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Teachings on Identity/Mission
of the Love Crucified Community

Identity of a Mother of the Cross — Part I

Lourdes Pinto | October 5, 2013

Identity of a Mother of the Cross — Part II

Lourdes Pinto |December 6, 2014

Missionaries of the Cross - Identity & mission

Lourdes Pinto | August 30, 2018​

"Victim" According to the Spirituality of Love Crucified

Lourdes Pinto | August 23, 2018​ – Audio

The vocation to be a victim soul is a total oblation to the Father in Christ. It is not based in having great sufferings. There are persons who suffer much and do not have the call to Love Crucified. This vocation is lived and confirmed by living the Simple Path to Union with God.

Identity: Know Who You Are

Lourdes Pinto | December 8, 2016

Love Crucified Mission

Lourdes Pinto | May 31, 2012

Discern the Signs of the Times (pandemic agenda, climate change, gender ideology, Great Reset, etc.)  

Testimony: Power of the Hidden Life

Juan Carlos Duque and Lilian Giraldo | November 7, 2019

Husband and wife, members of the Love Crucified Community, share their testimony of how God used two experiences to confirm their identity as victim souls and to reveal the power of the hidden life and of the cross as one with Him. 


Advent Preparation 2018

Lourdes Pinto | December 1, 2018

Letters from Founders:

Steadfast in the Truth We Have Received

Lourdes Pinto | July 30, 2017

LC mission
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