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God's Hidden Victim Souls 

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A simple way to become My Word

My Words spoken to each of you are a continuous reminder that God is with you, present in your individual lives. My Words are the power of God to transform you so that you can live the Scriptures the way I desire. Many read their Bibles and study Scripture, yet few are transformed by My Word. I have given Love Crucified for My Church a simple way to become My Word. The way of My Simple Path to enter the Scriptures requires humility, simplicity and docility of heart, and much perseverance. Those that persevere will be transformed into the new men and women of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Tell them (LC) that I have come to guide them during these times of danger and darkness on a path to new life.



On earth, you can begin to live in God’s glory

My little one, heaven is the glory of God. Heaven is living consumed in God Father through your union with Me. Heaven is living for all eternity in the Light, which is God. The Light, which is perfect Love. Everything is glorious. Everything is beautiful. There is only perfect joy, peace, overflowing love, and gratefulness for the goodness of God. I “invite you to come and see” because, on earth, you can begin to live in this glorious state through Me, with Me, and in Me, even though it is still a very limited state compared to heaven.

(I asked Jesus why I don't see the glory of God, the new Jerusalem, before my eyes? (message from 11/16/10) Jesus said, Self-love.