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Prepare the way for the coming of the Lord

The time of the great and horrible devastation is drawing near. Prepare the way for My Son. My little ones, you must set out to preach with the fire of God. I am commissioning you as my prophets to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. You must preach repentance as St. John the Baptist. But repentance through the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. You must bring to light the darkness of sin hidden in the hearts of My priests. My fire will consume this darkness. My Missionaries of the Cross are my Son's Green Berets because… The Green Berets will face head-on the darkness that consumes the priesthood. They will fight with the sword of the Spirit. They will be clothed and possessed by the power of God because they are one with the Word of the Cross. You, my daughter, will raise up my Missionaries of the Cross along with the hidden force of the Mothers of the Cross. Do not be afraid to speak with the fire of the Holy Spirit you possess. The time is at hand when all my priests will be separated in two camps, the goats from the sheep. You are My prophets for these decisive times, called to build the bronze wall of my Son's army of holy priests around the Bride, the Church. During the great devastation, many will enter her safety through her holy ministers. The main responsibility of the Missionaries of the Cross is to bring to light the devastating darkness Satan continues to keep concealed. Bring to light the sin of My ministers and call them to repentance at the feet of Jesus crucified. They all must unite to the Word of the Cross so that they can possess the power of God to lead my Church to safety during the storm that is approaching. 3/28/11

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