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      Crisis in the Church

Crisis of Faith, What Is It About?

Fr. Jordi Rivero | September 27, 2018

Storm in the Church, Part II 

Lourdes Pinto | September 20, 2018

Jesus has brought to light the darkness in the Church. This is a grace the Church is receiving, because Satan's power is in darkness and hiddenness. Now, there is an opportunity for repentance so that conversion, healing and transformation can take place. In order to bring to life the darkness in others, we first must be committed to bringing to like the darkness within ourselves. 

Storm in the Church, Part I

Lourdes Pinto | September 13, 2018

We are now living a storm within our Catholic Church. We need to live it in the same way we have learned to live the storms in our personal lives. How do we know when to stay quiet and when to confront? 

Crisis of Faith and Scandals

Fr. Jordi Rivero | August 9, 2018

The root of the abuses is a crisis of faith. 

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