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Colombian - Prophecies

June 24

Colombia has been a chosen land of God destined to bring the Light of God to the world. Colombia has been showered with heavenly graces, and therefore, Satan has also come to spread his darkness and lies. My Colombian people need to repent with tears of supplication and the sacrifice of a contrite heart.

My Love Crucified has now entered this country through the living sacrifice of My victim souls of love and reparation. I desire to raise up My army of victim souls in Colombia to pierce de darkness of Satan. Many of my Colombian people have fallen asleep, and like a thief in the night, Satan has entered and planted his seeds of discord, sin and evil. I am now entrusting you the mission to raise up My army of victim souls, for the future of this country selected by God to be the salt of the world, is in danger.

Do not be afraid to proclaim My Love Crucified as the way to conquer Colombia back to God.


June 25 Cf. Jeremiah 16:5

My people have forsaken Me with the idols of adultery, the occult, lust and impurities of all kinds… God in His infinite mercy is granting the people of Colombia a certain amount of time to repent… They need to turn their eyes toward My love crucified. The Holy Spirit, through the power of My love crucified, will grant them the gift of self-knowledge, to see with new eyes the darkness within them. Then, as they repent, I will come and raise them out of the pit of hell… It is the grace of my victim souls that God will use to bring many to this repentance of heart, mind and soul. Love crucified is now to enter Colombia with the force of the Holy Spirit to help raise up my victims of love for the great battle has begun…


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