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Few Will Remain Faithful

God in His infinite goodness will conquer the beast with the few little pure victims of love Message 1/4/2022
My little one, the time approaches for the great persecution of My followers. I, as I did with My apostles, disciples, Mother, and friends, am preparing you for this difficult hour. Few will remain faithful, My little one. Judas betrayed Me because his passions had not been purified. His zeal for his desires, power, and riches darkened his soul so that Satan could manipulate him
This is what will happen again at the final hour. I will be betrayed by those closest to Me, My consecrated souls because the darkness within their hearts has not been purified, and Satan will deceive them until it's too late. My small community of Love Crucified will also suffer this devastation because not all have listened and responded to My voice, preparing them for these difficult times.
Remain in the Immaculate Heart of Mary in silence and prayer, pondering the words I have spoken to you, and you (plural) will have the purity of heart to persevere till the end.
Encourage My little mustard seed to persevere living the Simple Path I continue guiding you (plural) in.
1– What are the two forces in the decisive battle being waged?
Mark Mallett expresses it simply and clearly in his blog of 1/5/22:
Powerful economic and political powers
intent upon reducing and controlling the population.
Those defending life, dignity, and freedom.
We cannot serve two masters. We each must choose which side of this battle we are on. The Lord has been very clear in His messages to us that it will be only His followers who will be persecuted. He continuously lets us know that few will remain faithful. Why? Because His followers are those who are willing to deny themselves, meaning those willing to deny their desires, including good desires to maintain employment, comforts of life, attachments to many things, etc., to pick up their Cross and follow Him to be crucified.
The Lord is letting us know in advance that He will be betrayed again by those closest to Him because of the darkness that remains in their hearts. He also is clear that those who persevere till the end will be those who remain in the Immaculate Heart of Mary in silence and prayer and possess a pure heart.
In 2020 the LC Encounter was on the 1st nail of crucifixion, the purification of our desires. It was the beginning of the pandemic. How providential that God in His infinite goodness was bringing us to the death of our desires, expectations, and attachments. A very difficult purification which many of us have been living for the past two years. Without this death to self, we cannot persevere as God’s victim souls, one with the Crucified.
2– 1st Nail of our Interior Crucifixion, Purification of our Desires
LC Encounter 2020, 2nd Reflection
The Purification of Your Desires —Diary of a MOC. p.187
The purification of your desires is the first stage of purification in My Sacred Heart. You begin to move only according to My desires and not yours. You no longer do what you want to do, nor go where you want to go, but now, you go only where I take you. You choose to live each day according to what is most difficult, not what is easiest. This will require a greater discipline of your will, greater silence, and stillness of soul in Me. 1/16/14
As I read these words again this week, words that were given by the Lord in 2014, they took on a new perspective after two years of the pandemic and the “Great Reset” of the one world order with its anti-Gospel agenda against life, dignity, and freedom. Many people can no longer do what they want to do nor go where they want to go unless they have received the mRNA vaccine. But the Lord was preparing us as His victim souls by letting us know, as He did with Peter, that we will go only where He takes us. Where is He taking us? To the Cross to be persecuted with Him, to participate in Divine Love as one with His sacrifice of love to win this battle and usher in the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Reign of the Holy Spirit and the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus.
My apostles at first could not receive the mystery of God’s plan of salvation, which opens the passage to enter into God through His Son, because their desires and expectations kept their minds and hearts concealed to the knowledge of God’s love, but when their expectations and desires were shattered, and their hearts were humbled in grief, the Holy Spirit could begin to reveal to them the Mystery of Divine Love found and encountered in the Cross and through the Cross. To this day, the Mystery of the Cross continues to be veiled to the majority of people because they are not willing to allow the Spirit to pierce through their pride, control, stubbornness, plans, and self…
  1. The apostles are “overwhelmed with grief” (Mt17:23) because Jesus, for the 2nd time, has told them that He is going to be killed and that He will be raised on the 3rd day (17:22). They are overwhelmed with grief because they have truly come to know Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God, and they have come to love Him, but their grief is not yet fully purified. The intentions of their hearts are not yet pure; therefore, their love is not yet filial love—pure love.

Their grief is “overwhelming” because a very painful process of purification is actually taking place in their hearts—“the circumcision of the foreskin of their hearts” (Deuteronomy 10:16). The disciples have their desires and expectations of Jesus. They have their own desires of what life ministering with Jesus should be.
These are good human desires, plans, and expectations, but the ways of God are not the ways of men— “Get behind me Satan…for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.” (Mt 16:23) Their hearts need to undergo the painful process of the circumcision of their desires. The deep desires of their hearts are being “cut out,” crucified, put to death, and this personal death within the depth of their hearts is overwhelming them with grief. Yet, this painful death of their deepest desires and longings is the only means to PURE LOVE. This is the First Nail of crucifixion with Jesus.
The surgical removal of a boy’s foreskin is painful. Our desires are the foreskin attached to our hearts. The Divine Physician comes to cut away this foreskin because it keeps our hearts attached to our “I’ and not to God. When the skin is removed, the boy feels greater sensitivity. This, too, is what happens to our hearts—When the foreskin of our desires is removed, our hearts become more sensitive to God; they have a greater capacity to know Him and to understand His ways. Our hearts then become more attached to God, able to live in greater TRUST and ABANDONMENT to His Will.
We too have many good desires, but they are attached to our wills and ego:
  1. Desires to have those we love freed from their oppressions, healed of their wounds and disorders, and set free to love us. We want our desires fulfilled according to our ways– which is not the cross and suffering, so we control, insist, push, pull and force to try to change the ones we love. (“Love does not insist on its own way” (1Cor.13:5)

  2. If our desires are still attached to our way of life, we will begin to choose and discard the words of God spoken to us to prepare us as His victim warriors for this battle. We will look for other voices to justify our desires to save ourselves, and we will discard the words that challenge us to suffer as one in Christ’s sacrifice of love. Just as many Catholics choose what they want to follow and discard the rest, mainly the Church’s teachings on sexuality, birth control, abortion, and all the difficult teachings that require sacrifice and dying to our passions and desires of the flesh. We, too, in LC, can begin to pick and choose only what fits into our desires.

