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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times

⁓⁓ 2022 ⁓⁓


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God, in His infinite goodness, will conquer the beast with the few little pure victims of love

     My little one, the time approaches for the great persecution of My followers. I, as I did with My apostles, disciples, Mother, and friends, am preparing you for this difficult hour. Few will remain faithful, My little one. Judas betrayed Me because his passions had not been purified. His zeal for his desires, power, and riches darkened his soul so that Satan could manipulate him. He became Satan’s instrument of destruction even though he had been in the band of My intimate followers and had continuous access to My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is what will happen again at the final hour. I will be betrayed by those closest to Me, My consecrated souls, because the darkness within their hearts has not been purified, and Satan will deceive them until it's too late. My small community of Love Crucified will also suffer this devastation because not all have listened and responded to My voice, preparing them for these difficult times.

     Persevere, My little one, proclaiming My voice in the midst of the great darkness. I promise you and my few faithful victim souls that My triumph is at hand. Remain in the Immaculate Heart of Mary in silence and prayer, pondering the words I have spoken to you, and you (plural) will have the purity of heart to persevere till the end. Do not be discouraged seeing such few faithful souls, for God in His infinite goodness will conquer the beast with the few little pure victims of love that live daily in and through My sacrifice of love as one with Mary consumed in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Encourage My little mustard seed to persevere in living the Simple Path I continue guiding you (plural) in. It is this Path that will set you free to be My warriors for the final hour that draws near. Encourage them to ponder as you have been doing daily in the Heart of Mary, My Mother. Encourage them to listen and receive My words which have the power to make of them a new creation in the image and likeness of God.

     Rejoice, for God loves you (plural) and is bringing forth the new men and women of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This new year will be filled with challenges and many trials. Pray, pray, pray so that you are not deceived by Satan and his many minions. I am with you (plural), guiding you to victory. I bless you (pl) with my kiss of peace.



2nd Nail- emotions

     The purification of the human heart can only be accomplished through divine grace obtained through My death and resurrection. It requires a soul to allow My grace to unveil her many patterns of sin clothed in false piety and goodness. The stripping away of all darkness, which is anything that is not pure love, is a long and difficult process for the human soul. It requires a continuous Fiat from the soul, “Let it be done unto me according to your will.”

     The purification of your emotions is the final level of purification in the fire of My Sacred Heart. You allow My Spirit to possess your human emotions so that they serve to please Me according to My desires.

     –"What emotions in my heart are not integrated into you to serve your desires?"

     The emotions you reacted from to criticize…. It is My desire that you live your feelings (emotions) of solitude, boredom at times, in Me, in silence, as a continuous prayer to our Father for your family and My Church. Remember, your emotions are not cut out (meaning the circumcision of the heart as in the 1st nail of crucifixion) like your desires, expectations, and attachments. They are integrated into Me so that through your denial of self, that is, not reacting from them, they are lived solely to please Me, your beloved Spouse. This is when you live to great perfection My words, “My followers deny themselves, pick up their cross, and follow Me.” Your emotions serve only to suffer with Me and to console Me. Our union is now consummated in My Cross. We have become one. The soul lives abandoned in Me and solely to please Me. You now live in the ecstasy of Divine Love, and you become a total gift of self to Me. This level of purification requires a constant state of silence and stillness in Me as one in the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Holy Spirit.



2nd Nail

     Do you see My tears, My little one, that I have been revealing to you in the depths of your heart?

     Receive My chalice; drink from My chalice of new life, My Blood poured out for you. Drink, My beloved, drink, for you are becoming My chalice of new life for many. Becoming My chalice, My pure, holy vessel that is filled with My Blood, My life, can only be accomplished through a soul's willingness to remain suffering with Me. The soul’s desire and willingness to suffer all as one with Me opens the soul to be cleansed by grace. Perseverance in suffering all with Me will eventually bring about the transformation of the soul in Me into the embrace of the Father. There is no other way to perfect love.

