Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Know who you are and it´s importance Lourdes Pinto, Mexico Dec 8, 2016

Adam and Eve fell because they had not embraced their identity in relation with God and with each other and the responsibility that goes with it: son, spouse, protector, guardian of the garden... This is an essential aspect of loving.

Satan was able to plant thoughts of distrust against God. Once they disobeyed they would not accept their wrongdoing. Intead they blamed each other and God: Gen 3:9-20 "The woman whom you put here with me, she gave me fruit..." Notice the lack of love.

For Love to endure we must know who the other is to me and be willing to suffer to defend the relationship. Adam did not act according to his identity as husband and his identity as son of God who had made them to be one in love. The woman then blames the Serpent. When the truth is exposed, they go into hidding, away from the relationship.