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    Teachings Messages of Jesus and Mary given to the Love Crucified Community for the Church. For an explanation of the purpose of private revelation and the simple path, listen here . All Teachings Identity/Mission Weekly Cenacles Women's Monthly Cenacles Men's Monthly Cenacles Retreats

  • Love Crucified Catholic Community

    WELCOME TO LOVE CRUCIFIED CATHOLIC COMMUNITY "Suffer all with Me, no longer two but one, in My sacrifice of love" LC Updates Self-Will: Public Enemy #1 ​ The monster of self-will lies disguised within us and is a strong force that prevent us from receiving self-knowledge of our sins God Is Leading Us Into the "Land of Milk and Honey" The life of Moses and the Israelite people’s journey to the promised land of milk and honey (Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy) illustrate s the message of the Lord given to us on 8/10/23. God is preparing His faithful remnant to h ave perfect faith and hope in God, who loves us and will never abandon us in trial! 🎶 Morir Para Vivir 🎶 We all must die to live ​ ​ New song by Maria Hickein based on the spirituality of the Love Crucified Community. MESSAGES OF JESUS AND MARY Given to the Love Crucified Community for the Church Most recent: August 10, 2023 God is leading us into the “land of milk and honey” A CALL TO PRIESTS "How marvelous is the priesthood of the Christian, for he is both the victim that is offered on his own behalf, and the priest who makes the offering. He does not need to go beyond himself to seek what he is to immolate to God... The victim remains and the priest remains, always one and the same…" —Saint Peter Chrysologus READ MORE BOOKS FROM LOVE CRUCIFIED Love Crucified (LC) has published three books inspired by the messages and teachings God has given the community for the Church. ​ The Simple Path , is God's formation manual for His hidden victims of love, the saints of the end times, to usher in the Triumph of Mary with the new Pentecost. ​ God’s Hidden Victim Souls contains the messages received through the LC Community. ​ Teachings on The Simple Path given to the LC community to help live more fully the Simple Path. BOOKS A CALL FOR SPIRITUAL MOTHERHOOD “You will be the mother of a great number of spiritual children, yet they will cost your heart the death of a thousand martyrs. Bring yourself as an offering for the priests. Unite your offering with My offering, to obtain graces for them.” —Blessed Conchita READ MORE Donations Love Crucified is a nonprofit org.

  • Obstinacy: A Barrier to the Union of Sorrows

    Obstinacy: Barrier to the Union of Sorrows Lou r des Pinto – February 2, 2023 Pa rt I Part II Back

