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Mary Takes Us to the Foot of the Cross

  1. Mary the gate of path to the feet

  2. The feet: Repentance, Humility, gift of knowledge of the Holy Spirit

    1. Mary Magdalen

    2. washing of the feet

    3. Jesus left us a long time at the feet due to importance of humility.

  1. Read- “Prepare the Way for the Reign of the Holy Spirit”

    1. SEE Manual.

  1. The Simple Path

    1. ex. Walking on a path with Joseph H.

      1. I had Joe-Joe by the hand, guiding, leading, protecting (Mary)

      2. Other paths deviated from the main path, curiosity, (lures of the passions...

      3. place of rest, refreshment to continue

      4. at times the path became steep

      5. Joe-Joe sat down tired and didn't want to continue on path

  1. Through the cross (SEE: Manual) “In his own flesh he abolished the law with its commands and precepts, to create in himself one new man from us who had been two and to make peace, reconciling both of us to God in one body through the cross, which put that enmity to death.” (Ephesians 2: 15-16).



As I began to pray to my Lord this morning in the Blessed Sacrament I was ONE with Him on the Cross. I asked, “My Lord what is Your desire this morning?” I could feel His grace flowing into my heart. He said, “ I desire to fill you with all the treasures of heaven.” I then saw a treasure chest filled with shells containing precious pearls. I picked one shell and opened it and saw one beautiful blue gray pearl. Then Jesus said:

Receive the pearl of Mary in your heart. Mary is your Queen Mother. She is perfect purity, holiness. She is ONE in the life of the Trinity above all the angels and saints. She is the perfect human being perfected in the image and likeness of God. She possess the Holy Spirit fully, therefore, she possesses in perfect UNITY the Father and the Son. She is the pure vessel of My precious Blood, therefore, all graces flow from her as the vessel of the well spring in the Most Holy Trinity. She is your Mother and advocate before Me and our Father. Every son and daughter who opens their heart to her to receive her spiritual milk will come to know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit which live in her. Come everyday of Advent to your Mother's feet to receive from her pure milk and you will come to know and love My Spirit.

Fr. Stefano Gobbi

This message of our Lady could be considered a continuation of the message given to the children of Fatima, addressed now to priests. Our lady reveals a plan to renew of the church through her priests. She calls for a consecration of priests to her Immaculate Heart, priest who will be taught by her how to be an army of little ones that will overcome the work of sin and the evil one. Here, by way of example, it's a message dated March 9, 1979 taken from Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests.

Beloved sons, consider with me the signs of the times in which you are living. The hearts of men have become cold, and the entire world has become a desert.

But more than ever you should have confidence in your heavenly Mother! Look, with me, at times in which you are living, and you will see the indications of my extraordinary intervention.

When the first buds appear upon the trees, you say winter is now drawing to an end and that a new spring is approaching.

I have pointed out to you the signs of the cruel winter to which the church is passing in the purification which has become most painful.

The Spouse of my Jesus still appears covered with wounds and darkened by her adversary who seems to be in the process of celebrating a total victory.

He is convinced that he has won the victory within the church by the confusion which has corrupted so many of her truths, by the lack of discipline which has sown discord, by insubordination which has affected her interior unity, by an insidious and hidden persecution which has crucified her anew.

But see how, in her worst winter, the buds of a renewal would life are beginning to appear. They tell you that the hour of your liberation is near.

For the Church, a new springtime of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, it's about to be born. She will still be the same Church, but a Church renewed, illumined, made humbler, stronger, poorer, more evangelical by its purification, in order that she may make resplendent for all, the glorious reign of my Son, Jesus.

This will be the new Church of Light, and already many new buds may be seen sprouting on her branches: these are all those who have had confidence in their heavenly Mother–you, Apostles of my Immaculate Heart.

You are these buds, my little children, who are consecrated to me and who live by my own spirit.

You are these buds, faithful disciples of Jesus, desirous of living a life of contempt for the world and for yourselves, in poverty, in humility, in silence, in prayer and mortification, in charity, in union with God, while at the same time you are unknown and scorned by the world.

The time has arrived to come forth from the shadows in order to go and enlighten the world. Present yourselves to everyone as my sons, for I am always with you. Let faith be the light that enlightens you in this days of darkness, and may you be consumed only by zeal for the honor and glory of God.

Carry on the combat, sons of Light, even though you are still few in number! Many will follow in your footsteps and will become part of my cohort, because the hour for my battle has arrived.

In this hardest of winters, it is you, my little ones, who are the buds that burgeon forth from my Immaculate Heart at which I place on the branches of the Church to indicate to you that her most beautiful springtime is at hand.

It will be like a new Pentecost for the Church.

The message we have just quoted reveals something of great importance to the whole Church. Mary tells us that the triumph of hair Immaculate Heart is identical with the new Pentecost for the Church. In doing so she indicates that the new Pentecost prayed by Pope John XXIII is soon to be experienced by us.

