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Heralds of Hope

  • Catholic Dictionary

The confident desire of obtaining a future good that is difficult to attain. It is therefore a desire, which implies seeking and pursuing; some future good that is not yet possessed but wanted, unlike fear that shrinks from a future evil. Hope is confident that what is desired will certainly be attained. It is the opposite of despair. Yet it recognizes that the object wanted is not easily obtained and that it requires effort to overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way.
  • Thomas Aquinas defines hope as "...a future good, difficult but possible to means of the Divine Assistance...on Whose help it leans". Hope is, by its very nature, always concerned with something in the future.

  • Hope, the pursuit of God, Heaven, and holiness, is what charges us on towards the perfection of temporal matters.

  • Magnanimity is a virtue under the heading of Hope. Magnanimity literally means "great-souled," and it refers to a striving towards that which is most great, a desire for the highest, most noble goals. It is the ultimate ambition, the ambition to become the absolute greatest thing you can be - a saint, and to achieve the greatest accomplishment possible - union with God.

  • Do not let the thief catch you unprepared. 10/20/12

Feast of St Paul of the Cross
I have formed you (LC), trained you, dressed you to be My prophets of light to warn and awaken My people before the horrible day of judgment comes down upon you. There will be wailing, groaning, and grinding of teeth in your streets. The darkness of evil will cover you. Be prepared when these things happen that I speak to you about. Do not let the thief catch you unprepared.
(Jesus prophetically warns us of the darkness that must come)
  • Mark 8:31-33. And he began to teach them that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. 32 And he said this plainly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him. 33 But turning and seeing his disciples, he rebuked Peter, and said, "Get behind me, Satan! For you are not on the side of God, but of men."

  • Mark 9:13

  • Mark 9:31

  • Message of 10/20/12 continues

Believe, you are My people, My little ones, held in the Father's palm. Believe that I am one with you, the Light in the world, My living hosts. Believe so that My Light can shine through you to penetrate the darkness consuming the world. Believe in the Power of God working through His hidden force. (faith, what He has been doing with us, His presence with us now, forming us, guiding us…)
Love and continue to suffer ALL, as one with Me in My sacrifice of love, to enter prepared with God's armor the fiercest battle that is at hand. (Love by suffering ALL with Him)
Do not be ashamed of My words (Cf. Mark 8: 38) and share the treasure of Heaven that has been entrusted to you (The Simple Path to Union with God) with many. Complete My Path and, as My Heralds of Hope teach it from the housetops. This is your mission. Respond with great zeal and courage of heart, as My warriors of love, for these decisive times.
  • Be sent out as My HERALDS OF HOPE to usher in My era of peace –5/26/14

My “flame of love” is the Holy Spirit through My Path. My flame of love has been possessing your minds, hearts, and faculties so that it is no longer you who live but I who live in you. In this way, I live in you as you live in Me, and the Father lives in us. Do not be afraid to be sent out as My HERALDS OF HOPE to usher in My era of peace. Do not be afraid to confront the forces of evil as My light, for it is the light of My holy remnant that will conquer the forces of darkness. BELIEVE that you are the light of the world and hold the power of God.
  • The Path is My formation for the saints of these decisive times –6/27/16

The Lord of heaven and earth cries tears for Daughter Zion. She, more precious than gold, has defiled herself, making herself unfit for the King of Kings. Therefore, God, in His infinite mercy, is coming as Justice to purify all that has been defiled. Prepare My people for this purification by fire.
  • “Zion” meant Jerusalem and, later, Israel as the people of God. “Daughter of Zion,” then, does not refer to a specific person. It’s a metaphor for Israel and the loving, caring, patient relationship God has with His chosen people.

  • The Holy Spirit prepared Mary with His grace. It was fitting that the mother of Him in whom “the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily” should herself be “full of grace.” She was, by sheer grace, conceived without sin as the most humble of creatures, the most capable of welcoming the inexpressible gift of the Almighty. It was quite correct for the angel Gabriel to greet her as the “daughter of Zion”: “Rejoice” (CCC 722).

