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Prophetic Preparation

Revelation: Preparation for Battle and Eucharistic Reign

Lourdes Pinto | November 27, 2018

The Book of Revelation helps us to see how living The Simple Path to Union with God is the preparation to be ONE with Christ, among the “144,000” saints –the holy remnant of victim souls, sealed with the power of the Cross to proclaim the glory of God’s plan, conquer Satan and usher in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus and the New Pentecost for the Church.

Revelation 8: "Pure Incense"

Lourdes Pinto  & Fr Jordi Rivero – November 14 & 21, 2019

"Pure incense " is the prayer of the saints. In God it has power . 

Revelation 14: "First Fruits"

Lourdes Pinto & Fr Jordi Rivero – November 21, 2019

"First Fruits": Those who remain faithful in trials and prepare the way of Christ for others. 

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