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Prayer of Long Waiting in Silence

Jesus spoke these words in my heart to all the MOC:

The time has come in which the principalities of darkness will consume the earth, the terrible day of the Lord. The demons have no power over you (plural) and My followers. My mothers (MOC) must remember that during these dark times, your prayers lived with perfect trust in Me have the power to aid in the protection and salvation of many souls otherwise destined for hell. The battle is fierce, but My little one, you hold the Sword of the Spirit. Your hearts purified, emptied, and formed as My victims of pure love, one with My Mother of Sorrows, is the power of God to cast into hell the principalities of death. Give yourselves to prayer and silence as My warriors preparing and saving souls, for the moment of judgment is upon the world. Do not waste time with any frivolity, for the decisive battle has begun. Pray, pray, pray, pray unceasingly, for your prayers, as one with My Mother’s, have great power before the throne of our Father. He hears the cry of the poor.


My little one, it is I, your Mother. It has been My desire today, on this first Saturday of the month, to adore My Son with you(plural) in(before) this monstrance. It represents the truth of how this great battle will be won and the Kingdom of God established on earth. The Blood of My Son as one with Me and the pure blood of the martyrs through the powerful impulse of the Holy Spirit will be poured upon the earth, bringing forth a new creation. My Son’s Heart (Eucharist) is at the center of the Cross, the chalice representing My Heart and every soul that unites to My Immaculate Heart at the foot of the Cross become one sacrifice of love with the Holy Spirit to the Father. This impulse of Divine Love will cleanse God’s priesthood and purify the face of the earth. Remain little, innocent, pure, simple, recollected, silent, and in continuous prayer with Me. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Pray with Me for the salvation of the world.

I prayed, “What do I now need to be emptied of?”

I felt my impatience, but my impatience comes from my desire to want others to respond with zeal, knowing the great danger we are now in. Yet, they don't respond, at least to my desires and expectations.

I need to wait through Christ in ABBA with the Holy Spirit and Mary. A waiting that is extremely painful. The waiting of ABBA is depicted in the painting of Rembrandt.

It is very hard to just be home and wait. It is a waiting in grief for those who have left and a waiting with hope to offer forgiveness and new life to those who will return. —The Return of the Prodigal Son, Henri Nouwen, p.132

This waiting empties us and, at the same time, consumes us. A painful waiting that is a slow death to self.

This waiting requires SILENCE. I am called to live in the silence of Mary. It's a silence of living in union with God. A silence that is a continuous prayer. A silence that is fully focused, attentive to each moment, to each person and situation. A silence of contemplation and interior work. The work of living as Christ’s white linen, soaking up His precious Blood discarded by souls.

Useless speech or activity can move us out of this silence of union

In the Holy Spirit, you possess Me and the Father as One. The Spirit now lives in you and you in Him. You are ONE. This divine dimension is SILENCE. When you enter this divine union in silence, you must be careful to nurture it; careless speech and careless activity can bring the soul out of this divine dimension of silence. —Path #101

Do not waste time with any frivolity, for the decisive battle has begun. 6/6/20

This willingness to wait in ABBA through Jesus crucified, and His long waiting in the Eucharist is my battling for souls. It is the most intimate participation in the Divine Love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for humanity. It is the perfection of the interior martyrdom lived solely for Love.

Here is the God I want to believe in: a Father who, from the beginning of creation, has stretched out his arms in merciful blessing, never forcing himself on anyone, but always waiting; never letting his arms drop down in despair, but always hoping that his children will return so that he can speak words of love to them and let his tired arms rest on their shoulders. His only desire is to bless. — The Return of the Prodigal Son, Henri Nouwen, p.95

Meditating on the passion of Christ brings us to encounter God’s infinite love in His grief in waiting.

Interiorly, I saw Jesus being scourged. I came to Him and knelt in front of Him. I placed my hands over His bound hands. His gaze pierced through my being. He then said, “Love bears all for the other.” 9/4/12

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. Lk. 6:27-28

My insisting and pushing stops, and I accept and live in my powerlessness abandoned in God's eternal waiting, trusting only in His goodness and mercy.

The long waiting brings me face to face with my powerlessness, my nothingness, and if I keep my gaze on Christ, my faith is strengthened through the knowledge of His goodness, majesty, and power.

Persevere in the work of waiting with expectant faith!


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