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Mothers of the Cross (MOC):
Women of the Love Crucified Community
Identity and Vocation

IDENTITY: One with Our Mother of Sorrows


Mothers of the Cross are Catholic lay women of all ages and walks of life, who have a passionate love for Christ crucified and give their fiat to be His victims of love. Through Mary, our Mother of the Cross, we are one body, one blood, one sacrifice, one suffering in Jesus Christ, for love of Him and the salvation of souls.  

The Mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to My Mother of the Cross as victim intercessors… Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence and prayer are a sweet fragrance that reaches the heart of My Father. The prayers, sacrifices, sufferings and tears of mothers, united to the Cross through Mary, is a hidden force that will sanctify, purify and aid in the salvation of many souls!

—Simple Path p.372.

We are called to imitate our Mother of Sorrows through her:

Gaze of love – her tenderness

I need each of you to bring My tenderness in mercy to the world. It is love manifested through the tenderness of God that has the power to touch the hardened hearts of many souls. My little ones, learn from Mary, the Mother of God and your Mother. Her tenderness is manifested in Her silence as the love and mercy of God radiates from her gaze. 🔗See full text

Solitude – silence

Silence allows you to embrace fully the sorrows of your heart…through the arms of silence, live embracing your sorrows. In this way, you are embracing My crucified Body and soothing My wounds. This is the life of love. This is the life of a Mother of the Cross, for it is the life of My Mother. —Simple Path #102 p.285. 🔗See full text

Martyrdom of the heart (interior crucifixion) – suffered in peace and perfect joy 

Embrace all the sorrows I place in your heart with perfect peace, trust, patience and love. Exteriorly reveal your gentle smile and... the PERFECT JOY in knowing you have been chosen by God to aid in the salvation of many and you have responded… the PERFECT JOY of possessing the gift of the Cross, the PERFECT JOY of knowing more intimately LOVE and becoming ONE with LOVE… the PERFECT JOY of knowing Mary and living with her as ONE HEART in My LOVE CRUCIFIED. —6/28/11, Simple Path #121 p.322. 🔗See full text

VOCATION: Living Out the Mission

Be Victims of Love

The MOC are called to participate intimately with Jesus in His suffering for souls as one with the Mother of Sorrows. In Mary, we are women “in love,” desiring to wipe His precious face with the tears of our suffering and the cloth of our very lives. We are women embracing Jesus as the Pieta, removing every thorn in His precious head and allowing each thorn to penetrate our hearts, thus bringing our Beloved consolation.

Our lives will be blessed, broken and given through the Holy Spirit (as the priest does with the host at consecration), thus becoming “living Hosts” for the consolation of our Lord, the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.

See the Heart (Immaculate Heart of Mary) that has loved Me and her tears shed for love of Me and you (humanity). This Heart (Mary's) being revealed to you is the Heart of a victim soul. Receive each thorn I present to you as a gift more precious than jewels, as My Mother has done. Cry tears of love (tears of blood) for Zion… My Bride (Church) is being cleansed through the justice of God, My Precious Blood and the Tears of My Mother as ONE with the tears of all My victims of love. —10/20/11, Simple Path #76 p.223. 🔗See full text

I desire for you to be My companion in this time of great suffering; to remain with Me as My spouse of My most precious Blood; to collect My tears shed for all of humanity. You have been chosen to be ONE with Me, My consolation, during these end times. This is your identity as a Mother of the Cross. —2/18/13, Simple Path p.236. 🔗See full text

Spousal Union

The MOC live the spousal union of love by allowing the sorrows of our feminine maternal hearts to draw us, like Mary, into the sorrows of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and become His companions of love obtaining graces for countless souls. The prayers, sacrifices, suffering, and tears of mothers in their everyday ordinary life, united to the Cross through Mary, becomes the Hidden Force that will sanctify, purify and aid in the salvation of many souls.

I thirst for you to quench My thirst with your kiss of love, your kiss of gratitude, your kiss of purity, your kiss of sorrow, your kiss of desire to be ONE with Me, suffering in love with Me. 3/11/12.

See full text 🔗

Be My spouse. A bride follows her spouse wherever He goes. Will you follow Me to My Cross where our love will be consummated in the power of God? Suffer all with Me, your Spouse, through the embrace of the silence of the Holy Spirit. This is most pleasing to Me. Trust, for there isn't a suffering I permit that will not bring you into the union of love I desire. 7/9/12. See full text 🔗

The Mystical Gown of the Mothers of the Cross 🔗

Spiritual Mothers

Through the hidden ordinary life, the Mothers of the Cross live the martyrdom of the heart as spiritual mothers for priests to aid in the renewal of the priesthood and to bring life to the Missionaries of the Cross of the Love Crucified Community. 

It is the hidden force of the Mothers of the Cross that will help to bring to life the dead bones of My sons (priests). 8/10/11 Simple Path p.388 

Mary: We will use your hidden lives, lived in Jesus crucified, to aid in the renewal of the Church, the sanctification of priests, and the salvation of many souls. You will be the hidden force that raises up my army of holy priests. These are the priests who will usher in the reign of my Immaculate Heart, a new Pentecost for the Church… —6/13/09, Simple Path #142 p386. 🔗See full text     🔗See more messages

🔗See document on spiritual motherhood from Congregation for the Clergy 2007 

🔗See More on Spiritual Motherhood

🔗See Domestic Monastery

Holy Warriors

The MOC are women of great zeal and courage as God’s warriors of love fighting Satan as one with Mary and freeing many souls from his deception: 

My daughters, you are My warriors of love fighting the Beast and you will slay him…You possess the power of God to free many from Satan's deception and bring them to life in Me. Rescue many souls in the net of Satan's deception through your participation in My crucified love. The Cross IS the power of God to defeat Satan and bring all to new life. Unite as ONE to My Cross and believe in the power of your hidden sorrows of heart to free the world from Satan's grasp. Be My warrior, fight with the zeal and the power of My Spirit. Go in peace and know that I am with you. —7/2/12. 🔗See more messages

Eucharistic Adoration

The MOC live centered in the Eucharist adoring Christ through Mary, with Mary and in Mary! 

You will imitate to great perfection my (Mary) virtues of humility, simplicity, gentleness, silence and charity. You will be women of an intense prayer life centered in the Eucharist. Your lives will be a continuous prayer offering as you offer up your daily sacrifices and duties on the altar of your homes. As you love in suffering, imitating Jesus and I, you will be our joy and consolation. —6/13/09, Simple Path p. 279. 🔗See more messages

🔗See The Eucharist and The Mothers of the Cross, Fr Jordi Rivero

The Simple Path to Union with God

A MOC greatest desire is to become one with Love! Therefore, she is willing and docile to enter the painful and long process of the purification by fire. She must be willing to decrease so that Christ can increase in her. She must enter the Simple Path by allowing God to enter the depth of her heart and pierce all the darkness hidden from herself. The Simple Path becomes flesh of her flesh. It is not a book she reads but The PATH she becomes. 

I have formed you, trained you, dressed you to be My prophets of light to warn and awaken My people before the horrible day of judgment comes down upon you… Love and continue to suffer ALL, as one with Me in My sacrifice of love, to enter prepared with God's armor the fiercest battle that is at hand. Do not be ashamed of My words and share the treasure of heaven that has been entrusted to you (The Simple Path to Union with God) with many. Complete My Path and, as My Heralds of Hope, teach it from the housetops. This is your mission. Respond with great zeal and courage of heart, as My warriors of love, for these decisive times. —10/20/12 Simple Path #151 p.439.  🔗See full text

Gaze of Love
spousal union
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