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The Mothers of the Cross, united to Mary, will renew the priesthood

Mary: The Mothers of the Cross (spiritual mothers) are my maidens who, united to me, will renew the priesthood. Your “fiat” to be victim souls will be perfected in my “Fiat.” Your lives will be a holy cloth that soaks up the Precious Blood of Jesus. In this way, you will become pure living chalices filled with the Blood of Jesus. You will live your hidden lives like me in prayer, sacrifice, and suffering. Your hidden lives lived in your domestic monasteries will be a source of grace for the sanctification of priests. —6/13/0, Simple Path #98 p.279.

My daughter, I desire souls to participate in My interior crucifixion as ONE with My Mother. It is in this way that you will obtain the greatest amount of graces for the world. A time of great destruction is coming to the world; it is My hidden martyrs of love that the Father will use to aid many to the Light. It is My hidden martyrs of love that possess the power to raise up My army of holy priests needed for the decisive battle that is at hand. My little ones, you are called to help form My hidden martyrs of love to perfection in Me. Accept My chalice of love and suffering, and suffer with Me, as ONE with Me, the sorrows of My Sacred Heart. As an all loving Father, I suffer the sickness of My sons' and daughters' hearts, but My greatest suffering is that they don't allow Me, the Healer of all hearts, to touch them. They seek healing in all forms except in the only One that can bring them to life. I desire for all the Mothers of the Cross to unite as one with My Mother of Sorrows to obtain graces for humanity. The salvation of many is dependent upon your RESPONSE. —Simple Path #132 p.352.


As Mothers of the Cross, pray for My beloved priests as you pray for your sons. Give your lives for them as you give your lives for your children. Your voices (Mothers of the Cross) are united as one with My Mother before the throne of God. Your lives united in Mary are bringing down graces upon My priests. —11/9/08, Simple Path #139 p.372.


It is the pure suffering of the Mothers of the Cross that I will use to pierce the harshness of My sons' hearts. Suffer all with perfect faith in My crucified love. —1/13/11.

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