This is the same painful process that is now happening to each of us in the Love Crucified Community. We each entered with our own desires and expectations of what life would be like as God’s little victim souls. We have lived many years of great joy, of coming together and enjoying one another. The Missionaries of the Cross have loved the idea of being God’s “green berets.” They have felt honored, strong, and important, being the elite of God’s army. As the MOC, we have loved the beauty of our hidden mystical bridal gown and being associated with the Mother of Sorrows. Yet, like the apostles and all of God’s saints, the intentions of our hearts need to go through the painful process of purification
If we live this “overwhelming grief” in this interior death without our gaze upon the mercy, goodness, and power of God, and in the knowledge that His ways are perfect and bring forth new life, then we can enter an oppressive sadness because our eyes are fixed on ourselves and not God.
The only way to live this “overwhelming grief” is as Mary did—in the knowledge of who God is
On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8/21, in which we all renewed our consecration to Mary and the Holy Spirit as one, the Blessed Mother said to us:
God in His immense goodness is now preparing you to live consumed in my Immaculate Heart through the fire of the Holy Spirit as one in Christ crucified into the embrace of the Father to know and taste, to different degrees according to each soul, the ecstasy of Divine Life lived on earth…
How to proceed when we cannot reconcile something the pope does or says with our conscience?
Fr Jordi explains:
Recently, the pope congratulated a religious sister for her ministry. This sister is conspicuously pro-abortion and her ministry is dedicated to promoting the LGTBQ agenda,
In these situations, the best path is to imitate Mary at the Cross.
How did she react to the absence of Peter from Calvary? He had denied Jesus three times, regretted and cried, but he remained bound in fear and thus not present at the Cross. Certainly, Peter’s behavior pierced the Heart of Mary. He abandoned Jesus and her at the time they most needed him, when she needed his spiritual paternity to comfort her and to ratify together their total surrender with Christ. Yet she did not allow the wound caused by Peter to be infected with resentment. She did not separate from him; she continued to recognize him as the one chosen by her Son to be the head of the Church. This does not mean that she agreed with his behavior. She suffered with maternal love for him.
Jesus teaches us to distinguish between God-given authority and comments that come from human frailty. Jesus, right after declaring, "I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church,” rebuked him, saying, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” Mt 16:23.
We must ponder this distinction between the obedience we owe to "concerns of God" expressed in matters of faith and morals, and the opinions on matters of science, such as the benefit of medical treatment, in particular the vaccine, in which the pope depends on the advice of drug agencies and governments responsible for the evaluation. Like Mary, we may be pierced by the pope, but we shall always recognize his papal authority and pray for him. In this way, we also follow the example of St. Catherine of Sienna, doctor of the Church.
Frank McCormick, a high school history teacher in a Chicago suburb, has voiced his views about Critical Race Theory (CRT) at his school district for six months. He realized that the loneliness, the personal attacks from all directions, and the constant fear of losing his job are the very things keeping many others quiet about the issue, including, at one time, himself. He said, “There is nothing of value that does not come at a cost—even if my career at the district ended, it would have ended with me trying to do something right.”
This man, to fight against a diabolical agenda perverting the minds of our children, had to die to his own desires and attachments and embrace the cross of great suffering. To choose to fight for Christ and with Christ will always require the courage to suffer greatly.
God calls us to follow Christ and to suffer with Him, to wear the crown of the sins and disorders of our loved ones, and to be scourged and pierced by their brokenness as God’s Way of the Cross to make all things new.
Hebrews 12:4- “In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.” It is in the 1st nail of the crucifixion of our desires that we begin to shed our blood.
Ultimately, to persevere till the end as Christ’s followers, we will have to possess the ONE DESIRE Jesus Christ lived on earth—SOLELY THE CROSS.
My community, Franz Jägerstätter was among the “few followers” of Christ during World War II. Every priest and bishop and most laypeople in his town and surrounding towns went along with the Nazi agenda. Yet, this one simple farmer crucified all his desires and attachments and was willing to be crucified with Christ to fight for life, dignity, and freedom.
I, as your spiritual mother, choose to listen to the voice of God and to be crucified with Him to fight this decisive battle, and I encourage each of you as His victim souls to do the same for the glory of God and the salvation of the world
Message 12/1/21
My precious one, you will be sent out to speak the truth of My Kingdom that is being established on earth, and you will speak the truth of Satan’s Kingdom of destruction, yet few will listen, few will follow you. Be prepared for a difficult walk through the strenuous path of My passion. You will experience my solitude, exhaustion, interior struggles, the fury of Satan and his principalities, betrayal by My Church, and in the end, martyrdom with Me, your Beloved. Know, My little one, that you are not alone, I am with you and the few that will remain faithful walking My narrow path with you. Persevere till the end, and you will witness the heavenly Jerusalem established on earth for the glory of God, and you will rejoice at my right side with the 144,000 who endured, for love of Me, to the end. Go in peace in the perfect knowledge that I am one with you.


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