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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times.

⁓⁓ 2021 ⁓⁓

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Aspire to be Poor in the World

     My ways are not the ways of the world. Meditate on My life and the life of the Holy Family. We were rich in the graces of ABBA, our Father but always poor in the things of this world. You cannot aspire in your hearts for both; that is why to follow Me, you must leave everything. You must aspire to be poor in the world and rich in virtue.



 Chastity Brings Forth Filial Love

     God is Spirit- one God in Spirit, in Truth, in Love. I live in the Father; the Father lives in Me; we live in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit lives in us- one in Love and Communion.

     Man was created in God's image and likeness. Man from the beginning was created to know God and to live in intimate communion with Him. What Adam and Eve lacked in the garden was complete communion with God in Spirit. God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, did not yet live in them as one with them- total communion of Love. Their sin against God closed the door for the fulfillment of God's desire for man. It is man who closed the door, not God, for God so loved man. The darkness of Satan now enters the purity of the heart of man created in God's image and likeness. Yet, ABBA does not abandon man to Satan. ABBA sheds tears for man's original fall and, in time, sends Me, His only beloved begotten Son, to the world. It is now through My perfect sacrifice of love, which is the perfect sacrifice of all three Persons of the Trinity, that perfect unity with God becomes possible again. Now, through the power of My Eucharistic life, which is one with My sacrifice of love, you can be restored in the image and likeness of God, and we, in Spirit, in Truth, and in Love, can possess the human person to live in Love and Communion.  This is the gift of Redemption- the gift of God's love.

     Chastity is the perfect integration of the human body with the Spirit of God; therefore, chastity brings forth filial love, which is expressed on earth through perfect obedience (to God's Will).



I cry with you

     My heart is sorrowful at seeing the condition of the hearts of our people. My daughter, I give every soul countless opportunities to turn their gaze towards Me, yet in their busyness, they don't stop to look. My gaze is upon you, My little one. I see your pain and sorrows of heart. I cry with you, My beloved, for we truly are one heart. Know that this piercing of today suffered with patience, trust, and abandonment will produce healing in the heart of our daughter and liberation for her family. Suffer, as you are doing, united to Me in My passion. 

MARCH 2021



I have found the Pearl of great value- poverty. 

     Jesus Christ, my God, becomes poor. The perfect expression of His poverty is His obedience unto the Cross. He was crucified naked, the ultimate expression of His poverty. He voluntarily allows Himself to be stripped of all His glory and power. The poverty of His nakedness reveals my pride, vanity, sensuality, self-love…

     When the treasured pearl of poverty is found in Jesus crucified, I must be willing to sell everything to possess this Pearl. I must allow and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to strip me of everything that is mine - material things as well as the more difficult interior things: desires, expectations, securities (worldly as well as talents…), opinions, plans, reputation, knowledge, a total abasement. This can only happen through the burning flame of the Holy Spirit. I become God's candle, and when the Spirit is stirred within my soul through my “Fiat” to be His victim soul, His flame begins to burn, and I begin to melt little by little. When the Spirit has melted me completely, I become one with Poverty- Jesus crucified.

     Why is poverty the most treasured Pearl?

     Through poverty, the soul becomes adorned in the radiant purity of all the virtues. Through poverty, her nakedness becomes clothed in God, in His Light! I have fallen in love with poverty!



Calm Dignity

     The time is quickly approaching when you will be judged as My followers. Do not be afraid, My little one, for I have walked this path before you. You, too, will approach your persecutors with “calm dignity.” The time draws near for the great sifting of mankind. All will have to choose to believe and follow Me or forsake Me and walk away. The few that remain faithful to their God and Savior will usher in the Eucharistic Reign of My Kingdom, but before this takes place, much blood will be shed.

     My little one, prepare My mustard seed for the great shake-up so that my remnant of followers can give Me testimony through their calm dignity amidst great adversity. Know that I am with you, guiding you and filling you with My life. Continue to persevere as My prophet of these end times. Go in peace, beloved of My Heart.


APRIL 2021


4/1/21 – Holy Thursday Night

I obtained a new and divine holiness for humanity

      I am making all things new through My Sacred Blood poured out for you (pl). I came to the world sent by My Father to redeem you(pl) and make you whole in His image and likeness. My little one, I had to suffer your brokenness by allowing My Body to be broken for you. I obtained your healing and new life by voluntarily accepting your brokenness. I obtained a new and divine holiness for humanity through My death and resurrection, but humanity, in large part, has chosen to remain in the brokenness of sin.

      My little one, believe that My passion on the Cross and My interior crucifixion has obtained a new world order, not the order of Satan’s destruction, but the order of Divine Love lived in God’s Will.