     I am now receiving your emotions, through your willingness, for love of Me, to place them in My Heart to bless Me. I delight in this hidden interior work of love. I delight in seeing you renounce (react from) your feelings to suffer and rejoice with Me in good times and bad. As your emotions, little by little, are integrated in Me, the consummation of our marriage becomes complete, thus making us one, no longer two. Persevere in this profound interior work, my little one, for it is this perfect union of love that will grant you the crown of martyrdom for the glory of God and the establishment of My Kingdom on earth. Live your emotions of delight and communion as one with Me, for this is pure love lived on earth, and this communion lived on earth through Me, with Me, and in Me produces 100-fold and delights the Heart of God for you were created from the beginning of time to live in God and for God.




Fruit of the 2nd Nail of Crucifixion

     My little one, living in total abandonment and peace in the desolation, elevates the soul out of her ego into the ecstasy of Divine Love. Initially, a continuous struggle with self takes place in the soul. Learning to give Me your emotions, and live detached from them, allowing them to serve My purpose, is difficult for every person. Yet, perseverance in this practice for love of Me brings forth the death of self. Persevere, My little one, abandoned in your solitude and sorrows in peace and stillness gazing at Me, your Love crucified.

     (See #69, p.210, desolation)



Impossible to desire solely the Cross in my human state

     James 1:14–15

     Each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire, when it has conceived, gives birth to sin.


     Jesus desired solely the Cross because He is love. But in me occurs the opposite. My desires are self-centered because of original sin; it is impossible to desire solely the Cross in my human state. This can only be achieved through God's grace obtained through Christ’s death and resurrection. It is a pure gift.

     My desires are united to my feelings. I desire intimacy of heart; therefore, when I get it, I am happy, and when I don't, I am sad. My sin comes forth from reacting to my sadness. I'm discovering that all my feelings are centered on self; that is why my love is not unconditional. The second nail of crucifixion brings me to see and know the truth about myself. I must choose (an act of my human will) not to act from my emotions. I must be attentive to them and only love according to Christ’s desire.


     Alice von Hildebrand: "Not activity but receptivity gives us a golden key to holiness."


Rejoice with dance and timbrel in hand!

     My little one, know that I love you as one with our Father. Be very patient during this stage of purification (2nd nail). Do not be discouraged as you see your self-love but live in gratitude because seeing the truth is freedom. The only way a soul can forget herself is to see the truth of her broken condition and to see the truth of God's merciful love, for He sent Me, His only begotten Son, to bring sight to the blind so that you can encounter the living God before you and within you. Continue to thank God continuously in every breath, for God is raising his saints of the end times, and you are counted among these holy souls. Therefore, rejoice, my little one, with dance and timbrel in hand!



Warn My people

     Warn My people that the time of the great destruction is at hand, and many souls will be lost. Pray continuously for the salvation of souls in danger of hell. Your prayers have been given the power of God to save many. He hears the cry of the poor.

     I love you, My little one; remain faithful to My Path.



Enter this Lent into the cloister of your hearts

     My Sacred Heart desires companionship. Enter this Lent into the cloister of your hearts where I dwell. In silence and stillness, remain with Me, praying for the conversion of the world and the salvation of countless souls. I desire silence and continuous prayers, for your prayers united to My sacrifice of love have great power before the throne of ABBA. This is my desire for each of you this Lent.


     James 5:16–18

     Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. Elijah was a human being like us, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months, it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth yielded its harvest.


MARCH 2022



The time of justice has begun for the world

     Enter my agony for souls, My little one. The time of justice has begun for the world. You are hearing the wailing and grinding of teeth of My little ones (I felt the people of Ukraine). This suffering will spread through the world; not one country will be spared, but know I am with you (plural) in this great tribulation. The darkness of Satan will be known and seen; hell will become your reality, then, My Light will pierce this darkness also to be seen by all souls. 

     Remain in silence and prayer, My little one, so that the thief does not catch you unprepared. Peter, James, and John did not remain with Me in prayer and, therefore, were caught unprepared when the persecution came upon them. I promise you, My little one, if you remain attentive in prayer, obedient to My voice guiding you (and the few little souls also listening to My voice), you will remain faithful when the tribulation knocks at your door. Your faith and hope will be anchored in My love crucified, and you(pl.) will shine My light of love as My living stars in this time of consuming darkness. I have sent My Mother of Silence, Peace, and Joy to help guide My little mustard seed. I am with you(pl) always.