  • Brides of LC | Love Crucified

    Brides of Love Crucified Lourdes Pinto — October 10, 2015 Back

  • Tears | Love Crucified

    Tears Lourdes Pinto – 2016 Back

  • Wedding at Cana | Love Crucified Community

    Canaanite Women's Faith Lourdes Pinto – August 10, 2017 The con trast between the Israelites in the desert and the Canaanite woman –Lourdes Pinto, cenacle of 8/10/17 ​ My little one, know that I am pleased with you because you have responded to the cry of My voice. My little one, this is a time of an outpouring of grace for My little mustard seed. You are each being given the grace to be transformed into My living hosts to bless, release from bondage, and set free countless souls. See yourselves as My warriors riding out into the horizon. This holy fleet is the Light of God’s love that has the power to cast into hell the spirits of darkness that are now covering the earth. My triumph will be a great triumph accomplished through the most hidden force of God – the hidden martyrdom of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. –6/8/17 *Respond by suffering all with Me in My sacrifice of love. *Respond with courage and zeal, believing that God has chosen you to participate in the triumph of My crucified love to save the world. *Believe that as My warriors – the hidden anawims of God – you have mounted your horses and have begun to fight the great battle for the salvation of the world. *Remain steadfast in living daily what I have taught you. *Do not be afraid, for the triumph of My Sacred Heart, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is close at hand. *Usher in the triumph of our Two Hearts. Trust in the words I speak in your heart and share them with perfect faith and hope in the God who loves you. Go in peace. ​ Numbers 13 & 14 The Israelites, after having lived the parting of the Red Sea, being fed miraculously with the manna every morning and quails every evening, witnessing the face of Moses shining with the Light of God after having spoken to Him face-to-face, seeing the presence of God in a cloud over the tent, finally arrive at the land of Canaan. Upon arriving, the Lord sends Moses to “reconnoiter” (make a military observation of a region) the land of Canaan, and says, “which I am giving the Israelites.” (Numbers 13:1). But after observing the territory, they are frightened because the men of this land are too strong for them. (13:31) Some begin to doubt, and this leads them into Satan’s trap of discouragement, and they begin to grumble against Moses and Aaron: “All the Israelites grumbled against Moses and Aaron, the whole community saying to them, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt,” or “If only we would die here in the wilderness! Why is the Lord bringing us into this land only to have us fall by the sword? Our wives and little ones will be taken as spoil. Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?” So they said to one another, “Let us appoint a leader and go back to Egypt.” (Numbers 14:2-4) They are not able to believe that God will do the impossible with the impossible. Fear becomes an obstacle to faith. The spirits of fear, doubt, and discouragement quickly spread among the entire community. It’s amazing how quickly fear, confusion, discouragement, and despair can spread throughout a group of people. The Lord also has warned us about this happening in the world: ​ Message of Jesus, 7/17/15 Soon and very soon, Justice as the illumination will be knocking at your doors. There will be great moaning and grinding of teeth. Many will despair. There will be confusion. But those who have been made clean by the blood of the Lamb will experience the glory of God... Know who you are... ​ Message of Jesus, 8/10/12 Soon the world as you know it will cease to exist. My followers will be persecuted. You will be hunted down as beasts are pursued in secret, hidden, and captured. There will be much wailing in the streets of Jerusalem. Be attentive, for the justice of God is now approaching the world. It will visit you as a thief in the night. My messages must now be published, ‘It Is My Victim Souls That Will Conquer The Dragon; Bring Me Victim Souls!’ (Then Jesus asked me to go to His Word (the Bible) to confirm what He just said. I opened to 1 Samuel 20:24-42.) The beast will pursue you as Saul pursued David... The beast shall die. He will be killed by the Word of the Cross, which is the Sword of the Spirit. Be My sword! Because of Israel’s lack of faith and obstinacy, the Lord is forced to punish them. Corresponding to the number of days you spent reconnoitering the land—forty days—you shall bear your punishment one year for each day: forty years. Thus, you will realize what it means to oppose me. (Numbers 14: 34) We can very easily read these stories of the Israelite nation and judge them, and yet fail to see ourselves in the many difficult situations that God has permitted in our lives and our lack of faith also. We forget the many times that we, too, have grumbled against others and God in the storms of our lives. We, too, forget how God has been providing for us all our lives. We can have this same spirit even within our Love Crucified community.​ Like with the Israelites, God has been leading us, His little mustard seed, by the hand. He has been speaking to us, warning us, forming us, showing great signs and wonders, and promising us truly amazing things. Message of Jesus, 8/6/17 See yourselves as My warriors riding out into the horizon. This holy fleet is the Light of God’s love that has the power to cast into hell the spirits of darkness that are now covering the earth. My triumph will be a great triumph accomplished through the most hidden force of God – the hidden martyrdom of My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. ​ God has chosen you to participate in the triumph of My crucified love to save the world. You have mounted your horses and have begun to fight the great battle for the salvation of the world. Do we, too, forget these promises, like the Israelites, every time we are confronted with an impossible situation? How do we grumble?​ ​ We must REPENT of our lack of trust. Pray PSALM 51 with the groans of your heart united to the groans of the Spirit! ​ MATHEW 15: 21-28 –The Canaanite woman’s faith Then Jesus went from that place and withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And behold, a Canaanite woman of that district came and called out, “Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David! My daughter is tormented by a demon.” 