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Mexico Pilgrimage - December 2016​

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Consecrated to Live the Cross

Lourdes Pinto | December 2016 –audio

Consecration to Mary in the L.C. Community is a necessary preparation for Calvary and then for Pentecost. We are being prepared to participate with Mary in the battle by living as victim souls to propitiate a new Pentecost. 
This is in line with Ven. Conchita and St. Faustina. The Lord wants to raise great saints for this times.

Mary Immaculate Conception

Fr. Jordi Rivero| December 8, 2016 –audio

ll are called to be immaculate, all pure: All in God so that He radiates in us without any resistance. Mary was Immaculate from conception, we become immaculate by responding to grace throughout our life. This is why Jesus came. 

John the Baptist

Fr. Jordi Rivero| December 8, 2016 –audio

Faith, even when we do not understand.

Identity: Know Who You Are

Lourdes Pinto | December 8, 2016 –text & audio

Adam and Eve fell because they had not embraced their identity in relation with God and with each other. Our perseverance in the Church, in our relationships and community requires that we know who we are and are willing to fight for it...

Surrender to the Holy Spirit

Fr. Ron Sciera | December 2016 –audio


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