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The Priest is not His Own

by Fulton Sheen

Conchita: A Mother's Spiritual Diary

edited by M.M. Philipon, O.P.


In the Shadow of His Wings: The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann, OFM

by Gereon Karl Goldmann


He Leadeth Me

By Walter J. Ciszek. A Jesuit in a Russian labor camp grows in knowledge of God, trust and abandonment.


To My Priests

By Concepcion Cabrera de Armida

Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart 
1320 Maze Blvd. Modesto, Ca, 95351  Tel: 209-526-3525 
The Holy Father's Letter to His Priests on the 160th. Anniversary of the Death of St. John Vianney 


With the tenderness and love of a father, Pope Francis gives hope, reassurance, praise and much gratitude to his priests / sons as they face the struggles and sorrows caused by such grave abuse scandals in the Church. In his words we hear the voice of a father strengthening and encouraging his children to persevere in their commitment and ministry to God and their people. 


New Outpourings of the Holy Spirit

by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

On the work of the Holy Spirit raising up new forms of communities since the beginning of the Church.

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