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Luminous Mysteries



1. There is only one consecration; that is to the Father through Jesus. By consecration to Mary we put ourselves in her hands so she may take possession of us and help us live our baptismal consecration to God. We allow her to order everything in our lives so we may be led to live perfectly the Will of God.  This means complete abandonment to her, like a child in his mother’s arms.


2. The Holy Spirit formed My human heart in all its perfection. He, the Holy Spirit, lives in Me as I live in the Father and the Father in Me. The Holy Spirit is released with all His power from the fire of My Sacred Heart when souls approach Me with humility at the foot of My Cross. The Holy Spirit flows from the fire of My crucified love. Only love can wage war against the darkness of Satan and win. It is purified love that I need for the decisive battle at hand. Therefore, My little one, bring Me victim souls. The Holy Spirit is received as a seed in Baptism but He is fully stirred into flame in My Cross. It is united as one to My Mother at the foot of the Cross that the Holy Spirit begins to possess your mind, heart and soul.  (7/11/11) (Simple Path p.20-21)


3. All Christians are called to be victim souls. Only God is holy, therefore, to be holy means to be transformed into the One you receive in Holy Communion, to become One with Me. Perfect love on earth is expressed by laying down your life for the salvation of your brother and sister. It is your "yes" to give the oblation of your life that "stirs into flame" the graces of your Baptism and you receive the power and fire of the Holy Spirit. It is then, in this way, that your life possesses the "power of God.” That is why I desire many victim souls, for it is only the power of pure love that will pierce the darkness that is seeping into the hearts and minds of My people. Bring Me victim souls My little one. Do not be afraid. (1/29/11) (Simple Path p.326)




  1. I am preparing My pure holy vessels by cleansing them with My precious Blood. These living chalices will be filled with My precious Blood as I unite them to the Word of the Cross and they suffer with Me. My Blood will be poured upon My Church to cleanse Her through them. You have been given the particular mission of cleansing My priesthood. ‘Woe to you, O Jerusalem. How long will it be before you are made clean?

  2. To receive My Blood is to receive My suffering, My love and new life... As My martyrs of love you are called to suffer with Me so that you can love with Me... In this way, you become My living chalices of healing grace for many... (10/7/2010) (Simple Path p.177)

  3. This brought me to see how deep was my wound, how hidden, often expressed with damaging emotions. I understood that I must go to the Lord to accompany Him in His solitude and allow Him to accompany me in mine. As His wounds touch mine and I allow Him to unite me to Himself, He makes me His Living Chalice, a Living Host for my husband, our children and others. (Simple Path p.173)





  1. Abandon yourself simply by accepting all, the way that it is given to you... Give yourself completely serving all for love of Me. The mission will move forward according to My plan and Will. You are called to be love by sacrificing yourself completely for Love. It is this simple abandonment to each of your lives and circumstances of life I have placed you in, that will produce the hidden force needed to conquer the darkness covering the earth. Abandon yourselves to love the most difficult ones closest to you. Kiss My pierced feet each morning and set yourselves out like warriors on a mission to serve with love, patience, tenderness, slow to anger. (2/26/11) (Simple Path p.231)

  2. Satan is working to bring forth his new world order of destruction but My crusade of victim souls will possess the power of God to crush the head of Satan. You are the heel of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Continue giving your life daily for the mission I have entrusted to you... Do not lose hope in all that I have placed in your heart. My crusade of victim souls will have to suffer greatly and be formed to perfection in love to fight this fierce battle, but know that My Cross has triumphed. Now, through this crusade, it needs to triumph in the hearts of My people. Persevere in love. Persevere in trust. (4/10/12) (Simple Path p.340)

  3. The time is at hand when all will be called to suffer persecution for My sake. This time of persecution will divide My followers into two camps: those with Me and those against Me. Few will remain with Me in the time of the great tribulation. You, My little ones, are being prepared for this time. Your lives lived in humility and purity of heart united to Me will be the light in this darkness. Your lives hidden and transformed in My crucified love will usher in the New Pentecost for the world. My hidden force of spiritual mothers, as one with My Mother of Sorrows, will raise up God's army of holy priests for the decisive battle to be waged against the principalities of darkness. Your mission is to raise up and form many victim souls for these decisive times, for the battle will be won through the power of the Cross. My hidden martyrs of love are the power of God to wage this war against the principalities of death. Do not be afraid to speak from the housetops what I speak to you in the hiddenness of your heart. I am making all things new through My hidden victims of purified love. Be steadfast as the one chosen by God to hold the sword of His mission. Trust and suffer all with patient endurance. (2-25-2014 (Simple Path p.438)




  1. The new life we received in baptism is like a tiny seed meant to grow into a full life in Christ. The purpose of our time on earth, then, is to pursue this growth along a path of continuous transformation. This is the path to Calvary where we partake in Christ’s sacrifice of love to the Father and partake in the life of the Holy Trinity. St. Paul describes this path as a race in which we must give our all—"for his sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as refuse.” (Phil 3:8-12) (Simple Path p. XIII)

  2. In Mark's Gospel we see the radical transformation that Jesus brought to the concept of purity before God: it is not ritual actions that make us pure. Purity and impurity arise within man's heart and depend on the condition of his heart...  How does the heart become pure? Who are the pure in heart, those who can see God...  Faith cleanses the heart. It is the result of God's initiative toward man. Faith comes about because men are touched deep within by God's Spirit, who opens and purifies their hearts. (Pope Benedict XVI) (Simple Path p.304)

  3. There is no love without suffering—without the suffering of renouncing oneself, of the transformation and purification of self for true freedom. Where there is nothing worth suffering for, even life loses its value. The Eucharist—the center of our Christian being—is founded on Jesus’ sacrifice for us; it is born from the suffering of love, which culminated in the Cross. We live by this love that gives itself. It gives us the courage and strength to suffer with Christ and for Him in this world, knowing that in this way our life becomes great and mature and true. (Pope Benedict) (Simple Path p. 161)

  4. Trust and place all your confidence in the power of the hidden life being revealed to you now in My Eucharistic presence. I am the power of the hidden life. I want to possess you with My hidden life, which is the Eucharist, transforming you into living hosts. This transformation will take place as you live your hidden and interior life united to My interior crucifixion, suffering all with Me and in Me. (Simple Path p. 165)




  1. You must form My hidden martyrs of love, for God the Father is using them to fulfill His plan of salvation during these decisive times. Live your hidden life as ONE with Me in My hidden life in the Eucharist and you will grow in the power of God, which is LOVE. This is the HIDDEN FORCE that will sweep through the face of the world to conquer Satan’s darkness. The Eucharist is the power of God in the world and God desires to make you living Hosts.  (6/30/11) (Simple Path p.165-166)

  2. ...In the Eucharist I give of Myself fully to you and you partake, meaning you receive Me, but then you must respond to this gift of Love by giving of yourself to Me. You must give Me of your blood in sacrifice and your body, which is your will. In the Eucharist I Am the Victim of Love. In order for you to become ONE BODY, ONE BLOOD in Me you must respond to become My victim of love, victim united as ONE to The Victim... 6/26/11 (Simple Path p. 168)

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