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Reflections on Holy Week

Letter to the community



March 27, 2018

My Beloved Community,

As we live this Holy Week as ONE HEART in Jesus crucified with Mary, many of the Mothers and Missionaries of the Cross are suffering greatly with very difficult situations that God is permitting. I sent you a document yesterday to encourage you in your identities and mission as God’s little victim souls. Today I write to you from my heart to encourage you to PERSEVERE and not allow one drop of your sufferings to be wasted, for it is truly a drop of Jesus’ Precious Blood that we do not absorb with the living cloth of our lives. My reflection comes from the Gospel of John 12 and 13:

Jesus is glorified on the Wood of the Cross and through Him the Father is glorified. (12:23) Jesus tells us to follow Him (12:26), therefore, we too must follow Him to the Cross to die as one with Him ((12:24). In this way, we are resurrected, not only in heaven with the crown of glory, but also on earth, as the new creation of the Father—the new Adams and new Eves glorifying the Father on earth. These are the men and women, Christ’s disciples, living “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”, and only they, God’s apostles of Light, can usher in “Thy Kingdom come”.

All of us, because we have not yet died to self, desire to be great preachers, healers, miracle workers, teachers, prophets, administrators, apostolic workers, heroes and so on, without the Cross. Therefore, our works bear little fruit—our egos are what’s being glorified. We struggle following Christ daily to the Cross to die to self, to what we have become that we are not, through humiliations, accusations, discriminations, rejections, difficulties, sufferings, illnesses, piercings, abandonment, and so on, suffering ALL as one with Christ’s sacrifice of love.

Jesus gives us a new commandment: Love one another, even as I have loved you (Jn 13:34).

How does Jesus love me?

He receives upon His Body my wounds and transgressions. He willingly, as the Father’s Victim Son, suffers my infidelity, unfaithfulness, lukewarmness, indifference, brokenness… hanging silently and patiently on the Wood of the Cross. He becomes the Victim Sacrifice for me, so that I can become the new creation in the image and likeness of God.

I then must choose to love the most difficult ones in my life—the boss, superior, spouse, who humiliated, accused, betrayed, and fired me. The person who used me and ditched me. The people—mother, father, brother, sister—who wounded me by disrespecting and dishonoring me. I must choose to love by willingly receiving their brokenness into my heart, cleansed of all resentment, frustration, anger, revenge and hatred, and suffer with Christ solely for Love as I pray for them daily, especially in the Sacrifice of the Mass.


During Holy Land pilgrimage, day 8, Thursday, Nov 2, 2017, at Gethsemane, before the rock where Jesus prayed:

Love Crucified has been called to REMAIN with Me as I continue to shed tears for Jerusalem, to remain with Me in My continuous agony for souls, to participate with Me in the salvation of the world, as you choose daily to receive the brokenness of the souls I have placed in your lives and to suffer with Me for them. The time of the great destruction draws near, many souls will be lost, you will hear the wailing of Jerusalem throughout the world. Bring Me victim souls to suffer with Me in order to obtain graces of conversion for many souls, who otherwise will be lost. Believe in the power of your hidden lives of suffering with Me.

Jesus loves me as He waits patiently, imprisoned in the tabernacle, for me to open my heart to Him, making myself completely vulnerable, unveiled of all my garments—my masks and false identity. I too must love in patience and expectant waiting for those souls closest to me to open their hearts to Christ. I must choose daily to live imprisoned in Jesus and Mary’s hidden martyrdom of heart as I suffer with expectant faith for myself and my territory of souls.

Jesus receives the denial and betrayal of Peter and Judas with the gaze of tender love as His tears united with Mary’s supplicate to the Father. I too must gaze upon those that have denied and betrayed me with Jesus’ gaze of love. This is only possible if I allow the Holy Spirit to draw my pierced and wounded heart into Jesus’ pierced and wounded Heart, and through the PAIN He is permitting me to suffer, I encounter His gaze. Then I can gaze upon those that have pierced me through the gaze of Love. God is glorified and death has no power!

Only when someone values love more highly than life, that is, only where someone is ready to put life second to love, for the sake of love, can love be stronger and more than death. Pope Benedict XVI

My beautiful brothers and sisters, …We must REMEMBER who we are in Love Crucified and our history that we just reviewed in our Encounter and that Colombia will have soon. The Lord has asked us to help with the renewal of—God’s army to help usher in the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the new Pentecost and the Kingdom of God on earth. You MUST mount your white horses🔗 and live your sufferings as one with Love crucified so that your lives as God’s Sword of the Spirit can battle this war and God’s triumph be fulfilled …in the world.

Demons of lust, pornography, shame, pride, arrogance and fear of intimacy. These demons are still at work… because from the beginning … have been called to be My warriors of the end times. …, among others, have been prepared and are being prepared to fight against these legions of Satan. I have already conquered Satan and all the principalities of death through the power of My love crucified. These angels of death can only be fought through Me, with Me, and in Me, in the power of the Spirit, through the Cross. I am dressing My soldier of light in My humility, purity, and childlike innocence. He must live knowing his nothingness and weakness, for it is I who am everything, all power and might. Pray for greater trust and abandonment so that the authority of My Spirit can be stirred into flame in him to cast out the demons of hell. The hidden force of My little mustard seed (LC Community) is the power of God’s force moving through him. My … will be My holy army for these end times.

My little one, know that I am pleased with you because you have responded to the cry of My voice. My little one, this is a time of an outpouring of grace for My little mustard seed. You are each being given the grace to be transformed into My living hosts to bless, release from bondage and set free countless souls. See yourselves as My warriors riding out into the horizon. This holy fleet is the Light of God’s love that has the power to cast into hell the spirits of darkness that are now covering the earth. My triumph will be a great triumph accomplished through the most hidden force of God – the hidden martyrdom of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Respond by suffering all with Me in My sacrifice of love. Respond with courage and zeal believing that God has chosen you to participate in the triumph of My crucified love to save the world. Believe, that as My warriors – the hidden anawims of God – you have mounted your horses and have begun to fight the great battle for the salvation of the world. Remain steadfast in living daily what I have taught you. Do not be afraid, for the triumph of My Sacred Heart, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is close at hand. Usher in the triumph of our Two Hearts. Trust in the words I speak in your heart and share them with perfect faith and hope in the God who loves you. Go in peace.

“Animo”, my family!!!!! Fight courageously with your eyes fixed on our Love crucified, for He is our strength to persevere till the end as God’s holy warriors of light!

“Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.” (Rev 13;10)


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