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My Victim Souls, My Spouses

It is My victim souls abandoned to My crucified love that possess the power of God to defeat Satan and usher in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Do not be afraid to be My voice. Do not be afraid to be crucified with Me. Be My spouse. A bride follows her spouse wherever He goes. Will you follow Me to My Cross where our love will be consummated in the power of God? Suffer all with Me, your Spouse, through the embrace of the silence of the Holy Spirit. This is most pleasing to Me. Trust, for there isn't a suffering I permit that will not bring you into the union of love I desire. Trust in the power of suffering all as ONE with Me. It is this power that will set the world on fire with My Spirit. Raise up My victims of love for these decisive times. —7/9/12, Simple Path #93 p.266.

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