Gather My Words and publish them

     The Lord first asked me to read Jeremiah 42, then He said:

     You will gather My Words and publish them with this title: God's Hidden Victim Souls are His Army for the Great Battle that has Begun. This book will then be distributed for free to all people. My community of Love Crucified must do all in its power to spread the message of this book. My Words will reach the simple and humble of heart. Now is the time for My Words to be known.


APRIL 2022



The time of destruction that must come for the salvation of the world

     Words from Jesus given to the LC Community during our cenacle rosary:

     My little one, the world is about to be shaken to its core. My people will be wailing and in distress. Will you, My community, My people, remain faithful to Me, or will you abandon Me too? I have formed you to be My warriors for these times. I have formed you in My Sacred Heart to trust Me when the multitudes enter distress. Keep your eyes on Me as Mary did. Be ready to suffer as one with Me with courage and in peace because you have come to know Me and believe in the triumph of My Cross. Be ready for the time of destruction that must come for the salvation of the world. Receive My words as your source of strength and consolation during this most difficult time. I will remain faithful to each of you. Trust in all that I have spoken to you. Remain in My peace through silence and prayer. Continue praying intensely for the salvation of countless souls. Your prayers are saving souls. Thank you for responding to My call. Your reward will be great in heaven.

April 2022 

Mother of Silence Icon

     Words from Mary regarding the meaning of the icon:

     I am covered in the Blood of my Son, representing that His Blood is my redemption. Now I am clothed in His precious Blood representing my Heart as His living chalice filled with His Blood, His life. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I am one with Love crucified. As one with Christ crucified with the Holy Spirit, I am one in the life of the Most Holy Trinity. In this union with God Trinity, I lived on earth in silence and stillness of heart. I lived in continuous praise of God through good times and difficult times.

     The green represents I am the Mother of all on earth as the Mother of God. Green represents new life on earth. (I thought of spring, all the green leaves appearing in the trees, grass, bushes…) Through me, with me, and in me, I give you new life in Christ, my Son.

     To live in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart is to live being cleansed with the Blood of Christ, emptied of self, to also become with me His living chalice of His most precious Blood, one with my Son crucified bringing new life to countless souls in silence and prayer.

     The brilliant gold around me represents the light of God. Through me, with me, and in me, as you live the Simple Path to Union with God Trinity, you become the light of God on earth.

     In this icon is contained the entire path to union with God.

     The blue semicircle represents heaven. Mary is the gate that brings us into Jesus crucified, to heaven. She, as mother, one with the Holy Spirit, forms us as God’s Saints, the new Adams and new Eves. 


4/15/22 – Good Friday

Hope amid suffering / Joy and sorrow kiss through faith & hope

     My little one, all is still tonight. The darkness of Satan has penetrated the hearts and minds of countless souls; the darkness has entered families; he (Satan) is consuming My beloved Church. Mourn with My Mother as you wait with anticipation for the new dawn. My little one, it is coming very soon.

MAY 2022   


A simple way to become My Word

     My Words spoken to each of you are a continuous reminder that God is with you, present in your individual lives. My Words are the power of God to transform you so that you can live the Scriptures the way I desire. Many read their Bibles and study Scripture, yet few are transformed by My Word. I have given Love Crucified for My Church a simple way to become My Word. The way of My Simple Path to enter the Scriptures requires humility, simplicity and docility of heart, and much perseverance. Those that persevere will be transformed into the new men and women of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Tell them (LC) that I have come to guide them during these times of danger and darkness on a path to new life.



On earth, you can begin to live in God’s glory

     My little one, heaven is the glory of God. Heaven is living consumed in God the Father through your union with Me. Heaven is living for all eternity in the Light, which is God. The Light, which is perfect Love. Everything is glorious. Everything is beautiful. There is only perfect joy, peace, overflowing love, and gratefulness for the goodness of God. I “invite you to come and see” because, on earth, you can begin to live in this glorious state through Me, with Me, and in Me, even though it is still a very limited state compared to heaven.

