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ONE with My Mother...  One with Me

You are chosen to be ONE with My Mother of Sorrows. You are called to live and taste My agony of love as ONE with My Mother. I cry for ______, for he has turned away from Me in his rebelliousness, and like him, so many, My daughter. I shed tears for each and every one. Look at the God Who loves you nailed to the Cross. See My tears as I look down upon every son and daughter who has not come to Me to gaze at Love. Can you hear My groans that come forth from the depth of My crucified Heart? The groans of My agony of love. Listen to My groans of love. I thirst for you to quench My thirst with your kiss of love, your kiss of gratitude, your kiss of purity, your kiss of sorrow, your kiss of desire to be ONE with Me, suffering in love with Me. Do not fear to feel the sorrows of My Heart, to partake in My chalice of suffering in Love and for Love. Embrace through your arms of silence each and every sorrow I place in your heart and participate with My Mother in My agony of love. This union of sorrows will bring many graces to the world. Teach My family (LC) how to suffer with Me. Raise up many victims of love to defeat the prince of darkness. 3/11/12

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