The era of the Holy Spirit is approaching

     The Holy Spirit is not known yet, but the era of the Holy Spirit is approaching. He is one with the Incarnation of Jesus on earth. The Incarnation takes place through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and Son; they are inseparable. When Jesus is Incarnated in Mary's womb, the Holy Spirit is present as one in Christ. It is through the Incarnation that Mary receives the fullness of the Trinity. She is the first to live the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The Incarnation of Jesus brings the mystical incarnation of the Trinity on earth. This reality of the Holy Spirit is still not known, yet it is the reality that God's saints of the end times will live in order to usher into the world the Kingdom of God. Believe in all that has been spoken to you even though you do not have the capacity to understand. Go in peace.


The Father’s Will for me

     In John 6:39, Jesus clearly expresses the Will of the Father:

      And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day.


     This, too, is the Father's Will for me: to receive all the souls He has given me into my heart and bring them into Jesus crucified, through my union of victim as one with The Victim, for them to be raised up in Christ to eternal life. I choose to voluntarily participate as God's little insignificant victim soul in the perfect love of Jesus crucified as His body to fulfill the Will of the Father for humanity. 



I am alive and present in every human suffering

     You are feeling the weight of My sorrows for humanity. Love is not known. Love is not loved. I am the way to learn how to love according to God's Will. If every soul kept their gaze on Me as they suffer, they would learn to love the way I have loved them. A love full of compassionate mercy and patience. A love slow to anger and rich in kindness. A love that cries with each soul as I suffer with every soul. I desire every soul to find Me and encounter Me in their personal suffering. I am alive and present in every human suffering.

     My daughter, thank Me continuously. Remain with Me as I allow you to suffer with Me for souls. Suffering on earth becomes God’s opportunity (for us) to encounter the living God, for God became man to receive the suffering of men upon Himself in order to grant them the gift of new life. Teach every soul how to gaze upon Me in their suffering to encounter Love. There is no other way to love Me as I have loved you(pl). Turn their gaze towards Me, the Suffering Servant.

MAY 2021


5/13/21 – Our Lady of Fatima

MOC as “white linen”

     The Dolorous Passion, p.225

I saw Mary and Mary Magdalen approach the pillar where Jesus had been scourged. They knelt down on the ground near the pillar and wiped up the Sacred Blood with the linen which Claudia Procles had sent. John was not with the holy women, who were about 20 in number.


     The Blood of Christ is His life poured out for every soul, yet, many do not receive His Blood into their hearts because they lack gratitude and do not long for the Eucharist — His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. His Blood spilled on the ground represents all the hardened hearts unwilling and incapable of receiving the gift of His Blood, the gift of redemption.

     God the Father will not permit the Blood of His beloved Son to be trampled; therefore, He gave the feminine maternal heart the receptivity and sensitivity of the Heart of God. Mary gathers the women willing to learn from her to soak up Christ’s Blood on the ground. In this special task of passionate love, we become the white linen cloth representing the purity of the pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

     With Mary, we receive into our hearts the ungratefulness, rejection, harshness, arrogance… of broken and wounded souls. We suffer and intercede in reparation for them and to honor, console and praise God. We live as the white cloth, as one with our Mother of Sorrows, in the silence of remaining in the pain of our sorrows as one with Christ.

     In the Gospel story of the rich young man, Jesus suffers, but He doesn't insist. He gazes at the young man with mercy, compassion, and kindness and lets him walk away. This is how I, too, must love my territory of souls.



Participate in the oneness of the Trinity by participating in Jesus’ sacrifice to the Father

     Jesus consecrates Himself for us, meaning He sacrifices Himself to the Father for us. This perfect consecration of Jesus opens the curtain so that we can participate in the oneness of the Trinity. Yet, this entering into the unity of God is only possible if we, as the Body of Christ, voluntarily choose, for love of God, to participate in His consecration which is His sacrifice. Only through, with, and in Jesus crucified can we enter the inner chamber, which is the Heart of Christ, to live in the embrace of the Father with the Holy Spirit.

JUNE 2021



Cultivated in patient suffering

     There are few hearts docile, humble, pure, cultivated in patient suffering, and open to receive My gift of infinite mercy and love. This Heart which has loved you so much is not loved… –#90, Path, p.246

     Not only does patient suffering prepare my heart to receive the seeds of God's graces so that He can grow abundantly in me, but I also, as a victim soul, am called to patiently suffer the disorders and sins of others to help prepare their hearts to receive God's mercy and love.

     I am called to receive the fear in the hearts of so many people in my life and not judge them but silently suffer patiently for them… Fear darkens reason and paralyzes us.


     Mark 4:35 “Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?”


Faith is needed to live in the power of God

     I desire for you to know the sorrows of your Beloved. The sorrows of the heart are only revealed to the person closest to us, the one that loves us and to whom we can trust ourselves. Therefore, it is to you that I reveal the depths of My Heart. My sorrows overflow from My Heart as an overflowing stream. My Heart cries for a lost humanity. I seek hearts that know Me and love Me, but I find very few. The deception of Satan has darkened the human heart and mind. My little one, trust in My goodness, trust in My mercy, trust that God is working to pierce the darkness of Satan consuming the minds and hearts of humanity.

