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Love Crucified encounter for Consecrated women of

Regnum Christi

Medellin, Colombia, 2020


Mary is the gate to the heart of Jesus.

Praying rosary – Memorare...


The Lord wants to transform our hearts and set us free, but His ways are not our ways.

Are we willing to let go of our ways—our way of thinking, perceiving, planning, calculating, controlling--- and open ourselves to something different, new, a way that will bring us to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable?


We must know that we are blind, deaf and that our hearts are broken. Then, we must become like a child and allow ourselves to be led by the hand of Jesus, like the blind man of Mark 8:22.


The wounds, disorders and sin patterns can be so deep within us that healing becomes a process, “then again He laid His hands upon his eyes”. It is finally, through the intensity of the gaze of Jesus Christ that he was able to see “everything clearly.”

The transforming work of the Spirit brings us to deep painful healing, deliverance and awakening, you could say, a coming into the light. It is only possible for the men and women who have the humility, docility and courage to make themselves vulnerable to the ways of God, which are not our ways, and can make us feel extremely uncomfortable


Pope Benedict XVI ( Simple Path p.8)

“God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us” (Rom 5:5). Nevertheless, it is not enough to know the Spirit; we must welcome Him as the guide of our souls, as the “Teacher of the interior life” who introduces us to the Mystery of the Trinity, because He alone can open us up to faith and allow us to live it each day to the full.

The encounter is based on The Simple Path to Union with God, available here 

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