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Saint Joseph

St. Joseph centered his life in prayer and silence. He meditated on the Word of God daily in humility, seeking no places of honor for himself. Hidden, he remained content. Through the humility and purity of his heart, he was able to see the purity and holiness of Mary. When he learned that Mary was with Child, through his humility, he entered the hiddenness of his heart and sought to know the Will of God. This is what makes a great man: to seek the Will of God in all things. My power and strength were manifested in his docility and tenderness of heart. When men let go of their human tendency to control and rely completely on Me, they will begin to possess the true power of God. St. Joseph embraced Mary as the Mother of God and believed in humility. He embraced the mission of God revealed and contained in Mary Most Humble. 3/19/11 Simple Path #22 p. 74

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