     You, my little one, and the few following My Simple Path to Union With God are God's force to defeat Satan and pierce the darkness of his destruction in souls. Your faith is needed to live in the power of God. Encourage the few following My Path to ponder in prayer My Words. They will set you free; they will reveal My Way, which will set you free to be My light in this darkness. Remain in My peace and joy because you have come to believe in My Words spoken to you. Follow the Simple Way I have laid out for you for these dark times, and you will not go astray. Believe, my little one, believe.

     After the Lord gave me His words, I read today's reading on the faith of Abram, who believed in what seemed impossible.


     Genesis 15

"Fear not, Abram! I am your shield; I will make your reward very great." Abram was still childless, and the Lord makes this promise to him: "Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can. Just so shall your descendants be." Abraham put his faith in the Lord.


Much of the earth will be destroyed, like Sodom and Gomorrah

     The Lord asked me to continue reading the scriptures on Abraham, so I continued reading Genesis 18. Then, the Lord said:

     Much of the earth, My little one, will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah, but not all, there will remain My remnant of faithful souls. Do not be afraid, for God is with you, guiding you and protecting you. You, like Abraham, have found favor with God. From this great purification will come forth a new earth.

     –I stopped writing to pray, asking my Lord to protect me from myself or Satan with these words; asking my God how can He destroy whole nations with so many people.

     –My little one, trust in God's goodness and mercy, for His ways are perfect. The time draws near, my little one, please remain attentive daily to Me, for we are making all things new according to God's plan. Be still, be silent, be attentive to the voice of your God, who is guiding and forming you.


JULY 2021

7/13/21 – Feast of Rosa Mystica

Mary calls you as a mother to participate in her motherhood for souls

     Yes, today is the feast of Rosa Mystica. Mary lives as a creature possessed by God and in His perfect Will. As one with My mission, she participates in the redemption of the world. She lives and participates in the perfect plan of God for the salvation of the world. She is all holy as God is holy. She lives gazing at the goodness of the Father as one with Me in the fire of the Holy Spirit. She now lives in heaven in the continued mission of God on earth, obtaining many graces for souls through her powerful intercession as Mother. She calls you as a mother to participate in her motherhood for souls.

     Like Mary, you, too, have been chosen by our Father to live on earth in the ecstasy of Divine Love to help bring forth God's plan of salvation. He delights in your goodness and simplicity of heart. He delights in your love of Me and in your courage to walk in obedience to My Will. He will bring forth a nation of men and women who live to adore Him and glorify Him in Spirit, Truth, and Love.

     Do not be afraid, My little one, for God is making a new earth as it is in heaven. The consuming union of love in the Most Holy Trinity brings forth new life. Be at peace and attentive to Me. I am guiding you.


Perfect Obedience to the will of God 

     From Mary:

     My little one, you have been given a mission from the Father through the Son. Now you are being given a greater portion of the Holy Spirit through me, with me, and in me, so that God's mission in you can be completed. I have been with you from the beginning (I had an immediate flashback of my life, seeing my mother's Marian consecration, praying the rosary…), protecting, guiding, forming, and dressing you to become the spouse of my beloved Son. You have much to suffer yet to complete God's mission in you. But as you allow the Holy Spirit to possess your will united as one with me, your Mother, through perfect obedience to the Will of God, love will triumph, and it is I, the Immaculate, and the Holy Spirit that will triumph. Thus, the reign of my Immaculate Heart and the new Pentecost will be fulfilled in you, and God's mission will expand its fruitfulness.

     My little one, only love can win this battle and bring forth the fulfillment of the triumph of my Son's death and resurrection. Only purified love in the fire of the Most Holy Trinity can and will pierce Satan and cast him into hell with all his dominions…. I am drawing you into my Immaculate Heart to be consumed in the fire of the Holy Spirit, my Spouse. Your perfect act of obedience and abandonment to God's Will will shower sanctifying grace upon Love Crucified and the world. Sin came about through disobedience rooted in pride; salvation comes about through perfect obedience rooted in humility and filial love.



Great sifting has begun

     My little one, be attentive to the God who loves you and is guiding you through this tempest. My little one, encourage My little mustard seed to enter great silence and stillness of heart with Mary so that I can guide all my souls. Many will be lost because they failed to trust in Me and turned their gaze to the deception of Satan that speaks through the mighty of this world. The time of the great sifting* has begun, do not be afraid, for I am with you, guiding you, but all will suffer greatly. Few will remain faithful in the time of the great sifting, but with My few, I will establish My Kingdom on earth… Do not be afraid, for God is with you.

     *Sift, Cf. Lk 22:31, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat."



Remain in deep silence

     –Jesus explained that all has been set in motion. Many souls will die, and nations will be brought to ruins.

     –I asked, "how can this be?"

     –Jesus explained that God's love has given us free will. This destruction is not coming from God but from man. Yet, God will not abandon humanity. He hears the cry of the poor. Those are us, LC. He will establish his Kingdom on earth. To live in union with Mary, I must remain in deep silence, focused continuously on the goodness of God, not on the darkness and devastation.



