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Discerning community
There are in the Church a variety of associations of the faithful. Among them are the covenant communities, where members commit to the Lord and to each other to live the Gospel helped by the spirituality and way of life of the community. This commitment distinguishes a covenant community from prayer groups. Covenant communities are also different from support groups in that they not only seek to overcome a particular personal disorder, but the members seek to give their entire lives totally to Christ. See: The purpose of Private Revelations and the Simple Path.

Discovering the community that God wants for us is analogous to finding a spouse or a religious community. It is a gift from God. Our part is to learn to listen to God and to respond.


Love Crucified Community

Love Crucified is a covenant community of men and women of all states of life (single or married lay persons and priests), called to respond to the love of God as victims of Love with Jesus.

Those interested in continuing the process will be asked to:

1. Reflect prayerfully "About us", and our "Way of Life." Start reflecting on the Simple Path to Union with God, and listen to the teachings on the identity/mission of the community. 
2. Seek an intimate relationship with God, nourished by a sacramental life (frequent Eucharist, daily if possible; frequent confession, Eucharistic adoration, and prayer). Start practicing what you are learning.
3. Prepare for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, using the book “33 Days to Morning Glory” by Fr. Michael E. Gatley, MIC, Marian Press.

After taking these steps, ask yourself: Do they awaken in my heart the desire to live these teachings? Are the spirituality and the way of life an answer to the longings the Lord has placed in my heart? Pray, examine the movements of your heart, and have the courage to decide without fear.

Once you express interest in the community (See: "Contact" below),


1– Initial discernment begins. A member of the community accompanies you for approximately five months.

2– A second stage of discernment follows for at least one year before being invited to commit to the covenant and receive the cross.  In this second stage, there is full participation in the community cenacles and accompaniment. 

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