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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2020 ⁓⁓

Other years

MARCH 2020



Time of great mourning but also hope

    I prayed to Jesus, offering Him my heart full of tears with many sorrows. I have been living a profound desolation without feeling the presence of my Lord in His solitude and Mary’s. Then I felt unexpectedly the voice of my Lord who said that my tears drew Him to come to speak to me:

     –Receive My tears as one with Mary’s. The world continues to live detached from God. This state of humanity is what is empowering Satan and all his minions. The darkness is Satan and all his lies. The darkness is his evil that only desires to destroy lives. I shed tears as I continue to watch humanity not turn their gaze toward Me. My little one, the world must be brought to its knees. When they lose everything, then some will turn to Me. This is the time of great mourning but also of hope, for the God of Mercy will intervene and give humanity a last chance to repent. I desire My faithful mustard seed to cry with Me and suffer as one with Me to obtain the graces of repentance for many souls who otherwise will be lost for all eternity. Do not fear, for I am with you.

     You (LC) have found favor with God, and He listens to the cry of your hearts.

Remain faithful to all I have taught you.

Remain faithful to how I have formed you, for the power to defeat Satan and all his principalities is only through Love.

     Remain steadfast as I continue to guide you on the path of total transformation in Me, and you (LC), along with My faithful remnant, will defeat Satan and cast him into hell and usher in My era of peace.

     Remain faithful in living and teaching My Path to the few willing to be transformed into Love.

     Remain to console My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother as the Light of the world is hidden for a certain amount of time. It is now the time I have prepared you to be My light, for I live in you (plural).

     Be at peace as the darkness grows darker, for God will save the world through His little remnant of victim souls. Tell My community to seek Me and find Me hidden in their hearts, for I will reveal, at the designated time, My light through My living hosts. Know that I am pleased with the few who responded to My call for these end times. Know and rejoice that you are counted among the few; therefore, continue to persevere on the path of crucifixion so that the salvation of the world can be fulfilled through you, with you, and in you—My apostles of the end times. I bless you (pl.) with My precious Blood and My Mother’s tears for the fulfillment of My mission.

JUNE 2020



Do not waste time with any frivolity; the decisive battle has begun

     First Saturday, MOC Cenacle

     Jesus spoke these words in my heart to all the MOC:

     The time has come in which the principalities of darkness will consume the earth; the terrible day of the Lord. The demons have no power over you (plural) or My followers. My mothers (MOC) must remember that, during these dark times, your prayers lived with perfect trust in Me have the power to aid in the protection and salvation of many souls otherwise destined for hell. The battle is fierce, but My little one, you hold the Sword of the Spirit. Your hearts purified, emptied, and formed as My victims of pure love, one with My Mother of Sorrows, are the power of God to cast into hell the principalities of death. Give yourselves to prayer and silence as My warriors preparing and saving souls, for the moment of judgment is upon the world. Do not waste time with any frivolity, for the decisive battle has begun. Pray, pray, pray, pray unceasingly, for your prayers, as one with My Mother’s, have great power before the throne of our Father. He hears the cry of the poor.


     My little one, it is I, your Mother. It has been My desire today, on this first Saturday of the month, to adore My Son with you (plural) in (before) this monstrance. It represents the truth of how this great battle will be won and the Kingdom of God established on earth. The Blood of My Son as one with me and the pure blood of the martyrs, through the powerful impulse of the Holy Spirit, will be poured upon the earth bringing forth a new creation. My Son’s Heart (Eucharist) is at the center of the Cross, the chalice representing My Heart, and every soul that unites to My Immaculate Heart at the foot of the Cross becomes one sacrifice of love with the Holy Spirit to the Father. This impulse of Divine Love will cleanse God’s priesthood and purify the face of the earth. Remain little, innocent, pure, simple, recollected, silent, and in continuous prayer with me. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Pray with me for the salvation of the world.


     Confirmation of what our Lord and Mary said to us: St Faustina #625:

     In the evening, when I was praying, the Mother of God told me, ‘your lives must be like Mine: quiet and hidden, in unceasing union with God, pleading for humanity and preparing the world for the second coming of God.




Your tears have the power to move mountains

     I desire something new, a new creation, men and women redeemed through My precious Blood: new men and new women for the establishment of My Kingdom on earth. Do not be discouraged or sad, My little one, for you are participating with God to bring forth this new creation. Persevere in love. Continue to help souls enter My Path of conversion, and God will bless your faithfulness abundantly, beyond anything you can imagine. Know your tears before the throne of our Father have the power to move mountains. Go in peace, believing that the world is being made new.