To live in the silence of Mary

     I am called to live in the silence of Mary. It's a silence of living in union with God. A silence that is continuous prayer. A silence that is fully focused, attentive to each moment, to each person and situation. A silence of contemplation and interior work. The work of living as Christ’s white linen soaking up His precious Blood discarded by souls.

     Useless speech or activity can move me out of this silence of union.

     –In the Holy Spirit, you possess Me and the Father as One. The Spirit now lives in you, and you in Him. You are ONE. This divine dimension is SILENCE. When you enter this divine union in silence, you must be careful to nurture it; careless speech and careless activity can bring the soul out of this divine dimension of silence. –Path #101


Feast of the Assumption, my consecration to Mary and the Holy Spirit

     My little one, as one with the Mother of God, the Woman clothed with the sun given the power from on High to crush the head of Satan, the great battle for the salvation of the world has begun. My remnant victim souls united as one with Me, Victim, with all the past victim souls and those of the future will battle the Beast in and through the power of My Cross. Persevere, My little one, in leading the few who have responded. Be ready to suffer with Me in this decisive battle for the salvation of countless souls. Stand firm against the great deception of Satan; speak the truth as it is revealed to you with courage, and be steadfast in your mission and identity as My spouse of My most precious Blood. Be joyful, for you have come to believe in the victory which I have obtained through My death and resurrection. Be diligent in withstanding his lies and deception. Trust that I live in you as one with you, and I am guiding you as My warrior in this decisive battle.

     –"My Lord, how do I guide this community? What do you want?"

     –...Do not be afraid, for God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is truly with you guiding his remnant army in the great battle against the forces of evil. Continue to proclaim from the housetops the words I have spoken to you throughout the years, for they hold the wisdom of God for the salvation of the world. Your union now with Mary, as one with the Holy Spirit, prepares you to confront Satan and his principalities in her victory, for she is the Queen Mother that has defeated the dragon in her perfect union with Me, her beloved Son. It is through her power in the Holy Spirit that you will fight the great battle. Remain in prayer and silence so that nothing disturbs your spirit as one with Me, your Beloved. Rejoice, my daughter, you are being counted among the remnant victim warriors of God's great army. Go in peace to love through Me, with Me, and in Me as one with Mary Most Holy. The battle has been won!




Persevere in the work of waiting with expectant faith!

     I read the message from 3/9/9: You need to empty yourselves, being the nothing that you are, pure and empty, so that you can be filled with my living grace.

     I prayed, “what do I now need to be emptied of?”

     I felt my impatience, but my impatience comes from my desire to want others to respond with zeal knowing the great danger we are now in. Yet, they don't respond, at least to my desires and expectations.

     I need to wait with the patience of the Father depicted in the painting of Rembrandt, The Return of the Prodigal Son; a waiting that is emptying me and, at the same time, consuming me; a painful waiting that is a slow death to self.

     My battle for souls is my willingness to wait in ABBA through Jesus crucified and His long waiting in the Eucharist. It is the most intimate participation in the Divine Love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for humanity. It is the perfection of the interior martyrdom lived solely for Love.

     My insisting and pushing stop, and I accept and live in my powerlessness, abandoned in God's eternal waiting, trusting only in His goodness and mercy.

     Persevere in the work of waiting with expectant faith!

     Jesus tells Peter, "put out in deep water and lower your net for a catch.” Peter was hesitant because he had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. After the miracle, Jesus said, “do not be afraid; from now on, you will be catching men." Lk 5:4–11.

     Only God brings forth the miracle. Only God can bring forth the conversion of men. Peter had to do one thing: to listen and obey Christ. Peter's expertise, knowledge, and intelligence did not catch the fish.

     I often want to make things happen with my knowledge and experience, so I insist and push, but the “catch” does not come forth. Faith requires that I continue doing what the Lord tells me to do and then wait for Him to perform the miracle of the conversion and deliverance of men. Sometimes the miracle happens immediately, but most of the time, it comes about through the process of long waiting, and this, too, Peter had to learn.

     The long waiting brings me face to face with my powerlessness, and my nothingness, and if I keep my gaze on Christ, my faith is strengthened through the knowledge of His goodness, majesty, and power.


I (Mary) will obtain for you all the graces you will need


     My little one, the time has come when the forces of evil will knock at the door of your hearts. You will have to choose to abide or resist. Resistance will not be tolerated. My Son's true followers will be taken. Be prepared for this time of great suffering. I will always remain with you to provide for you all the graces you will need to persevere in faithfulness.

     –"My mother, how can we be prepared for such great suffering?"

     –God has given me his power to crush Satan and all his principalities. I will obtain for you all the graces you will need; therefore, remain in my Immaculate Heart as one with the Holy Spirit. Rejoice, my little one, for this small army of little victim souls will win with me God's great battle for humanity. Work hard every day to remain in my Son's peace. I am with you guiding my little remnant.


