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Allow the Holy Spirit to use your suffering to enter My suffering
— Expose the darkness, you will be persecuted 


You have learned to suffer with Me by allowing the Holy Spirit to use your own suffering to enter My suffering. Through the gold of precious repentance, your heart has been purified, thus allowing you to suffer the sick condition of your brothers and sisters’ hearts with Me. But there is still the deep suffering of My persecution that you must suffer with Me.


I am preparing your hearts for this most difficult suffering. When you (myself and the Miss. of the Cross) preach what I desire, you will be condemned and persecuted by many. Will you drink from My chalice to the last drop, My daughter?... They must be willing to expose with great courage and love the darkness that has blinded My ministers and is suffocating their souls. Satan will try to silence you, but you must persevere in humility, purity and love as ONE with Love crucified. This armor that you will possess, as One victim with Me, will protect you and give you the power of God to fight the principalities of darkness and win... Be humble and submit to God’s plan. I bless you, love you and protect you. Go, therefore, My humble ones and raise up My army of holy priests needed to protect My Bride during these decisive times. —The Lord's message to LC, 3/29/11



David and Goliath
My little one, the time draws near. You hold the sword of the Spirit in the mission given to you. My family of LC are My warriors of love that will defeat the dragon in the decisive battle that draws near. Be ready to approach this evil in the same way that David approached Goliath. You will conquer the dragon in your littleness and purity because it is God who is with you. You must not fear and believe with the innocence and zeal of David. My daughter, form My family well in the teachings I give to you. You each must also approach the battle with five stones. First, the stone of humility, possessing the perfect knowledge of your nothingness and of My power and majesty. Second, the stone of purity, purity of mind, heart, intention, word, desire… Third, simplicity, detached from all, most especially from your ego. Fourth, trust perfectly abandoned to My will. Fifth, courage, courage rooted in love of Me to be perfectly obedient to My commands.

These stones are your weapons for battle, for the dragon will not be defeated according to the standards of the world but in the Light of Love. Therefore, My family, prepare for battle. Be attentive to Me. —The Lord's message, 1/18/12 Simple Path #148, p.437

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