     –I asked Jesus why I don't see the glory of God, the new Jerusalem, before my eyes. (Message from 11/16/10).

     –Jesus said, Self-love.

     Self-love is the veil, with many layers, that keeps me from seeing God in all His glory working in every instant of my life, fully present continuously. It has been 12 years since Jesus spoke those words to me, and now, through the Scriptures, Revelations 21, He brings me back to His Words. I need to persevere in allowing Jesus to remove the veils of my self-love. Yesterday, May 16th, Jesus promised that those who persevere will be transformed into the new men and women of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Transformation is the state of living in the glory of God!


     Acts 14:22 “It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”

     Revelation 21:7 “He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”


     We are given the grace through the power of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection to conquer daily the many battles and challenges within ourselves and our relationships with others. “My disciples must deny themselves daily, pick up their cross, and follow me.” The daily battle to deny ourselves falling back into our wounds, believing the lies, battling fear, anxiety, our many disordered tendencies, denying our desires, expectations, and attachments, choosing to love those most difficult people in our lives and the demanding situations, not reacting from our emotions, etc. These are the “many hardships” that Christians must be willing to undergo to enter the Kingdom of God. We are not alone in conquering our many daily hardships; Christ is with us: My Words spoken to each of you are a continuous reminder that God is with you, present in your individual lives. (5/16/22).



I will be your guiding light during the time of darkness.

     Jesus asked me to open my Bible to p. 673, Jeremiah 46. Then He said:

     Listen and watch, for the world is preparing to set Satan’s plan in motion for the destruction of humanity. Yet, I, too, the God of heaven and earth, have set My plan in motion for the salvation of the world. Soon you will witness war in your country and great destruction. The majority will be unprepared, but you, My mustard seed, and the few who have been listening to My voice through My prophets of the end times will not be caught unprepared. I am your God, and I will be your guiding light during the time of darkness.



I will not abandon you during the time of great destruction.

     I, your God, who loves you, will not abandon you during the time of the great destruction. You will suffer greatly, for the chastisement of the world will touch all people, but you, my little ones, will persevere in faith and hope because I am your God and will remain with you. Suffer all with Me as I have taught you for the salvation of many souls, and in time, the new Jerusalem will be established on earth; a time of peace and joy upon the earth to give all glory and honor to God. Remain in your desolation that I am permitting, trusting that I am making all things new through My faithful remnant of hidden victim souls. Only through this hidden martyrdom of heart, united as one heart to My Mother of Sorrows, will my priest sons become the new men of My Kingdom on earth. Remain in peace and silence [during] your time of desolation.

JUNE 2022


Fruit of the 2nd Nail – Freedom

     The fruit of the second nail of crucifixion is freedom. The freedom in which it is no longer you who lives but I who lives in you and through you. You are no longer bound by your will but live in God's Will to please Him and give God glory. You are now free to fly on the wings of the Spirit to heaven to live consumed in the glory of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

JULY 2022




     Love, I Am. I am begotten, not created; I am one with ABBA Father. We, as One, are pure, undefiled Love. Love is always fecund; therefore, the Holy Spirit is conceived. All of creation was created from this Trinitarian Love. Each human being was created by God in His image and likeness, conceived in the Heart of God to be consumed in Love (God) and to give all glory to God through this same Love. But sin entered each human being through original sin, and I, God’s Begotten Son, came to restore each person. I came to reveal God (Love) and to receive man's sin upon Myself so that man again could come to know God and choose to love Him and serve Him through a life of virtue, God’s image, and likeness.

     I am now purifying your emotions of love by elevating them into Me, your Beloved Spouse. Your human emotions of love will be transformed in Love (God) so that you can love Him as He has loved you. This is the deepest transformation a soul can reach on earth, for it constitutes the soul’s redemption.




     Misery is what you became after original sin. It is your inner gaze turned toward self. Because of concupiscence, your human tendency has become self-glorification.

     The grace of seeing the truth of whom you have become in all its ugliness is the gift of the Holy Spirit, for He is the light of the love of the Father and Son that reveals the darkness in every human being to purify them through the power of My precious Blood, My Blood that cleanses My bride and makes her pure.