  • Message of 6/27/16 continues:

My Lord, how do we do this?
By living and becoming My Path, you become My heralds of hope, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The Path is My formation for the saints of these decisive times, preparing the path for My Second Coming. Do not be afraid to proclaim from the housetops the words I speak in the recesses of your heart, for those who have pure hearts will hear My voice and follow Me, but the obstinate will perish.
My Lord, you told me that we could bring back to life the dead. Please, you are God, also pierce the hearts of the obstinate.
It is your willingness to persevere in suffering with Me that has the power to pierce these souls. Remain steadfast in all that I have taught you.
  • Hope in the future: “new dawn,” “new springtime,” “era of peace,” “I am making all things new,” “new Pentecost,” “Eucharistic Reign.”

  • 9/6/13

A new dawn is coming upon the earth. You, My holy remnant, if you remain faithful during the time of great darkness, will see the Light of the new dawn rising from the east. Persevere!
  • 12/27/20

Her (Church) glory will shine like the radiance of the sun through the purity of its few victims of love, and these few, united as one in My sacrifice of love, will usher in the new dawn for My Church and world.
  • 3/2/13

It is My victims of love that God the Father is using to carry My Bride into the era of peace.
  • 12/28/14

One saint that becomes one in My crucified love has the power to transform an entire society. I am raising up My saints for the decisive times at hand to fight My holy war and usher in the era of peace.
  • 2/12/18

The few, My little ones, who accept, receive, and honor this mission given to you, will be blessed by our Heavenly Father. He will multiply your lives given and broken through Me, with Me, and in Me. His power and His glory will fill your small sacrifices, united to My perfect sacrifice of love, to raise up a holy priesthood to usher in My Second Coming. My Second Coming will come through Mary, with Mary, and in Mary, for it is My Eucharistic Reign. My little one, the New Pentecost, will be the Reign of My Mother as one with My Eucharistic Reign united to the Father. This will be the new era of peace in the world – The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the great mission given to you and the few that respond.
  • 3/21/20

Remain steadfast as I continue to guide you on the path of total transformation in Me, and you(LC), along with My faithful remnant, will defeat Satan and cast him into hell, and usher in My era of peace.
  • 2/25/14

I am making all things new through My hidden victims of purified love.
  • 6/29/21

Trust in God's goodness and mercy, for His ways are perfect. The time draws near, my little one, please remain attentive daily to Me, for we are making all things new according to God's plan.
  • I am making all things new

3/14/19. Lenten message
I am making all things new. Do you think that My death and resurrection was useless and powerless? No, My little one, I am making all things new, yet few believe, they have not come to know Me, My Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit. They live in the deception of Satan’s lies and darkness. Their gods have become money, wealth, power, self, but the truth is that I am alive in the world, present with all My power and glory, and at the designated time, chosen by our Father, I, united to My faithful remnant of victim souls, will cease the dragon. Many will be lost because their pride kept them from believing in Me, the God of heaven and earth. Persevere in the mission I have entrusted to you.
(I stopped to ask Jesus how He wants me to persevere… So many times, I do not know what to do or say….)
Tell My family (LC) to pray for greater faith to believe in the words I have spoken (I understood His messages to us). If My words remain in your hearts, you will persevere through the many trials predestined for you to suffer for the glory of God and the salvation of countless souls. I desire to see each of you rejoicing ALWAYS, in good times and in bad, because you have come to believe that I am with you. You have come to taste the goodness of the Lord. Joy is the fruit of trust, and therefore, My followers live in praise of God. My witnesses will be known in the world through the light of praise and joy that radiates from your lives. My little ones, believe that amid this darkness, I am making all things new through you, with you, and in you. Proclaim what I have done in you (plural) through The Simple Path I have been leading you in. Go forth and be My disciples of Light, for the Light has already conquered the darkness.
  • “Woman, why are you weeping?” (John 20)

  • “Why are you troubled?”(Luke 24)


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