I reveal to you the triumph in advance – Feast of Padre Pio

     Jesus asked me to read Rev 15.

     You, My beloved one, are My witness. It is I who will clothe you in the white garment of purity and place the golden sash of triumph upon you. You, along with all My victim souls who persevere till the end, will be My witnesses, bringing all glory and honor to God. I reveal to you the triumph in advance so that you (plural) will have the courage to persevere through the time of the great chastisement. Few will persevere but know that you are among the few who will be adorned in the gown of triumph. Believe, My little one, believe, for you are weak and miserable, but I am with you always, for I have taken My abode in your heart. It is I and Mary, our Queen Mother, who will provide all the graces of perseverance that you need. On your part, remain daily in My peace through prayer and silence.


9/29/21 – Feast of the Archangels

Jesus to the Missionaries of the Cross

     Believe that I am making all things new. Believe I have chosen you (MC) to fight the great decisive battle alongside Saint Michael. Believe you have found favor with God, not because of your human intelligence, nor any of your works, but because each of you responded simply to be My victim souls. Now has come the time of the great sifting; your fiats to be My victim souls will be tested in a way that you have not yet been tested. You must persevere in prayer and silence so that the many voices of the world do not cloud your conscience. In silence, attentive to My voice, I will convict you of truth. Always choose good and never evil. Trust that I am guiding you. Be ready to suffer greatly with Me. I responded in trust and abandonment to My Father, and I suffered crucifixion. This was My Father's Will, for He is Love. I was ready to suffer all in obedience to His perfect Will because of love of Him and you. You are My Body; will you be obedient to My Will, which is the Will of our Father to make all things new? You must be willing to suffer greatly as one with Me for the salvation of many, and you, too, will receive the crown of glory. Persevere in remembering who you are and what I have spoken to you as My Missionaries of the Cross. Go in peace and love to do My Holy Will without fear.




10/5/21 – Feast of St. Faustina


     My little one, Revelation 14 is being completed. I am the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, but men chose to remain in the pit of their own darkness. You allowed me to lift you out of the pit of your darkness through the power of My Cross. You grabbed the lifeline that was being extended to you, and you received new life in Me. The time of justice has begun for all who did not extend their hands to receive the gift of My Mercy during a time of prosperity. Now begins the time of destruction. Everything will collapse, all worldly securities will be lost, and then God's last act of Divine Mercy will be given to humanity through the grace of the light of His Illumination. Every soul will see good and evil within themselves and outside of themselves and will have to choose to turn their lives to God or remain in the darkness of Satan and his dominions. Then begins the great battle between the defined forces of evil and those who have chosen to believe in the One sent by God the Father into the world. This great battle will bring forth the persecution of all My followers. This will be the great outpouring of the blood of My martyrs. With the few who remain faithful till the end of the designated time, God will defeat Satan through Mary and My victim souls.


2nd Nail – Unitive State- Obedience

     The unitive state is when the soul begins to live in God's will. She has persevered through the first nail of dying to her desires, expectations, plans, and attachments. She has persevered in denying herself. She continues to persevere in prayer and silence with the eyes of her soul gazing at My love crucified. She has climbed the steps of poverty and chastity and has arrived at obedience. Obedience is the virtue needed and perfected in the unitive state; for now, the soul lives solely to do the will of the Father regardless of what it will cost her, for when a soul lives solely in My Will, she will experience much suffering in the world, for the ways of the world and the ways of God oppose one another. She now rejoices in misunderstanding, humiliations, criticisms, persecutions, loss of friendships… for her only desire has become My Cross solely for love of Me.


A new era of God's divine love will flourish on earth

     You have become My follower in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. You are My faithful spouse who has chosen to remain with Me as one with My Mother of Sorrows in the passion of My Body, the Church. Many have abandoned Me, and many more will continue to desert Me. The words of Scripture are being fulfilled, “and when I return will I find any faith left?” (Lk 18:8) Yes, I will, My little one, I will find My faithful remnant. They will be very few, but they will radiate the light of God, for they have been purified in My precious Blood and endured the time of the great persecution. Then, this remnant will be united as one with my Mother and all My martyrs of pure love to cast into hell Satan with all his minions, and a new era of God's divine love will flourish on earth. God, in his immense goodness, has allowed you to taste the goodness of this new life on earth as it is in heaven. Now, my little one, persevere with faith, hope, and love during the time of trial that you have begun to experience, for this delights the Heart of God. I love you, My little one, and I bless you with My tender kiss. Go in My peace to live this day in My joy.


New Springtime

     In the afternoon, Jesus spoke again:

     My little one, you are living in the sorrows of the Man-God. I weep before the throne of our Father, for humanity has turned away from God. The justice of ABBA, Father, must come upon the world, for He is love. Can a father love his children without disciplining them? Justice and love are one. I cry, for the world will suffer greatly during the great shake-up. During My passion, some converted, and the majority remained in the hardness of their hearts. The same will take place again, yet the world is now being prepared for a new springtime. A time of peace in which God will be glorified by all nations. You, My little one, and the few victim souls united to Me, and My Mother are preparing the way for this springtime. Rejoice, My little one, for you have found favor with God.





