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Sorrowful Mysteries



I want you to be truly one with Me. I wish you to be like a very clear mirror in which is reproduced the image of your Jesus Crucified. I wish you to reflect Me in you, such as I was on the Cross. On your part, abandon yourself simply to receive in you My image. I wish you to be as I am: crowned with thorns, scourged, nailed to the Cross, in desolation, pierced, abandoned… Meditate one by one all these things and be My living portrait in order that My Father find in you His pleasure and pour out His graces on sinners (Diary, April 6, 1895) (Conchita’s Diary, p. 124).


Abandon yourself simply by accepting all, the way that it is given to you... Give yourself completely serving all for love of Me. The mission will move forward according to My plan and Will. You are called to be love by sacrificing yourself completely for Love. It is this simple abandonment to each of your lives and circumstances of life I have placed you in, that will produce the hidden force needed to conquer the darkness covering the earth. Abandon yourselves to love the most difficult ones closest to you. Kiss My pierced feet each morning and set yourselves out like warriors on a mission to serve with love, patience, tenderness, slow to anger… (Simple Path p.231)



1. ABANDONED in the Garden of Gethsemane:

I was abandoned by all, except for a few, and I abandoned Myself into the Will of My Father, My One and All.


I was abandoned by My beloved three apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, but Abba came to console Me through the angel and I saw each of you, My disciples of consolation and reparation. 

Abandon yourself simply and daily into My crucified embrace and you will never experience abandonment because you will possess ALL. I suffered abandonment so that you could enter into the fullness of life in the Blessed Trinity, living in the loving embrace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I call you, My family of LC, to suffer all with Me, so that you can serve as My balm to alleviate My pangs of seeing so many of My children, especially My consecrated souls, abandon Me, and at the same time, as My disciples of reparation, your suffering as one with Me saves many form the fires of Gehenna. (Simple Path p.93)


2. SCOURGING: “You have the power to heal My wounds”


My wounds are the sins of humanity. I bore them all upon My Body to heal them with My love. You have allowed Me to heal your sins through My wounds. Now, your love, which is one with the love of God, has the power to heal My wounds by receiving them, one-by-one, in your heart. In this way you will suffer greatly as one with Love… (11/30/10).




The crown of thorns you see on My head in Calvary represents the thorns that pierced My Heart during My life and continues to pierce My Heart. My Heart was tortured and shredded before I began My Calvary. I received the thorns of ingratitude, denial, indifference, apathy, hatred, rejection, solitude… Can you begin to imagine this My daughter? The God, who so loved the world, was not received and till this day continues to be rejected by all except for a small remnant. Love is not known nor loved by the majority. Have My community, that I want to use to awaken the world to love, ponder these things. 2/26/11



The way of the Cross is a lonely path because few walk this path. You are called to lead many on this path that leads to new life. As they pierced My feet, I blessed all the souls I saw trod the wide path of destruction, lured by the passions of the flesh and world. My blessing with My Blood provided the strength they need to choose the narrow path of life. I also saw you and the few truly following in My footsteps and I blessed you and sealed you with My Blood in perseverance. I now ask you, My blossoming mustard seed, to help guide many out of the path of destruction into the path of life, especially My beloved sons, whom I need to shepherd My people into the safety of My Cross. 3/1/11


The love of God will stretch your love beyond your physical capacities. The expansion of the tent of your hearts is a most painful process. You have to choose to love those most difficult to love. You must always choose love, patience, and tenderness and never give into anger and resentment.

The tenderness of God was manifested through My hands. The healing grace of God was transmitted through My hands. I need you to be My hands and to transmit the healing grace of God to your spouses, children and many. It is My tenderness that heals the harshness and hardness of hearts. Radiate My tenderness through your hands. 3/1/11 (Simple Path p. 294)

My children, climb the steps of My feet, My side, My Heart to reach the gaze of My crucified eyes. It is My gaze that will pierce your hearts and heal all pride, self-love and vanity. It is My gaze that will awaken your hearts to love Love Itself. It is through My crucified gaze that you will find the courage to continue in the path of life. It is through My crucified gaze that you will receive the revelations of the mystery of suffering, which is the mystery of love. It is through My crucified gaze that you will desire to be One with The Victim of Love, in which you will desire solely the Cross, in which you will desire the salvation of all your brothers and sisters and forget yourself, in which you will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to lay down your life as My sacrifice of love for the salvation of many. 3/1/11 (Simple Path p.52)


5. Jesus Crucified, IN DESOLATION


In desolation is when your life has the greatest power and is most fecund. In My desolation on the Cross My life shown most brilliantly the love of God the Father. My desolation made My faith in My Father radiate its perfection.  Through My desolation I gave birth to My Church and all Her sacraments. Through My desolation I gave birth to all My sons, My priests. Through My desolation the Holy Spirit expanded the maternal Heart of My Mother to embrace all of humanity.


It is in your times of desolation that the Holy Spirit and My Mother wish to unite you more intimately to Me. It is in your times of desolation that you are given the opportunity and grace to suffer with Me. It is through your desolation that you can come to know the pain, suffering and love of My Heart. It is through your desolation united to Mine that your life will also be most fecund.


My desolation was so important for the salvation of the world that the Father willed for My Mother to continue suffering My desolation on earth. Her suffering of solitude was her continuation of My desolation and it produced and continues to produce a shower of graces for the world.


I desire for the souls that love Me to live their times of desolation united to Me and completely abandoned to the Holy Spirit. In this way, My hidden force will acquire the power of God to overcome the darkness in the world. My Cross is not My Cross without the power of desolations lived with perfect faith. 3/2/11 (Simple Path p. 210-211)

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