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Faith, Do I Believe? Part III 
Lourdes Pinto | August 16, 2018
Through the interior work of the heart in silence, our painful relationships enter into the embrace of God and become redemptive.
Related to Chapter 5-B in the Simple Path

Faith, Do I Believe? Part II
Lourdes Pinto | July 26, 2018
What to do when we enter a storm (trials, challenges...). This is the process to go from our suffering, to self knowledge, to repentance, to a more perfect faith.
Related to Chapter 5-F in the Simple Path

Faith, Do I Believe? Part I
Lourdes Pinto | July 19, 2018
God loves us and His mission so much that He desires to make our faith PERFECT. For our mission to be ESTABLISHED firm, each of us MUST BELIEVE what the Lord has said to us. Our FAITH must be witnessed in the way we live the storms, piercings and thorns in our flesh. If any of us continue to believe with our minds, but not in the way we act in our daily lives, then our mission and community will not be firm.
Related to Chapter 5-F in the Simple Path

Canaanite Woman, Faith
Lourdes Pinto | August 10, 2017
Called to combat - mount horses; contrast between the response of the Israelites (book of Numbers) and the Canaanite woman. 

Mount your Horses Through the Storm
Lourdes Pinto | September 21, 2017
We mount our horses by recognizing and embracing each "storm" or piercing in our lives as a great grace, and believe that our hidden lives lived with great courage and zeal can defeat the darkness through the power of our silence. 

St. Paul: We are Saved by Faith
Fr. Ron Sciera | October 11, 2018

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