Martyrs of My Divine Love save the world from utter destruction

     You are My beloved spouse of My Most Precious Blood. It is My Blood that refreshes the soul and brings forth new life in the Spirit. My little one, My Blood poured out for mankind, has been trampled on. It has not been received as My gift of Myself to humanity. At every Mass, My Blood is present to you (pl.) to receive into your own hearts. This Blood is the power of My love for you (pl.). This Blood is sacred, for it is the Blood of the Lamb of God who voluntarily laid down His life for you (pl) so that you can be free. Yet My Blood has not been received.

     Your tears are one with My tears and Mary’s, for the wrath of God is upon the earth. My Blood saves, restores, heals, and brings forth new life. Yet the world has chosen to give their good God the blood of the most innocent, My little ones in the wombs of their mothers, and the blood of the slaughtered innocent ones on the streets of the world. This is the blood of Satan, the blood of evil.*  You have been chosen by the Father to bring God the blood of My martyrs of love, the bloodshed with tears of pure love as one with Me. This blood, hidden from the world, has the power to cast out evil and usher in the reign of peace. Continue to unite these pure martyrs of My Divine Love to save the world from utter destruction.

     *(The bloodshed is evil caused by Satan, as in the slaughter of the innocent by Herod).





Jesus to LC Community

     My little ones, you must believe that I am making all things new. You are My little ones – insignificant, yet you are becoming My radiance of pure love in the world. The darkness of evil will not prevail over the love of God. My crucified love will pierce this darkness, and you are becoming one with My crucified love if you remain faithful to live the Path I am guiding you in. This Path is the transformation of the new men and women of the Kingdom of God. Remain steadfast in living all that I tell you, and you each will (become) My saints of these end times, fighting this decisive battle and conquering with Me. Do not be afraid but believe in all that I have revealed to you. Go in peace and know that I am with you. Persevere in love.



Participation in Divine Love can only be lived in the silence and hiddenness of your heart

     Receive My outpouring of love and joy, my little one, for you have received into your heart the mystery of God's suffering for humanity. To receive the mystery of My suffering for love is to receive the mystery of who God is. The perfect communion of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is love; the mystery of a love that sacrifices all for love, the mystery of a love that suffers all for love.

     My suffering on earth was silent and hidden – in the stable in Bethlehem, in the hidden journey to Egypt, in the hidden years living in Egypt, in the hidden years in Nazareth, in My hidden suffering for 40 days in the desert, in the hidden suffering of My Heart during My public life, in My hidden sufferings in the Mount of Olives, in My hidden agony in the prison dungeon.       The Mystery of the Cross is revealed in My Sacred Heart. The mystery of God's suffering for love can only be found in My Heart; it can only be known in the communion of hearts as revealed in the Two Hearts- the Heart of Mary and Mine. Participation in the Mystery of Divine Love can only be lived in the silence and hiddenness of your heart, love in sorrow unknown to the world and only known by God. The mystery of My death and Resurrection is reserved for those that journey into the deep of their own hearts to encounter My Heart.





Believe that your sorrows of heart lived as one with Me are redeeming the world.

     The world does not want to contemplate the God of Sorrow, the God in agony. Yet, here is revealed the love of God. My suffering continues, My little one. I continue to suffer for every soul that does not know Me. The human heart has received the emptiness of the world and has therefore rejected Me. But believe, My little one, that through My suffering, I am making all things new. Believe in the God who continues to suffer for mankind solely because He is Love. Believe that your sorrows of heart lived as one with Me are redeeming the world.

     –I cannot explain this truth of God's continued suffering for the world, but in my heart, I believe. How can I not believe in my God, who continues to suffer His agony in the Eucharist solely because of His love for us? How can I think His suffering is useless and powerless? I choose to remain suffering the sorrows of my maternal heart with my Lord, believing that we are making all things new. The joy of Christmas is found only in the truth revealed in the Mystery of the Cross.



A new dawn for My Church and the world

     My little one, My passion has begun again for My Body, the Church. It is a time of intense silence and suffering. My Body, too, will be stripped of all her earthly glory. She, too, will be made naked before the world. Her members living the passion as one with Me, her Head, will obtain My Body's sanctification. Her glory will shine like the radiance of the sun through the purity of its few victims of love, and these few, united as one in My sacrifice of love, will usher in the new dawn for My Church and world. Know that I have found favor with you and my little mustard seed of Love Crucified. Persevere in My Love crucified.

     As the Lord was placing these words in my heart, I felt that the Church had entered a new time and ministry, as we’ve known it, will change. Just as Christ’s ministry on earth changed the moment His Passion began, so will the Church’s. We each are now being called with Christ and Mary to enter “intense silence” so that we can be focused and suffer all through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ. We must live now the Silence of The Passion.

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