     Yes, My daughter, you see yourself fully unveiled before your Spouse and My gaze of passionate love for you moves your soul not to hide but to plunge your misery in My infinite love and goodness. I, your God, receive all your misery, and for you, a human soul, it is more than receiving the seed of your Spouse-God it is being consumed in your Spouse-God. A particle of nothing becomes consumed in Love and becomes one with Love enjoying the ecstasy of Divine Love on earth. Then you begin to love Me as I love you, with patience, tenderness, respect, self-control, attention, passionate desire and longing, waiting, delight, and immense joy. This is the fruit of allowing the Holy Spirit to unveil you of all the falsehood that covers your misery. When you live naked before your God in the truth of your misery, you are open to receive Love and become one with Love, lost in God.


St Mary of Jesus Crucified

Among the many divine graces that she received is the knowledge of her nothingness in front of God: when she called herself “the little nothing,” it was really a profound expression of her being. That allowed her to penetrate the unreachable depth of divine mercy where she found her joy, her delight, and life. “Humility is happy being nothing, she is not attached to anything, and she is never tired of nothing. She is glad, happy, always happy, satisfied in everything… Blessed are those who are small!”


Remain in stillness & prayer for the world will be shaken at its core

     My little one, we have become one because you have listened to My voice and followed Me along the path to new life. My love now is consuming you more and more, but you cannot rely on emotions but on pure faith. The consuming fire of the Most Holy Trinity will be your light in the darkness. Remain, My little one, as much as you can in stillness and prayer, for the world will soon be shaken at its core. All nations will be affected. You must remain attentive to Me amid great tribulations and confusion. I will remain guiding my mustard seed, but guard your hearts against fear and anxiety. The darkness of Satan will not overcome the world, that is why Justice must act.

     –I asked the Lord a question.

     –He said, today you gave in to the distractions of the world. (I bought myself some new clothes). It is a time of intense preparation; you must pray more for souls, for many will despair when the thief knocks at their door. Peace is the gift I give to you(pl) but the gift of peace requires a soul to be connected to Me as the branches to the vine. Mortify your distractions with material things so that your soul can remain continuously attentive to Me. Practice greater discipline for Me, for I desire to have all of you.



These piercing are necessary for the deliverance of many of my priests.

     I have chosen you to be My sword of righteousness. It is you that must hold and wield the sword of the mission given to you. You must suffer the piercings and solitude as one heart with Me and Mary. This is required of the souls chosen by God to receive the sword of His righteousness. Live as one with Me, the piercings you must endure for the fulfillment of our mission. I am with you, and it is I who will give you the grace to endure and continue to give yourself in Divine Love.

     My daughter, the time of the great persecution is near; these piercings you are receiving are necessary for the deliverance of many of my priests. Your hidden martyrdom of heart lived in Mary's solitude will accomplish your mission on earth. Persevere, My little one, solely for love of Me and souls.




     The ways of the world are not the ways of God. Learn from Me, for I am meek and humble of heart. My meekness flows from who I am­­­—Love. Because I love you, I am willing to suffer all your brokenness. Because I love you, I continue to gaze upon you with tenderness in mercy. Love is meek and humble. Meekness does not react from anger but transforms the anger into patient endurance solely for the good of the other. To desire solely the Cross is to be meek and humble of heart. Meekness is the virtue that clothes you in Christ's calm dignity amid persecution. Meekness is attained by the souls who persevere, suffering all with Me as I have taught you. Meekness is attained by those trained to keep their gaze upon My Love crucified during the trials and sufferings of life. It is the fruit of the few who choose to walk the narrow path of My passion with their gaze fixed upon Me, the Lamb of God who voluntarily lays down his life solely for love.




God’s martyrs of love will usher in this new dawn for humanity

     Soon the wailing of Jerusalem will be heard throughout all the world; the wailing of destruction, the wailing of death and suffering. Your cities will be patrolled by the Red Army, Satan’s army of destruction and pain. You will suffer greatly, My little one, but I will sustain you with My grace. All My little ones who come to Me in trust will know My peace amid great suffering. The time of sorrow, the lament of Daughter Zion, is needed for the purification of the world. Never forget that God's goodness is in control, and He will bring forth from this human destruction a time of peace and joy as the world has never known. 

