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The Simple Path Testimonies

Your book is an enormous encouragement.

…I am reading your book! I can relate to everything you write, and it is soooo consoling to see how the Holy Spirit is inspiring different souls around the world to go down the same path of union with Christ. Nothing you write is “new” to me and yet, you have a way of presenting the path and most of all the union of our wounds with the Lord, so practical and helpful as I have never encountered it before. Your book is an enormous encouragement not only to enter my wounds and bring them to the Lord, but even to discover them as MY big TREASURE rather than handicap, which fills me with great gratitude for my personal history of woundedness. Thank you for having responded to his call and given this treasure to the Church!!! I entrust myself to your prayers! With much love - also to Maria- yours in Jésus and Mary,

The Path is real, and I am on it.

I have been wanting to let you know how powerfully God has been removing veils and breaking down strongholds in my life through the Path. It is truly amazing!  And in lightening speeds.  He is just making me understand the words on the pages and allowing me to realize what he has been doing with me for so long.  The book is alive.  The Path is real, and I am on it.  It's amazing how I read a section and then I randomly listen to one of the audios later and it pertains to the exact section I'm reading.  God is doing exactly what He has promised you, do not doubt.  I thank Him for your faith and fiat and Fr. Jordi and the others that have made this possible.   Thank you and God bless.

Testimonies of Our Retreats

...when I heard your great reflections, I couldn't hold back the tears.

From a seminarian

I was at your really nice talk that you gave us this Wednesday at the Athenaeum.  Well, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for what you shared with us. The day before, a brother went to your other talk and then invited me to go with him to the one on Wednesday. To tell you the truth, at first, I didn’t want to go but I felt the Holy Spirit was inviting me to go.  And well, I’m not the type of person that cries a lot but really, when I heard your great reflections, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I think above all the three big things you talked about for me were (1). making yourself vulnerable so God can love you more and (2). learning to suffer with Christ and (3).  going out of our way to help our brothers learn to suffer with Christ.  I was so overwhelmed! And I’ve been using these points as thought for meditation since then and they still keep sticking to me. I could go on saying more things but really, I just wanted to write you this email thanking you so very much for what you shared with us…

Really, I just want to thank you again. I ask you to pray for me that I be a holy legionary. You definitely are a woman of God and I know he will hear your prayers…I will pray for you and for your community that you can bring God’s message to more people.

God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Testimonies about the Love Crucified Community

I love the revolutionary focus on brutal transparency.


From an aspirant of the community

What I love about Love Crucified:

I love that Love Crucified does not recruit but allows the Holy Spirit to bring those He chooses to draw closer to its charism and spirituality. I love that it is focused on the daily duties of our hidden lives and that the emphasis is on the Eucharistic Life of the Church. I love that I do not have to leave my home or family to participate in fellowship of kindred souls. I love the revolutionary focus on brutal transparency. I love that I am guided and accompanied by persons I naturally care for, who authentically care for me and whom I “trust” to share the sorrows and challenges of my soul. I am humbled that though I do not possess the level of mystical experiences that others do and confess to find it challenging to relate to some of those experiences, nonetheless, I am inspired and moved by the same Spirit that inspires them.  Most of all I love that I am learning what it means to really LOVE the Lord. As an aspirant I feel that I am richly blessed to be a part of such a loving group of believers who are healing together and being sent forth to love and heal others.

A true breath of fresh air!


From a Mother of the Cross

I have become acquainted in this community with true Christian sharing and respect for others’ thoughts and expressions.  A true breath of fresh air!  I can’t remember when I had that last.   I join this new-found positive freedom of expression (new for me) and in praise and thanksgiving join to my Blessed Mother Mary in Christ’s heart all those who been silenced. 

Thank you all in the Hidden Force for your prayers and acceptance.  Thank you for showing me how to share myself – I’m sure it will only get better in time.  I love you all!!!  B.

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