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The Lord's message

Each day of Holy Week, 2023

4/2/23 –Palm Sunday

Persevere in love as I did during the darkness of My passion

     I Am He who comes into the world to save her from death.

I Am He sent by the Father, for He has loved you faithfully from the beginning of time.

I Am He who continues alive in the world through the Eucharist, and alive and present in My living hosts.

     God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, continue present in the world, bringing to fulfillment God's plan of salvation. God's majesty, grandeur, and goodness will be manifested to all people, for He hears the cry of the poor. He is Love, and Love will conquer all darkness and fulfill My death and Resurrection. I came into the world, sent by the Father to fulfill His perfect plan of salvation. God's plan is being fulfilled amid the great darkness of Satan. 

     Believe, My little mustard seed, believe you each are being formed as My victims of love to be My Light in the darkness. My Light has conquered death, and the fulfillment of Abba's plan of salvation will be fulfilled through God's victims of love past, present, and future. You are one with Me, God's victims of love, to conquer the darkness through your union in My sacrifice of love.

     Believe, and do not doubt during the time of the great destruction that is near at hand. Persevere in love, as I did during the darkness of My passion. Pray, pray, pray, and keep watch, and you will have the strength to persevere as God’s saints of the end times.

     Go in peace.


Monday of Holy Week

All darkness is pierced and conquered by My Light

     My Light will shine in the darkness. How is this possible? Because My Light is Love. The love that lays itself down for its enemies. I Am He who comes to die for you so that you may have life. All darkness is pierced and conquered by My Light. Satan's darkness has spread and penetrated the world and My Church because God's people do not possess My Light. God's people have become drunk with the passions of the flesh and world, and therefore the power of My Light has been dimmed in many and extinguished in others. Yet, God, in His infinite mercy, is raising His saints for these end times. His saints are My victims of love who have chosen to love Me above all else, to walk with Me the narrow path of My passion, and to remain with Me in the sorrows of life, suffering as one with Me with perfect faith, hope, and love. These few men and women possess My Light, and it is through them that God will conquer the darkness, and I will be glorified on earth as I am in heaven.

     Persevere in silence and prayer, listening to the voice of God forming and guiding you as His holy warriors for these end times.

     Believe, my children, believe, that My Light that is consuming you will pierce all darkness through your perseverance to love as one with Me, the enemies of God.

     Continue to pray this Holy Week for extraordinary faith, hope, and love, and God's plan of salvation will be fulfilled through you (pl.).

     Go in peace and joy, for God has found favor in you (pl.).


Tuesday of Holy Week

I continue to suffer the sin of betrayal

     I Am He who loves you in pain and anguish. How much I loved Judas. How much Mary and I shed tears for him. His kiss of betrayal was a sword that cut through My Heart of flesh. It was his kiss that became the sword that pierced My Sacred Heart while I was alive. I continue to suffer the sin of betrayal continuously through My life in the Eucharist.

     My children, meditate today on My pierced Sacred Heart and the pierced Immaculate Heart as you witness the darkness in My Bride, the Church. I am being betrayed by my very own, just as I was betrayed by Judas, My apostle. The suffering of My passion continues through the sin of My ministers and those called to be totally Mine.

     My little mustard seed, will you remain faithful to Me as one with the few who remained faithful with Me during My passion, or will you, too, betray Me and leave Me alone to suffer the passion of My Body, the Church?

     Enter My agony of love united to My Mother's solitude, and she will provide for you the graces to persevere.

Go in peace.

4/5/23 – Wednesday of Holy Week

I wait with Abba for your tears of repentance

     Today My meditation for each of you is on waiting. God is Love, and faithful, and therefore, He waits. He knows perfectly the human condition; He knows your misery. He waits in His eternal patience for each human soul. In His perfect time, He sends Me, His begotten Son, into the world to save each of you, and through Me to make of you a new creation in the image and likeness of God.

     God waits for He is Love. Waiting with God with expectant faith and hope is the sign of a soul who is abandoned in God. Waiting with God in My peace is a sign of holiness.

     I Am He who waits as one with the Father in the Eucharist. I wait for each of you to come to adore Me, to thank Me, and to give Me the gift of yourselves. I wait in Abba's grief for your repentance. I wait for each of you to say, “It is I”(Mt. 26:25), “I have betrayed You; I have been unfaithful to You; I have betrayed You, for I have loved myself before You, my God.” I wait for each of you to approach Me in your total misery, unveiled of all falsehood, so I then can draw you into the bosom of our Father. I wait with ABBA for your tears of repentance, as Peter did. Your tears of repentance are the sign of the grace of the Holy Spirit alive and at work in your hearts. I continue to wait for every soul to approach Me at the foot of My Cross with hearts open wide to receive the outpouring of My Spirit that reveals the truth of who you are and who I am.

     My little mustard seed, approach Me today in Spirit and truth; the truth that you have offended Me, your God, so that you can receive the overflowing love of God Trinity. It is only through the fire of Divine Love that you will persevere as one with Me your passion. 

     My little mustard seed, God, in His infinite mercy, is pouring out an abundance of graces upon the world these holy days of My passion and Resurrection. These graces are a gift of Abbas’s infinite love for His children. Open wide your hearts to receive God's outpouring of love. The world is being made new through My holy remnant of victim souls past, present, and future. Persevere through the path I have been guiding each of you through with great patience and tenderness. Thank Me, your God and Savior.

Go in peace.

4/6/23 – Holy Thursday at 11:20 pm

REJOICE this Holy Thursday night, for God is making a new earth

     On this night of Holy Thursday before midnight, I wish to thank you, My little mustard seed, for keeping watch with Me. The world sleeps while Satan roams, unleashed by the sins of humanity. Yet, My little remnant keeps vigil with Mary, and God is pleased, for He will work His wonders through the few who remain attentive to their God and Savior. REJOICE this Holy Thursday night, for God is making a new earth through His few victims of love that have become and are becoming one with their Victim Savior. Be consoled tonight because God hears your every prayer and answers them. 

4/7/23 – Good Friday

It is this new world order of Love that you are called to witness.

     John 18:37—  “Jesus answered, "You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice."


     I Am the Son of God, one with the Father and Holy Spirit. I came to witness the truth of who God is—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I came to reveal our Father. I was, and Am, the perfect witness of who the Father is. My every word, thought, action, gaze, and silence witnessed Love—God.

     It is impossible to be My witnesses if you have not been transformed into Me by the Spirit so that we are ONE, no longer two.

     I Am the voice of the Father, for I spoke only what I heard from Him. My voice, which is the voice of the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, has been speaking to you, and through you to My little mustard seed, and to the ends of the world to make you (pl.) My witnesses of the Gospel of new life. My voice has taken you (pl.) into the wilderness of your hearts to confront the evil which lies deep within each human being because of sin. My voice has been guiding you through a Path of transformation so that My Word can possess you through My Spirit and you can become one with God, His image and likeness through Me, with Me, and in Me, the new Adams and Eves for the new evangelization.

     On this holy Good Friday, prostrate yourselves before My Love crucified and beg our Father to make you the witnesses that will usher in a new earth established with the Reign of My Holy Mother as one with the Reign of the Holy Spirit and My Eucharistic Reign. It is this new world order of Love that you are called to witness.


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