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The Great Deception

Before COVID 19 existed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ DID! It proclaimed Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life AND It promised ETERNAL LIFE to whoever EATS the Body and Drinks the Blood of Christ. (John / Chapter 6) There was always a scarcity of "Baptized Workers" who would proclaim this Truth with Zeal and Enthusiasm. Today in a COVID World there is no lack of "Vaccinated Disciples" proclaiming from the rooftops the Gospel of the COVID Vaccine Stating categorically the COVID Vaccine is Mankind's only Salvation. To openly doubt or question this automatically places you in the realm of ignorance or a threat to the good or love of your neighbor. It is unquestionably proclaimed on every social media as "the new bread of life" If you are placed on "hold" while making a call, invariably a message will automatically begin playing in your ear stating how available and easily you can get the vaccine with no cost to you. It's the new "Manna" that falls freely from the skies. The Evil One has fashioned a new Golden Calf for mankind to worship for their salvation. The Evil One has always excelled in mimicking Christ and deceiving those having "little faith and great fear." The History of the world has proven when mankind believes more in the "Word of the Government " than in the "Word of God" there is a terrible price to pay. Those who keep the faith may have to suffer equally or even more than those who don't But our faith will not go unrewarded, while sadly those with misguided faith will not go unpunished. Therefore, use your time wisely to nourish and strengthen your faith with the Word and Sacraments. Jesus has conquered death and overcome the world and we, "With Him, In Him and Through Him" will do likewise! AMEN


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