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Doubt vs. Wonder

Doubt separates us from God and brings forth a faint-hearted identity and a timid purpose in life. Wonder leads to the holy silence of resting with trust in the Divine Wisdom.

Doubt vs. Wonder



4/2/23, Palm Sunday

Persevere in love as I did during the darkness of My passion

I Am He who comes into the world to save her from death.

I Am He sent by the Father, for He has loved you faithfully from the beginning of time.

I Am He who continues alive in the world through the Eucharist and alive and present in My living hosts.


God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit continue present in the world, bringing to fulfillment God’s plan of salvation. God’s majesty, grandeur, and goodness will be manifested to all people, for He hears the cry of the poor. He is Love, and Love will conquer all darkness and fulfill My death and Resurrection. I came into the world sent by the Father to fulfill His perfect plan of salvation. God’s plan is being fulfilled amid the great darkness of Satan.


Believe, My little mustard seed, believe you each are being formed as My victims of love to be My Light in the darkness. My Light has conquered death, and the fulfillment of Abba’s plan of salvation will be fulfilled through God’s victims of love past, present, and future. You are one with Me, God’s victims of love, to conquer the darkness through your union in My sacrifice of love.


Believe and do not doubt during the time of the great destruction that is near at hand. Persevere in love as I did during the darkness of My passion. Pray, pray, pray, and keep watch, and you will have the strength to persevere as God’s saints of the end times.

Go in peace.



The Lord begins the above message of Holy Week 2023 by stating the truth of who He is, His presence alive in the world, and that God’s plan of salvation is being fulfilled amid the present darkness. Then, He urges us to BELIEVE and not doubt.


To come to believe and have perfect trust, we must first confront the truth of our doubts and understand where our doubt comes from. This is the path of purification and of holy silence.


Doubt results in an unholy silence because it brings to an end the discussion regarding the truth of God. The human person cannot understand the ways of God; when faith is still immature and weak, human pride and self-love can quickly ascertain that God does not exist. The truth that God is love is doubted because it does not correlate with the person’s plan for life and the world around him. How often do we hear or even have said ourselves, “How can God permit this to happen?” or “God does not exist because He would never permit this?” etc.


This is why the Lord specifically calls us to “not doubt during the time of the great destruction.” Our disordered tendencies to doubt are usually when God permits the storms of our lives, as we see so clearly in the lives of the Israelites crossing the desert. This doubting reveals our lack of faith.


When our faith is not yet solid as an anchor dug deep into the sand to keep the boat from drifting amid the waves and wind, we doubt, and this causes us to be wishy-washy; the wind can then easily take us from one side to another, or from one mood to another.


“But ask in faith, never doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind; for the doubter, being double-minded and unstable in every way, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord.” (James 1:6-7)


This is why the Lord has been pleading to us from the beginning: Believe, My daughter/son, believe!


Fear and doubt, because they are a reaction to a lack of trust and abandonment, act as a barrier that keeps us from becoming one with Jesus, and through Him, with Him, and in Him, allowing God to do the impossible – His mighty works and miracles. Therefore, our lifetime journey through the narrow path of the Cross is to come to know our fears and doubts and, through the help of the Holy Spirit, “Lord help me,” receive the graces to move through every fear.


In the message below from November 8th, 2022, the Lord explains how significant it is for everyone to come to know our fallen human condition. He says explicitly we “MUST” understand, that is, receive self-knowledge, of our fallen condition and disordered tendencies. The work of holy silence is always to bring us into the light, for this is the foundation of true humility.


Then the Lord says in this message, “Come out of hiding and face Me.” To believe in God’s love that wants to set us free, we must choose to face Him with all our disordered tendencies and sins. Without the courage to come out of hiding, hiding that is also from ourselves, we cannot receive God’s love. Doubt separates us from the love of God.





Fear and Hiding

My little one, fear that leads to hiding is part of the fallen human condition because of original sin. The human soul was created by God to live in Love and to experience the consuming peace and joy of being loved by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When Adam and Eve sinned by choosing to doubt God's love, they separated themselves from God; thus, they hid from the God who created them and loved them. Original sin brought the fear of God and hiding into humanity.


I, the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son, came into the world to restore humanity in the Father's love through My perfect sacrifice of love. You must understand your fallen condition and tendency to fear being rejected, abandoned, not loved, and embraced, and therefore, to hide to avoid being hurt. Give Me your fears. Come out of hiding and face Me. Receive from Me the grace of the divine embrace––being known, cherished, and loved in your misery by Abba, who knows all and sees all. Accept the suffering on earth of being rejected, mocked, misunderstood, calumniated, ridiculed, ignored, and unloved with Me and for Me. Living life on earth to its fullness is knowing and living in God's love and accepting the continuous suffering of living amid human beings mostly incapable of loving unconditionally.


