of the rebelliousness of the human heart, but God, in His infinite mercy and goodness, will bless the prayers of His saints –past, present, and future -- and establish His Kingdom on earth. Be at peace with complete abandonment to the God who loves you and listens to the cry of the poor. Persevere in your own crucifixion for the glory of God and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Go in peace to be My Light in the world.



The Gaze of My mercy is a two-edged sword

     My little one, the gaze of My mercy is a two-edged sword cutting through the darkness of sin in every human heart. The gaze of mercy is the penetrating love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It reveals all that is hidden that must come to the light of your consciousness. This is how a soul is made pure.

     The greatest darkness in the human heart—they do not want to accept Me as their Savior and King… they are unwilling to submit…

     I lost focus and did not write these words correctly but close in meaning.

     The darkness of pride keeps them desiring to be lords of their own lives, to only come to Me in times of distress.

     I want to penetrate the barrier of pride built on the lie that one is going to bring forth My Kingdom through works of the flesh. If the unity of the Trinity, which is Love, does not reign in the human heart, a soul cannot expand My Kingdom. The darkness of the human ego will come to reign.



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