Satan will attempt to destroy you and My community of Love Crucified

     My little one, be attentive to the signs of the times. You are in great danger. Satan will attempt to destroy you and My community of Love Crucified. You must remain in deep silence so that I can guide you in these perilous times. Unite My community at the foot of the Cross with Mary. Only the Holy Spirit can set you on fire as a burning oblation of sweet incense to the Father. This burnt and holy sacrifice will be received and blessed by the Father to aid the world during these dark times. ...It is a time of seclusion in prayer and silence with Mary, preparing the world for the new Pentecost.



You have been given the gold coin of My Simple Path to Union with Me

     Jesus, after I read Lk 19:11-28 (gold coins)

     My little one, you have been given the gold coin of My Simple Path to Union with Me. This is a very valuable coin because it contains the mystery of Divine Love found in and through the Cross. You have invested this coin through your dedication to years of teaching and living My Path. You have shown great courage in proclaiming My Words, but few, My little one, have received this treasure, for they are steeped in self-love. Remain faithful to investing the coin of priceless value God has given you… Continue to proceed with the courage and zeal that you possess through the power of the Spirit that lives in you. Do not be afraid to speak the truth of the darkness of Satan consuming the earth. Do not be afraid to confront this evil with the truth you possess. Trust that I am with you guiding your every step. Remain in prayer and silence, and you will continue to hear My voice and discern My Will. Live this day in perfect peace and joy because you have come to taste the goodness of the Lord. Know that I am well pleased with you. Fight with the manly courage you possess, and do not be afraid.


My Kingdom will be established through the power of My little ones

     God the Father:

     I, the God of heaven and earth, will destroy all the enemies of God through My little ones that possess the strength of perfect faith in God Almighty. I, from the beginning of time, have used my little ones to confound the mighty ones of the world. It will not be different in the great decisive battle that has now begun. I, the God of heaven and earth, have been preparing My army for the great battle that will cleanse My Sanctuary and the world and bring forth My Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Rejoice, for My little mustard seed is part of My great army. Have courage because you, too, have come to believe in the God who loves you and sent his only begotten Son to be a holy sacrifice for you. My Kingdom will be established through the power of My little ones who have joined themselves to the perfect and holy sacrifice of My Son. The faith of My pure victims of love past, present, and future are God's power that will defeat the enemies of God and usher in My Kingdom of Divine Love. Trust in all that has been spoken to you and continue to share these messages with the few willing to receive them. The ways of God are not the ways of the world.



Feast of Christ the King

     Today, the Church celebrates Christ the King. I told Pilate that My Kingdom is not of this world. My Kingdom is in heaven in perfect communion with My Father and the Spirit and with all the angels and Saints. My Kingdom is love, a love of total giving of self to the other and of total receptivity from the other. This giving and receiving of pure, undefiled love is God. My Kingdom belongs to every soul that enters this communion of love (God) through My Cross. The path to enter this Kingdom is My Love crucified. As your crucified King, wearing My crown of thorns, clothed in the wounds of humanity, and covered in the Blood of My royal (priesthood), I revealed to you (humanity) the way into my Kingdom in heaven. Only the souls that adore Me as their crucified King and who desire to enter and live as one with Me on earth in My Love crucified will live My Kingdom in heaven on earth. Union with the crucified King is the only path to communion in the Trinity on earth. This is the Kingdom I came to establish on earth. Persevere during the time of great devastation, and you will live My Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

     –I asked the Lord how to persevere specifically with the issues of the vaccine and mandates…

     –Many have received the vaccine to avoid suffering, others because they are clinging to their many attachments, others out of ignorance, but the majority because they did not seriously seek My Will and allowed themselves to be swept away by the many forces of Satan's temptations. Fear in the hearts of the multitude has come to the light. This fear reveals the lack of love for Me in the hearts of the vast majority of souls, a love rooted in humility, intimacy, purity, abandonment, trust, and selflessness; therefore, the thief came unexpectedly and was able to enter their homes (hearts) and darken their souls to not recognize the signs of the times. Few, My little one, will persevere during this time of total darkness, which God is permitting as his justice. Remain in silence and prayer, and you, along with my faithful remnant, will participate with Me in establishing My Kingdom on earth. Do not cave in, under any circumstance, to Satan's deception.

     –"How about priests in order to minister the sacraments?"

     –Did Peter and Paul follow the orders of the religious heads when they were told to stop preaching My Way? My priests can never join forces with Satan's evil to justify their ministry. They, too, must persevere as one with Me in my crucifixion during the time of great darkness. They, too, must be willing to suffer the injustice of being stripped of their faculties as I was stripped of all My glory, and this union of suffering with Me, the crucified King, will bring forth My purified Church. My little one, as a mother with Mary and My spouse, you have the responsibility to help many persevere during the time of great darkness by speaking and living in My truth. Do not hesitate to share these words. Go in peace to live the truth of who you are as one with Me, your crucified King.