     You were created from the beginning of time for these times. You have been chosen by ABBA to live the glory of being crucified with Me, your beloved Spouse. You, as one with God’s martyrs of love, past, present, and future, will be God's force of love to usher in this new dawn for humanity. Remain in silence and stillness, gazing at Me during the time of terror that is approaching quickly. Know and believe that the Most Holy Trinity is preparing you and the very few that have responded to My call to be victims of love. You (plural) will shine the light of God brightly during the time of great darkness. Remain in silence and prayer, contemplating My words. I bless you with My kiss of love and gratitude. Go in peace.



10/1/22 – Feast of St Therese of the Child Jesus

Church will be made pure, unblemished, as the Bride of My beloved Son

     Mary speaks:

     My little one, Daughter Zion, represents all Christians, all the men and women who have come to believe in My Son, Jesus Christ. Daughter Zion must suffer her unfaithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is her unfaithfulness that has spread the evils of Satan. It is her sin of pride that has tilted the scale. The Church will be made pure, unblemished, as the Bride of My beloved Son. You, My little one, have been entrusted a mission from the Father to fight this battle and propitiate My triumph, which is the triumph of My Son's death and resurrection. Be faithful to living and teaching the Simple Path you have received from heaven. It is the Path to new life, the Path into the glory of God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Do not fear to proclaim the words heaven reveals to you, for they are meant to raise up the Saints of these end times. Remain in the bosom of My Immaculate Heart, living the sorrows of My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

     –I asked Mary how to do this because I suffer so little. I am now enjoying a cruise with my husband, and others in Love Crucified are suffering so much.

     My daughter, soon you will be lamenting with loud supplications and tears. You have been prepared for the difficult time that awaits humanity. For now, enjoy the time of rest and stillness, for it is a gift from the Father for your faithfulness. Believe that you and the few who have listened to heaven speak through you will persevere during the great and terrible persecution. Thank God for all his blessings. I am with you to help and strengthen you.

     "Propitiate" – Avert God’s anger; the act of appeasing or making well; incurring divine favor.


Feast of St Faustina

The time of justice is here. The power of victim souls

     My little one, you must act quickly, for the time of justice is here. Spend all your time with Fr. Jordi finishing My Path. I am giving you the grace you need. My little one, each victim soul has great power to appease the justice of God and propitiate My coming. I will be known, adored, and loved in the Eucharist. The new Jerusalem will be established on earth, and a delightful time will begin to flourish on earth. Appease the justice of God through your lives as My victims of love. Believe in the power of your prayers with supplications and tears. Speak to the MOC about their power as one with the Mother of God and call them to intense prayer and silence. Take this message very seriously. Go in peace.


Gratitude – Faith – Giving God Glory

     Living in perfect faith is to live in continuous gratitude, giving thanks at each moment in difficulties, sufferings, joys, rest, exhaustion, trials, etc. The faith that has come to know and believe in the goodness of God and that He is present in every instance of our lives, making everything work out for our greater good. Therefore, the fruit of faith is gratitude, and living in gratitude continues to strengthen our faith. Many times, gratitude is an act of our will, not our emotions. We can feel a certain way yet choose to thank God.



The union of sorrows is the perfect union of love with God on earth.

     My sorrows lived in My human heart reveal the love of God. My sorrows and My love are one. As I purify your emotions in Me, I am drawing you into the depth of My Sacred Heart to live as one in My sorrows. The union of sorrows is the perfect union of love with God on earth. The sorrows you live are My sorrows for souls. This union of sorrows is where I'm bringing each of you, for it is the perfect union of love and, therefore, the perfect prayer to aid in the redemption of countless souls. Remain in My sorrows as one with Mary, My Mother of Sorrows, to obtain many graces for souls during these decisive times. Enter the silence of this most perfect union, which is the fruit of living the second nail of crucifixion with Me. I seal your mind, body, and soul with My kiss of love and gratitude. Go in peace.


