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A Trumpet Call From God Forming His Victim Souls for These Decisive Times

Given by Our Lord to the Love Crucified Community

Messages about Jerusalem


Luke 23:26-31

Multitudes will be caught in dismay as a thief in the night

Cry with Me for Jerusalem. The multitudes will be caught in dismay as a thief in the night... The justice of God is upon you. The wood of My Cross is not dry, and it will take on new life with the blood of My martyrs. Do not cry for Me but for those who do not see Me, for their eyes have been covered by Satan's deception. Bring them, My daughter, as one with My Mother, to the foot of the Cross to see the glory of God before them. God the Father will use the blood of My martyrs as ONE with My Blood to open the eyes of the blind during the time of great darkness. Through your blood in suffering as ONE with the Word of the Cross, the eyes of many will be opened before the decisive battle begins.



All will be called to choose… Your faith will be tested

You are not appreciated in your own hometown. This is the life of all the prophets. Suffer all with Me, no longer two but ONE in My sacrifice of love for…. all yours.

Love in suffering with Me. Cry tears for Jerusalem, for the hour of My mercy is coming to its end, and the hour of justice is upon you. All will be called to choose… Your faith will be tested. You will not be able to remain lukewarm any longer. You will be with Me or against Me. The multitudes will forsake Me, but My holy remnant of victim souls will remain with Me till the end. The salvation of many will come through the faithfulness of My holy remnant. Remain in Me as I remain in you. Prepare My people, My daughter, for the Father has found favor in you.



The world as you know it will cease to exist

Soon the world as you know it will cease to exist. My followers will be persecuted. You will be hunted down as beasts are pursued in secret, hidden, and captured. There will be much wailing in the streets of Jerusalem. Be attentive, for the justice of God is now approaching the world. It will visit you as a thief in the night. My messages must now be published, 'It Is My Victim Souls That Will Conquer the Dragon; Bring Me Victim Souls!'


(Then Jesus asked me to go to His Word (the Bible) to confirm what He just said. I opened to 1 Samuel 20:24-42.)


The beast will pursue you as Saul pursued David... The beast shall die. He will be killed by the Word of the Cross, which is the Sword of the Spirit. Be My sword!



My Church will also collapse during the time of the great tribulation

Mark 6:34

I felt the Lord ask me to open my Bible randomly because He wanted to speak. I opened to the Gospel of Mark to the multiplication of loaves. As I began to read, I felt the Spirit stop me in this one line, 6:34:

As he went ashore, he saw a great throng, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.


My Heart was moved with compassion, for they were as sheep without a shepherd. My little one, it has begun. The great and terrible persecution is upon you. Jerusalem will fall. My Church will also collapse during the time of the great tribulation, and many will think she is dead, but she will rise in glory through the power of My Cross. My martyrs of love will purify her as ONE with My precious Blood. My compassion will extend to the ends of the world through My victims of love... Believe in all I say to you.  


3/26/13, Holy Week

My Cross is the sword of righteousness

My little one, the time has come. The principalities of darkness will consume the face of the earth. Jerusalem will weep, for she failed to recognize the time of her visitation. All will suffer; many will be lost. It is time for you to get up and walk with Me, for I have prepared you to enter this battle. You will hold tight the sword I have placed in your hands. This is the sword that Satan fears, My sword of righteousness.

(I asked the Lord how I would fight in this battle... I do not understand what these words mean...)

In the same way, I conquered this battle through the power of the Cross. My Cross is the sword of righteousness, and everyone that enters in it (conquers) with the power of God.



Gethsemane before the rock at the foot of the altar

Love Crucified has been called to REMAIN with Me as I continue to shed tears for Jerusalem, to remain with Me in My continuous agony for souls, to participate with Me in the salvation of the world, as you choose daily to receive the brokenness of the souls I have placed in your lives and to suffer with Me for them. The time of the great destruction draws near; many souls will be lost, you will hear the wailing of Jerusalem throughout the world. Bring Me victim souls to suffer with Me in order to obtain graces of conversion for many souls who otherwise will be lost. Believe in the power of your hidden lives of suffering with Me.



Holy Sepulcher before the altar and mosaic of 10 & 11th Stations of the Cross, Jesus is stripped and nailed to the Cross:

Words from Mary as the Mother of Sorrows (mourning):

It is a time of mourning, mourning for Jerusalem and the entire world. My Son has not been contemplated hanging on the wood of the Cross; His gaze of love has been ignored; His cry for Jerusalem has been ignored. The blood of the martyrs unites to the Blood of the Lamb of God and cries out to Abba, Father, justice. Soon, and very soon, every eye will be forced to contemplate the Lamb of God crucified for the love of mankind, and they will have to choose to believe or turn away. I desire for the Mothers and Missionaries of the Cross to unite to my mourning through prayers and sacrifices, for many souls will be lost to the fires of Gehenna. Remain with me and pray the Stations of the Cross so that many hearts will be open, will see, and be converted. After this great grace from God will come the final tribulation. God’s little mustard seed has been born upon the earth to prepare souls for these decisive times. Pray also for my shepherds, for their hearts to have become dry and brittle, unable to see the God who gave them life hanging from the Tree of Life. Pray, my little ones, pray, for the justice of God is upon the world. I bless you with my tears of love.



God’s martyrs of love will usher in this new dawn for humanity.

Soon the wailing of Jerusalem will be heard throughout all the world; the wailing of destruction, the wailing of death and suffering. Your cities will be patrolled by the Red Army, Satan’s army of destruction and pain. You will suffer greatly, My little one, but I will sustain you with My grace. All My little ones who come to Me in trust will know My peace amid great suffering. The time of sorrow, the lament of Daughter Zion, is needed for the purification of the world. Never forget that God's goodness is in control, and He will bring forth from this human destruction a time of peace and joy as the world has never known.

You were created from the beginning of time for these times. You have been chosen by ABBA to live the glory of being crucified with Me, your beloved Spouse. You, as one with God’s martyrs of love, past, present, and future, will be God's force of love to usher in this new dawn for humanity. Remain in silence and stillness, gazing at Me during the time of terror that is approaching quickly. Know and believe that the Most Holy Trinity is preparing you and the very few that have responded to My call to be victims of love. You (plural) will shine the light of God brightly during the time of great darkness. Remain in silence and prayer, contemplating My words. I bless you with My kiss of love and gratitude. Go in peace.

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