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Love Crucified encounter with Regnum Christi

Medellin, Colombia, 2020


Your love has given me great joy and encouragement –Philemon 1:7.



Suffering all your sorrows with Me is so beneficial for your soul, because in that process you touch the open wounds of My love for you. This perfects a soul quickly in abandonment and trust until you come to experience all, the good and what you perceive as bad, as a gift of My love for you. — Path, p.310


Why do I desire and need for you to suffer with Me? It is through My suffering that you come to know Love. Love is purified in suffering, but My suffering is pure love; therefore, when you suffer with Me, your love is purified in Me. This suffering with Me and loving with Me brings new life, a new creation. —Path p.96.


Be attentive to each person you encounter in your life. I live in them. I suffer for them and with them. This is My Body (Mt 35:31-41). My little one, have the docility of heart to receive the brokenness of all people into your heart as ONE with Me. This is participation in the love of the Trinity: to receive the wounds of your brothers and sisters and to give the sacrifice of your life, as ONE with Me, for their salvation and sanctification. This is Love. —Path p.104


Jesus: My wounds are the passage to enter the infinity of God.

Our infected wounds are:

  • the foundation of the walls that are built in our hearts.

  • Our infected wounds are OBSTACLES to live unity with Christ – one in His sacrifice of love.

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