Anger – John 2:13-22

     To love Justice requires being able to live just anger according to God's will. I became angry because I am one with My Father. I revealed, through My anger, the holy wrath of the Father's Heart to see His holy temple turned into a marketplace. My just anger expressed Abbas’s wrath. My anger flowed from love. The purpose of My anger was to bring into the light the darkness of sin that had penetrated the House of God, especially in the hearts of the church officials.

     The just anger of God is now shaking up the Church and the world. God's wrath is overturning the lives of people and exposing the sin in My holy sanctuary. God's just anger touching the earth is moved by love, for the purpose of God's holy anger is always the salvation and redemption of His people.




Remain in My sorrows for humanity that no longer seeks Me

     My beloved, it is I, your Beloved, alive in you. It is My gaze of love that I am allowing you to contemplate. It is My love in sorrow pouring into your being, for I desire for you and all the MOC to become one heart with My Mother of Sorrows. Remain in My sorrows for a humanity that no longer seeks Me. They seek their self-satisfaction in the pleasures of the flesh. I desire for the MOC to remain in silence and prayer, contemplating My agony, for My Body, the Church, has begun her passion. Tell the women to remain gazing at the God who loves them and to desire with all their hearts, united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to accompany Me in the passion of My Body.

     –"My Lord, how do I remain in this contemplation when I have the work of this mission to complete?"

     My daughter, your work for the mission is a prayer. Enter your work with Me and in Me, gazing continuously at Me, and your work will be completed through Me. Go in peace.




God's just anger must now act to save His people from total destruction.

     The anger of God flows from His sorrows. God is love, and God's love is one with His sorrows, for His people continue to turn their lives away from Him to live seeped in pride and self-love. God's just anger flows from His sorrows when His mercy is not received. Therefore, all My emotions reveal Love, ABBA Father. God's just anger must now act to save His people from total destruction, for God is love and remains faithful even when His people don't.

      Just like sorrow, the human emotion of anger needs to be purified in God, moved solely by love and not pride. Just anger lived through Me, and in Me becomes the sails of the ship(heart) moved by the wind of the Holy Spirit to act with God's zeal, courage, and truth. Just anger moved by the Holy Spirit becomes the sword of righteousness that cuts through bone and marrow, exposing the hearts of My people. Therefore, every person must distinguish anger rooted in pride from the just anger of God moving through souls to accomplish His will. My just anger always moved (acted) to reveal the lies in the hearts of our people, for truth and lies cannot coexist. God's holy anger brings about a great shakeup because He is love and only desires the redemption and salvation of His people.

     You, my daughter, will need to wield the sword of righteousness contained in the words I speak to you without fear but consumed in God's holy anger for love to triumph.


Signs on the Host at Refuge

     I asked the Lord if he desired to explain the two signs that had appeared on the Host in the Refuge chapel. (see bottom of this page) The first sign was a thin beam of light dividing the Host in half. The second, occurring the day after, is a red coloring on the monstrance below the Host.

     My Body, the Church, is now being divided among those with Me and those against Me. Few are remaining with Me, and at the end of the time of the great tribulation, only My few pure, holy victims who chose to be one with the Crucified for love of Me and souls will have persevered.

     My little one, the red light represents My blood that has been trampled by the sins of indifference and lukewarmness; therefore, the blood of humanity whose hearts have grown cold and hardened to the God who loves them will soon be poured out through the justice of God.

     My little one, all will suffer greatly during the time of the great destruction that will very soon visit the earth. Few will remain with Me, as one with My Holy Mother, suffering all with Me in perfect faith, hope, and love. God, in His immense goodness, will conquer the forces of darkness and usher in My era of peace with the few faithful victim souls past, present, and future.


Fear and Hiding

     My little one, fear that leads to hiding is part of the fallen human condition because of original sin. The human soul was created by God to live in Love and to experience the consuming peace and joy of being loved by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When Adam and Eve sinned by choosing to doubt God's love, they separated themselves from God, thus, they hid from the God that created them and loved them. Original sin brought the fear of God and hiding into humanity.

