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My Fiat to Mary for The Mothers of the Cross

Maria Hickein, adapted from Blessed Conchita Cabrera de Armida's book, Roses and Thorns.

O holiest Mother, you tell me that you received the prelude to the Sacraments in the Incarnation, because the Eucharist is an extension of the Incarnation.  In the Incarnation was the first Eucharist, the first Communion of the world with God.  You received it, Mother, in order to give it to me.  Your flesh and your blood became one with the Divine Word, and when you gave Him to me through that Sacrament, your substance and His substance became one with mine. 

Mother! Mother! Mother!  Your name has a new meaning, a new strength, a new life that gives life in me!  You have given me Jesus, the Rose of Great Value.  Its petals formed from your own substance and life.  Yes, Mother, yes!

I promise to love Him with all of my being.  He is my heaven on earth, my fortress.  Mother, you know that I am weak, inconstant and disloyal, but you know as well how much I love you and Jesus.  I have no other desire but to console your hearts, so wounded by the world’s coldness and failure to love Him, who is Love itself.  I am not going to abandon you in your solitude, your sorrows and your loneliness.  

We, the Mothers of the Cross, are your daughters; who will accompany you at the foot of the Cross to the end!  We will kneel daily before the altar and adore the Sacred Host, thus removing the thorns in His Sorrowful Heart.  Yes, Mother!  I will come to my knees to repent; attracting many adoring souls who will repent for the sins of the world; in order to acquire graces by prayer, mortification, and love while united always with you in your bitter sorrows.

Yes Mother, I will come with a pure soul to drink the Fountain of Blood, which brings forth virgins; because my body is not only a temple, but a chalice destined to contain the Body and the Blood of your Divine Son.  Because of this I will be pure, the reflection of my Immaculate Mother!  I will fly with the strength of my zeal to ignite hearts with the ardor of Charity to extend devotion to the Holy Spirit, the beginning and end of all perfection.  I will take the thorns from the adorable Heart of Jesus, fastening them to my own heart to serve as a balm for His wounds.

"O holiest Mother, dry your tears, for I promise what you ask.  But grant me what I am going to ask you in order to be able to give you joy.  I believe, but fortify my faith; I hope, but strengthen my hope; I love, but increase my love; my sins weigh upon me, but stir up my repentance; I desire to weep for your sorrows, but make these echo in the heart of your child.  Direct me, Mother; guide, lead, and protect me.  I offer you, in your solitude, my intelligence to think of you, my words to speak of you; my works and my labors to be suffered for you.  I desire what you desire, Mary, but enlighten my understanding, set my will afire, purify my body and sanctify my poor soul that my pride will not entangle me, nor praise alter me, nor the world deceive me, nor Satan seize me.

Purify my memory, holy Virgin, restrain my language, recollect my vision, correct my evil inclinations, cultivate my virtues, and above all, my Mother, cast into my freezing heart one spark of the fire of your charity, so that it will thaw my heart to tenderness for your sorrows. Amen.

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