Encountering Love moves you to live in God's embrace while receiving the brokenness of others and suffering for them as one with Me because of Love. This is the fullness of life here on earth.


The Lord also supplicates us to “never doubt that we have been chosen and prepared for this time of salvation.” This doubt brings forth a faint-hearted identity and a timorous purpose of life, causing us to be ineffective followers of Christ because we lack faith and hope.



God is leading us into the “land of milk and honey”

The time has arrived for the glory of God to be seen by the multitudes. This divine revelation will set the world on fire with the justice of the Father, for He is Love. Believe you are My little ones held in the Father's palm to confound the mighty ones in the world. God's power and majesty will act through His remnant victim souls past, present, and future. Know and never doubt that you have been chosen and prepared for this time of salvation history. Live every moment of your life in gratitude to God, who loves you and is with you. Prepare My little mustard seed through perseverance to live the Path I have been leading you in. Remain in silence and prayer, meditating My Words, for God loves you and desires to work through your littleness to reveal His greatness and goodness. Be docile and perfectly obedient to My every Word. Live in perfect faith and hope in the God who loves you and is walking with you these perilous times, never to abandon you, but rather lead you into the land of milk and honey (Ex 3:8, Lev 20:24, Num 14:8, Deut 11:9, Josh 5:6, Ezek 20:15). Remain in my peace.


Again, our good Lord provides for us two simple means to grow in faith and to silence our doubting:

1. Live every moment of your life in gratitude to God, who loves you and is with you.

2. Remain in silence and prayer, meditating My Words.


Doubt is unholy silence and sin because it reveals the soul’s lack of trust in the truth of who God is. Again, the Lord reiterates on October 4th, 2023, that trust in Him grows as we “see continuously our weakness and sinfulness.”


Place all your trust in Me as you see continuously your weakness and sinfulness, for it is My grace, obtained for you through My passion and resurrection, that will make you holy as I am holy if you persevere daily in living the way I have made known to you. 10/4/23

Also, in this message, Jesus encourages us to “PERSEVERE through the long and strenuous path of purification.

God is raising the few who will possess His power to defeat Satan and help cleanse My Church. These few are His victim souls past, present, and future, who have persevered through the long and strenuous path of purification and, as one with Mary, have become one in My sacrifice of love. 10/4/23


In the last paragraph of this message, the Lord tells us that God has entrusted us with His formation manual for the saints of the end times. Do we believe, or do we doubt? If we truly believe this gift from the love of God for us and the Church, do we give ourselves entirely to reflection and living what He has said? Do we believe, or do we continue to doubt the promises God has made to us if we persevere through the way of the Cross? These are important questions for Lent.


God's formation manual for his saints of the end times has been entrusted to you, and the little mustard seed of Love Crucified. You each must continue to receive this gift from God as your treasured pearl and commit daily to ponder My words and live My path with great focus and diligence. My way of the Cross is not easy, but those who persevere, God will bless abundantly with the grace of becoming the new men and women of the Kingdom of God on earth, and He will usher in a new dawn for humanity through the few victims of love.

Rejoice, My little one, REJOICE and BELIEVE 10/4/23


Wonder is the opposite of doubt.

Fr. Nortz, from the book Holy Silence, writes concerning wonder:

The first fundamental attitude that disposes us to God and His plans is wonder. It is also the origin of our quest for God. Wonder is a complex sentiment involving surprise, bewilderment, awe, and, most importantly, the expectation of a solution to our puzzlement. When Mary asked St. Gabriel, “How can this be?” She was not in any way expressing doubt but was searching for a response to understand the meaning of the angel’s message. Zechariah, on the other hand, asked the same question: “How can this be?” as an expression of disbelief. It is saying, “That does not make sense to me; therefore, it does not make sense at all.”


Wonder causes an initial perplexity, but it leads to the holy silence of resting with trust in the Divine Wisdom.


On September 18, 2011, Jesus spoke about how His Mother lived in a constant state of awe (wonderment):


“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.”  My little one, the first words from the mouth of My Mother as she enters the home of Elizabeth. Ponder these words with Me. My Mother lived her life in praise of the Father. She lived in the constant awareness of Who the Father is. Her soul was in a constant state of awe.


To live consumed in the embrace of God, in the Father’s Heart, means living in the silence of a continuous bowing down, a submitting constantly to the sovereignty of God. I bow down on my knees and submit to my God at every moment. Living in the embrace of the Holy Spirit is the constant awareness of who I am- nothing- and in the holy presence of God Almighty. It is a state of silence in which I live continuously my “lowliness” in awe of God's power, majesty, goodness, kindness, mercy, and love.








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