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Love Crucified encounter with Regnum Christi

Medellin, Colombia, 2020


The martyrdom of the heart is the martyrdom of suffering with Love and for Love. My daughter, if you could only understand the fruit of the martyrdom of suffering, you would desire nothing else on earth. The hidden life of suffering with Love and for Love is of far greater worth than great and small works tainted with human recognition. Believe in the hidden force contained in the martyrdom of the heart. This is the purest fragrance of love that has the power to conquer the enemies of God.Path p.139.


I am permitting for you to receive the oppression in the hearts of others as one with Me…Suffer those attacks, My little one, with perfect trust and love, obtaining graces for the many who are oppressed. This hidden life of suffering the oppression of other souls with Me will obtain for you the crown of gloryPath p.143.


I will make all things new through My Precious Blood and the blood of My martyrs. This spirituality of suffering out of love for Me is not understood even within My Church. Yet here lies the power of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. More grace is obtained for the world through the hidden life of suffering in love than the public life… Live the hidden life to perfection in Me and in the Heart of My Mother. — Path p. 145.


Cardinal Ratzinger explains 3rd secret of Fatima: "From the suffering of the witnesses comes a purifying and renewing power, because their suffering is the actualization of the suffering of Christ Himself and a communication in the here and now of its saving effect". —Path p.143-144.


Silence allows you to embrace fully the sorrow of your heart. Silence allows you to enter fully the sorrow I am permitting in your heart. As you embrace this pain and suffering, you are embracing Me. You are embracing My pain and suffering and thus entering My Heart, for My Heart is all pain and love. This is My Mercy.  —Path p.285.


"My sons and daughters, exteriorly smile and tend to the duties of your vocation with detail and love; but interiorly, through the arms of silence, live embracing your sorrows. In this way, you are embracing My crucified Body and soothing My wounds. This is the life of love…"  Path p.285.

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