The Spirit and the Bride say Come, p 34-36

6/16/11 Words placed in my heart from our Blessed Mother

A time is coming, and it is very near, in which life as you know it will cease to exist. You will experience hunger and much suffering. It is during this time that my reign will come, and through me, the power of the Holy Spirit will set the world on fire like you have never known. It is my army of victim souls that I am preparing for these decisive times, for it is their hidden lives, as One with my Eucharistic Son, that are being given the power form heaven to defeat Satan and all his principalities and raise My Son’s cohort of holy priests to usher in my reign. You have been given a mission from the Father and you will give birth to the Missionaries of the Cross, through the hidden force of love of the Mothers of the Cross, to help raise this holy cohort. Continue to live all we tell you and to suffer all with Jesus as I do and all will take place in your lives according to the Will of the Father.

6. Mary as model and mother Pg 43, 45

Understanding Mary as the quasi-incarnation of the Holy Spirit

GO TO: The Spirit and the Bride say Come, Pg 46-48

4/1/11 FOR THE *MOC You, My little ones, are the consolation of My suffering Heart because you each have united yourselves to Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of all. As I gaze at each of you I see her beauty radiating from you. Allow her as the (quasi[1]) incarnation of the Holy Spirit to form each of you to perfection. I need you, My faithful ones, to bring life to My Missionaries of the Cross. It is My hidden martyrs of love in perfect union with the Queen of Martyrs that will raise up My Apostles of Light. Know that I have taken My abode in each of your hearts, therefore, radiate the humility and purity of My Mother. Do not grow weary in your hidden life of suffering all with Me, for you are My holy remnant that God the Father will use to purify My Church and pierce the darkness penetrating Her. Therefore, go forth My daughters as My holy warriors with Mary to seize the dragon and cast him into hell. I bless you with My precious Blood and seal you with the power of My Cross.

Pg 61 -Guadalupe

Mary witnesses the love of the cross to the disciples

Fr. Jordi Rivero: Mary and John were at the cross. There, Jesus united them as Mother and son. But what about the other 10? As apostles they could not do without the full encounter with the love of God revealed at the cross. They needed to enter with Mary into the wisdom and power of the cross as St John had. Mary was their remedy. As they gathered around her at the cenacle, Mary re-lived with them the passion which had become also her passion. With her own heart pierced and filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit she could convey to them perfectly the love of her Son revealed at the cross. They too became her sons and were filled with the desire to give themselves as victims of love. Thus, they were prepared for the fire of Pentecost, fire that comes upon the victim.

Role of women united to Mary Benedict XVI, 4/9/12 The Pope on to the important role that women play in the Gospel accounts of the appearances of the risen Jesus, as also, in His passion and death. "In those days, in Israel, women's testimony could have no official legal value. Nevertheless, women have experienced a special bond with the Lord, which is crucial for the practical life of the Christian community, and this always, in every age, not only at the beginning of the Church’s pilgrim journey." The Holy Father then called the attention of the faithful to Mary, Mother of the Lord: Sublime and exemplary model of this relationship with Jesus, especially in His paschal mystery. Precisely through the transformative experience of the Passover of her Son, the Virgin Mary becomes Mother of the Church, that is, of all believers and of their communities. "May Mary," he concluded, "obtain for us that we too might experience the living presence of the Risen Lord, source of hope and peace."

  1. pg 68 -Consecration is a total giving.

    1. (8/29/10) Are you willing to drink from My chalice of suffering? Are you willing to participate in My interior Cross and love in suffering continuously? It is through love in suffering that the most hardened hearts will be opened.

    2. 6/28/11 My daughter, I desire souls to participate in My interior crucifixion as ONE with My Mother. It is in this way that you will obtain the greatest amount of graces for the world. A time of great destruction is coming to the world; it is My hidden martyrs of love that the Father will use to aid many to the Light. It is My hidden martyrs of love that possess the power to raise up My army of holy priests needed for the decisive battle that is at hand. My little ones, you are called to help form My hidden martyrs of love to perfection in Me. Accept My chalice of love and suffering and suffer with Me, as ONE with Me, the sorrows of My Sacred Heart. As an all loving Father, I suffer the sickness of My sons' and daughters' hearts but My greatest suffering is that they don't allow Me, the Healer of all hearts, to touch them. They seek healing in all forms except in the only One that can bring them to life. I desire for all the Mothers of the Cross to unite as one with My Mother of Sorrows to obtain graces for humanity. The salvation of many is dependent upon your RESPONSE. My Lord how do we live Your sorrows? My daughter, embrace all the sorrows I place in your heart with perfect peace, trust, patience and love and exteriorly reveal your gentle smile and PERFECT JOY in knowing the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you, your PERFECT JOY in knowing that We live in you and you in Us, the PERFECT JOY in knowing you have been chosen by God to aid in the salvation of many and you have responded, the PERFECT JOY of living in faith, hope and charity, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the gift of the Cross, the PERFECT JOY of knowing more intimately LOVE and becoming ONE with LOVE, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the Holy Spirit as your most treasured Companion, the PERFECT JOY of seeing yourselves transformed into a new creation in Me, the PERFECT JOY of knowing Mary and living with her as ONE HEART in My LOVE CRUCIFIED.

[1] The Holy Spirit is "quasi" (in some manner) incarnate, without being really and strictly incarnate; for Mary the Immaculata is, as such, taken up by the Holy Spirit in all her being, as a woman and a mother.


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