     John 18:37

     Jesus answered: "You say I am king, for this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice."




Persevere till the end, and you will witness the heavenly Jerusalem established on earth

     My precious one, you will be sent out to speak the truth of My Kingdom that is being established on earth, and you will speak the truth of Satan’s Kingdom of destruction, yet few will listen, few will follow you. Be prepared for a difficult walk through the strenuous path of My passion. You will experience My solitude, exhaustion, interior struggles, the fury of Satan and his principalities, betrayal by My Church, and in the end, martyrdom with Me, your Beloved. Know, My little one, that you are not alone, I am with you and the few that will remain faithful, walking My narrow path with you. Persevere till the end, and you will witness the heavenly Jerusalem established on earth for the glory of God, and you will rejoice at My right side with the 144,000 who endured, for love of Me, to the end. Go in peace in the perfect knowledge that I am one with you.

12/8/21 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Message from the Immaculate to LC

     My little ones, I, your Mother, am receiving your consecration as my beloved children. It is I who desired for you to make this consecration through the gift of Saint Maximilian’s writings on the mystery of who I am, created by God for His Son, as one in perfect union with the Holy Spirit. You have received the gift of entering into the mystery of what God has done with me, a humble handmaid of the Lord, so that each of you can receive the gift of greater knowledge of God's desire for all His creatures from the beginning of time: consummation into the life of the Most Holy Trinity to participate in the ecstasy of Divine Love.

     Because you have given me your fiats to walk with me the narrow path of the Cross into your hearts to die of self and rise through Christ crucified, your hearts have become ready to receive the gift of my Immaculate Conception. God, in His immense goodness, is now preparing you to live consumed in my Immaculate Heart through the fire of the Holy Spirit as one in Christ crucified into the embrace of the Father to know and taste, to different degrees according to each soul, the ecstasy of Divine Life lived on earth. This grace must be nurtured through continuous prayer and silence and protected from choosing to fall into Satan’s temptations. That is why continuous prayer and silence are of the essence to live in God's Kingdom on earth. This grace of knowing and living in the life of the Trinity will be the source of your endurance during the great persecution that must come. Receive this gift from God through my Immaculate Heart in the cenacle tonight before the prayer of the rosary, so that as God's beloved ones, you can pray in thanksgiving and praise as one heart with me to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I bless you with the peace of God and my maternal love.


Living in the Trinity on earth 

     The Father has always been; He is the Great I Am. My little one, His greatness, and power have been misunderstood and feared by people in every generation, yet He is pure love. He begets Me, His Son, with all tenderness and longing. He begets Me from Himself. That is why to know Me is to know My Father. From our union and communion, the Holy Spirit is immaculately conceived. Think of the Father as a living ocean, and He flows into the Son, and this current of power is pure Love, which flows into the Holy Spirit, which flows back to the Father. This exchange of love is so powerful, a continuous Life from and back to the Father, that this triangle of Life is but One Life. We are three distinct Persons that share the same Life. That is why to know Me is to know the Father, for we are One. I became flesh, the God-Man so that you could come to know and see the Father. This coming to know personally the Great I Am through Me is the greatest gift of redemption. 

     The Father also desired for his humanity to come to know and see the third Person of the Trinity, and He created the Mother of God from her conception full of grace. She is full of the Holy Spirit, consumed totally by Him so that it is the Holy Spirit that you see and know in and through Mary. Even though she is created not divine, for humans, she becomes the most perfect image of the Holy Spirit, which also reveals to humanity the beauty and goodness of the Father and Son. 

     To know and love Mary is to know and love the Holy Spirit, which is to know and love the Father. Mary becomes the created being that is the gate to enter God through Me, her beloved Son.  

     My little one, these mysteries of the Most Holy Trinity can only be received by the souls who, out of humble love of Me, follow My Mother to the foot of My Cross to enter My crucified Heart. No one on earth can journey the narrow path of My passion without the help and guidance of My Mother, for it is the Holy Spirit as one with her that is the path back to the Father through the Son. Therefore, the Mystery of the Cross reveals to humanity the Mystery of the Trinity. 

     –I asked Jesus about myself because I do not feel I am living life in the Trinity.

     My little one, you must be careful because you are relying on human feelings to determine your life in the Trinity. I, on the Cross, felt abandoned by the Father, yet I knew I wasn't abandoned. Your level of union with the Trinity on earth is determined by the abandonment of your will to the Will of God, not by feelings. We are one, My beloved spouse, yet most of the time, I do not allow you to feel my presence. This I do to perfect the abandonment of your human will to Mine. Perfect peace amid suffering is the sign of a soul living in the life of the Trinity through her union with My sacrifice of love by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

     The Lord explained that all souls in heaven participate fully in the life of Love in the Most Holy Trinity, each to the fullness of its capacity. The teachings of God to Saint Catherine of Siena came to my understanding. On earth, our capacity to be filled with God is determined… He explained that the expansion of the tent of our hearts is very painful because it requires much suffering



Expansion of the tent of your heart, 2nd nail of crucifixion

     The expansion of the tent of your heart, as I previously said, is a painful process because it requires a slow death of self. You must be willing to die to everything that is not of Me. The Simple Path to Union with God is the path of dying to self.

