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The Blood of Christ, United with His Martyrs of Love, Will Save the World

Christ's Blood is the gift of Himself, which contains the power of His love, yet it has been trampled on. The world offers Satan more innocent blood. We are called to unite the blood of the martyrs with the Lord's, to be ONE with Christ, our Spouse, to shed tears of pure love with Him. This is the power that casts out evil and propitiates a New Pentecost for the salvation of the world.

Message from the Lord: You are My beloved spouse of My Most Precious Blood. It is My Blood that refreshes the soul and brings forth new life in the Spirit. My little one, My Blood, poured out for mankind, has been trampled on. It has not been received as My gift of Myself to humanity. At every Mass, My Blood is present to you (pl.), to receive into your own hearts. This Blood is the power of My love for you (pl.). This Blood is sacred, for it is the Blood of the Lamb of God who voluntarily laid down His life for you (pl) so that you can be free. Yet My Blood has not been received. Your tears are one with My tears and Mary’s, for the wrath of God is upon the earth. My Blood saves, restores, heals, and brings forth new life. Yet the world has chosen to give their good God the blood of the most innocent, My little ones in the wombs of their mothers, and the blood of the slaughtered innocent ones on the streets of the world. This is the blood of Satan, the blood of evil. You have been chosen by the Father to bring to God the blood of My martyrs of love; the blood shed with tears of pure love as one with Me. This blood hidden to the world has the power to cast out evil and usher in the reign of peace. Continue to unite these pure martyrs of My Divine Love to save the world from utter destruction.


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