     I, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son, came into the world to restore humanity in the Father's love through My perfect sacrifice of love. You must understand your fallen condition and tendency to fear being rejected, abandoned, not loved, and embraced, and therefore, to hide to avoid being hurt. Give Me your fears. Come out of hiding and face Me. Receive from Me the grace of the divine embrace––being known, cherished, and loved in your misery by Abba, who knows all and sees all.  Accept the suffering on earth of being rejected, mocked, misunderstood, calumniated, ridiculed, ignored, and unloved with Me and for Me. Living life on earth to its fullness is knowing and living in God's love and accepting the continuous suffering of living amid human beings mostly incapable of loving unconditionally.

     Encountering Love moves you to live in God's embrace while receiving the brokenness of others and suffering for them as one with Me because of Love. This is the fullness of life here on Earth.

     *see 10/10/14



12/8/22 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The entire world will experience the purge of fire

     Mary speaks during the Hour of Grace (12-1): 

     My beloved daughter, this coming year, will be blessed with God's justice as the entire world will experience the purge of fire. This fire will begin the purification of the world. Along with the fire will come great suffering upon all of mankind. The purification by fire will begin to turn the hearts of souls toward God, but because of such hardness of hearts, many will continue in their obstinacy.

      Please continue extending the red carpet of victim souls, for it is through these souls that God, in His infinite mercy and goodness, will save countless souls from the fires of hell. Remain in the union of sorrows with Me to obtain graces, especially for priests and religious, for many are in great danger of perdition. My Immaculate Heart is mourning the condition of humanity, which has turned away from the God who loves them.

     Please tell God's little mustard seed to persevere in faith, hope, and love during the purification by fire, and God's little mustard seed will experience the glory of God with you.

     Have faith and do not fear, for God remains with you, listening to the cry of the poor. Remain in prayer and silence so that your hearts are prepared and the light of God can shine through you to witness God's love and peace.

      I bless you (plural) in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit with My maternal kiss on each of your foreheads. Remain in the peace of My Immaculate Heart.




God’s Glory

     Every disorder in your humanity is a distortion of God's glory. Therefore, the Spirit comes as fire from My pierced Heart to burn away all falsehood in each soul so that through this living pulsating fire, each soul can be renewed through Me, with Me, and in Me in God's image and likeness, and thus bring glory to God on earth and for all eternity in heaven.

     My Simple Path brings each soul to encounter their misery so that they can encounter God's glory. God's glory is who He is–– Love–– perfect, pure Love. As you put on Jesus Christ, you take off all falsehood. Thus you become God's witnesses, His saints for these end times. Teach My Simple Path to all peoples, and this act of obedience and love will bring Him great glory. Go in peace, My little one, believing I am one with you.


Feast of St Stephen – Cf. Acts 7

My voice continues to speak to My people

     This generation too is stiff-necked (Acts 7:51). Not only have I sent countless prophets like you, My daughter, but God has sent the Mother of God to speak to humanity with signs and wonders and they have been ignored and forgotten by the vast majority of people.

     Saint Stephen spoke to the church officials filled with the wisdom of God. He spoke truth, yet their hardened hearts seeped in pride could not receive My truth and remained in their deception, which brought them to their ruin.

     Now begins again the time of persecution for My followers. You, My daughter, must proclaim My voice that continues to speak to My people, for God remains faithful until the end of time. My voice brings forth truth; My voice reveals the way of justice; My voice guides My people to safety; My voice is life-giving. Speak My voice and do not be afraid of persecution, for the glory of God awaits you.

     Tell My little mustard seed to reveal My voice to the ends of the world for these decisive times. The hearts of flesh, docile and humble, will recognize My voice and listen and be converted, but the prideful and arrogant will remain in their obstinacy until the moment of their personal shake-up when the justice of God touches their hearts.

     You, with My community of Love Crucified, must continue to live your ordinary hidden lives as My victims of love united as one heart with Me in the union of sorrows to obtain graces for the most obstinate in danger of the fires of hell. Believe that your lives lived as one with My sacrifice of love has been given by our Father the power to save countless souls. Enter this New Year with great zeal and courage, with perfect faith believing in God's power hidden in His little innocent victim souls. Go in peace and do not fear for God is with you.

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