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Martyrdom of the heart (interior crucifixion) – suffered in peace in perfect joy 

My Lord, how do we live Your sorrows?

Embrace all the sorrows I place in your heart with perfect peace, trust, patience and love. 

Exteriorly reveal your gentle smile and PERFECT JOY in knowing the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you,

–Your PERFECT JOY in knowing that We live in you and you in Us,

–The PERFECT JOY in knowing that you have been chosen by God to aid in the salvation of many and that you have responded,

–The PERFECT JOY of living in faith, hope and charity,

–The PERFECT JOY of possessing the gift of the Cross,

–The PERFECT JOY of knowing more intimately LOVE and becoming ONE with LOVE,

–The PERFECT JOY of possessing the Holy Spirit as your most treasured Companion,

–The PERFECT JOY of seeing yourselves transformed into a new creation in Me,

–The PERFECT JOY of knowing Mary and living with her as ONE HEART in My LOVE CRUCIFIED.  —06/28/11, Path p.322.

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