     My little one, I want to speak to you about the second nail of crucifixion. The first nail was a stripping, the circumcision of your heart. A stripping of your attachments, expectations, desires, plans, goals…  The second nail is the abandonment to live in the darkness of faith and hope. It is the purification of your feelings and emotions. That is why I explained to you that life in the Most Holy Trinity is not necessarily connected to feelings but to the abandonment of God's Will that is revealed in peace and joy. The second nail of crucifixion is a dimming of your emotions and feelings so that you can enter complete abandonment to God. This process draws you into the bosom of the Father. It is a beautiful process in which the soul begins to live the joy of perfect faith and hope detached from self.

     The process from the beginning of My Path to the first nail of crucifixion is a process of going deep, emptying, and cleansing. The second nail begins the expansion of the heart. As you abandon yourself in everything to My Will and choose to live every situation with trust in My love and the goodness of ABBA, you grow in abandonment, which expands your heart with Divine Love. You no longer live according to your feelings and emotions but in perfect trust in my love and mercy. You choose to live to please Me as one with the Father through the grace of the Holy Spirit and deny your own feelings.

     The practice of living in continuous praise and thanksgiving in good times and in bad is very beneficial to help a soul persevere this process of death to self so that, more and more, it is God Trinity living in the soul. The inhaling and exhaling of praise and thanksgiving keep the soul focused on the goodness of God and away from self. (#87, Path)

     The fruit of the few that persevere living My Simple Path to Union with God will be the new Adams and new Eves of My new world order of Divine Love.




     Chastity is the virtue that begins to blossom from the crucifixion of the 1st and 2nd nail. Chastity is the virtue that radiates the purity of God. It is the total integration of a person into God through its union in My love crucified. It is the integration of the mind, heart, soul, and body, the complete person, (including) the psychological, emotional, intellectual, and sexual dimensions of the person into the life of the Trinity. To live true chastity is to live freedom in God. Chastity is the fruit of a soul who has allowed herself to be cleansed by My Blood and emptied of self by the work and power of the Holy Spirit. Chastity is the fruit of the fulfillment of the prayer of Psalm 51. That is why poverty brings forth chastity.

     My little one, as you allow Me to dim your feelings and emotions through your will to deny yourself reacting from them solely to live crucified with Me, suffering with Me for souls, your life becomes more integrated in My love crucified, and your soul expands in purity and chastity.



This coming year will be a time of great destruction

     After receiving Holy Communion, I read message #84. Then Jesus explained that Mary is shedding tears for humanity… This coming year will be a time of great destruction, including personal destruction in the lives of countless souls. The Lord is asking this Christmas to remain in prayer with Mary in His love crucified interceding before the throne of Abba for many souls. He explained that the Illumination will not come yet because first, souls need to be made ready to receive this great gift from God by becoming “vulnerable” through much suffering. Pray to the Father for mercy in His justice.


12/28/21 – Feast of Holy Innocents

2nd Nail

     At the core of every human person are their feelings and emotions. At the core of every wound, desire, and expectation are feelings and emotions. Every sin is brought about by reacting to one's feelings and emotions. The purification of a soul’s emotions is the deepest purification of a soul, the purification of the essence of your being. As you choose to no longer react, nor even act, from your feelings and emotions, your interior gaze is focused on Me, on seeking only God's Will. It requires a profound interior attentiveness to the deepest stirrings within your being. This deep interior contemplation can only be lived by souls who have entered a life of silence and prayer. You now begin to know yourself in God. You come to understand that nothing good can come from you, but only from God.

     –"My Lord, how do you die to all your feelings and emotions, they are part of all men?"

     –Your feelings and emotions do not die, but your will discern them according to God's Will and for His glory. You choose, for love of Me, to allow the Spirit to align your feelings and emotions to please Me in all things and to aid in the salvation of countless souls. You are no longer driven by your feelings and emotions. You choose to deny yourself solely to please Me in all things.



Lukewarm Souls

     The Lord approached me interiorly with tears in His eyes.

     He said, "The final confrontation between the principalities of darkness and His followers is at hand." He explained that most souls are “lukewarm” and that these souls are the power of Satan because “lukewarm souls live centered in themselves and in the things of the world.” Then he said, “because of this pitiful condition, all of humanity will suffer intensely for a certain amount of time. You live among the lukewarm. Suffer with Me for the awakening of souls.

     –I asked Jesus about the Illumination, “Won't this grace bring forth their conversion?” The Lord explained that many souls would not respond; that is why He needs victim souls. He is asking me and all victim souls to suffer for the lukewarm…

End of 2021

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