23 But he did not say a word in answer to her. His disciples came and asked him, “Send her away, for she keeps calling out after us.” 24 [j]He said in reply, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 25 But the woman came and did him homage, saying, “Lord, help me.” 26 He said in reply, “It is not right to take the food of the children[k] and throw it to the dogs.” 27 She said, “Please, Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.” 28 Then Jesus said to her in reply, “O woman, great is your faith![l] Let it be done for you as you wish.” And her daughter was healed from that hour. We need to have the same spirit of the Canaanite woman and learn from her, for Jesus was using this pagan woman to teach us something of great wealth. ​ 1. First, she makes herself VULNERABLE and is willing to look like a fool, “Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David! My daughter is tormented by a demon.” Trust believes and always looks foolish to the eyes of the world. True trust is rooted in humility. What have we learned about humility? Humility requires that we know God and ourselves. The Canaanite woman knows that Jesus is Lord and that she is a “dog”, a pagan, unworthy of anything. 2. She PERSEVERES, even when Jesus “did not say a word in answer to her.” Even the disciples look at her with repulsion because they say to Jesus, “Send her away, for she keeps calling out after us.” Then Jesus finally answers her with the reply, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” This woman could have easily entered and reacted from the wound of rejection, but she perseveres in faith, knowing who Jesus is. ​ Through humility and purity, you will quickly attain perfection in all the other virtues if you persevere in prayer. (03/04/11) Path #28 Persevere in wearing the crown of many thorns. Path #41 Are you willing, My little ones, to allow your hearts to be pierced as ONE with My Mother’s for the cleansing of My priesthood and the salvation of many? Do not grow stubborn, but persevere in love by suffering all as ONE with My Pierced Sacred Heart and the pierced Immaculate Heart . Path #76 3. She approaches Jesus and does Him HOMAGE, “Lord help me.” She acknowledges her nothingness and begs for His help because she is convicted of who He is. This conviction of the truth that Jesus is God, all-powerful and mighty, able to do the impossible, keeps her in homage before the Lord. The prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving should be your every breath. Path #97 This is why suffering all your sorrows with Me is so beneficial for your soul, because, in that process, you touch the open wounds of My love for you. This perfects a soul quickly in abandonment and trust until you come to experience all, the good and what you perceive as bad, as a gift of My love for you. The gift of knowing with your mind, heart, and soul that the love of God only desires to make of you the new creation you were created to be from the beginning of time, a creation in the image and likeness of God as holy sons and daughters of the Most High. Path #115 My Mother lived her life in praise of the Father. She lived in the constant awareness of who the Father is. Her soul was in a constant state of awe. Path #20 4. Her FAITH AGAIN IS TRIED by Jesus, “It is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs.” These seemingly harsh words from the Lord do not seem to distress her in any way. Her faith in Christ is anchored in the knowledge of her nothingness and that Jesus is everything, and she proclaims from the depth of her humble heart: “Please, Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.” Our faith, too, must be tried in the furnace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. ​What seemingly harsh words from others can set me off and bring me into anger, doubt and discouragement? 5. Jesus, through her faith, casts out the demon hurting her daughter. ​ ​ These angels of death can only be fought through Me, with Me, and in Me, in the power of the Spirit, through the Cross. I am dressing My soldier of light in My humility, purity, and childlike innocence. He must live knowing his nothingness and weakness, for it is I who am everything, all power, and might. Pray for greater trust and abandonment so that the authority of My Spirit can be stirred into flame in him to cast out the demons of hell. The hidden force of My little mustard seed (LC Community) is the power of God’s force moving through him. – Message of Jesus, 8/3/17 The Lord has called us to fight against the demons of hell. For this, we must ponder the striking difference between the hearts of the Israelites and this pagan woman. The Lord in this message makes it very clear that we, too, like the Canaanite woman, must be humble, pure, and have a childlike innocence. We must know who we are – nothing – and who God is – everything, all power, and might. We must all pray for perfect TRUST and ABANDONMENT rooted in true humility so that we do not continue falling in Satan’s trap of responding through our wounded hearts, but rather, through hearts steadfast in FAITH, HOPE and LOVE! ​ To have the humility and faith of the Canaanite woman is rare. We too must be transparent before God to recognize, through self-knowledge, how our hardened hearts continue to be like the Israelite people. We must understand that we are in a process, from hearts like the Israelites to hearts of great faith and trust like the Canaanite woman. God is promising us transformation into living hosts, and we must be receptive and docile to this process. Image: Carl Christian Constantin Hansen –Christ and the Canaanite Woman Back

  • History – Love Crucified Catholic Community

    First Love Crucified retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. HISTORY History plays an important role in Christian culture. “Just as memory anchors each person’s individual story, history plays the same role for cultures, nations and communities of faith. History is our shared memory. … A community dies when its memory fails,” — Archbishop Chaput ​ Love Crucified began in 2006 with the Lord’s call to Lourdes Pinto in Medugorje: “Will you be My victim soul?” She gives her fiat and the Lord begins to form her as a victim soul, specifically as a Mother of the Cross: a woman united as one with Mary, the Mother of Sorrows at the foot of the Cross. She lives this call in her ordinary hidden life as a wife and mother. Lourdes had been prepared for her call through the writing s of Blessed Conchita Cabrera de Armida since 2004. Fr. Jordi Rivero, her spiritual director, encouraged her to pursue this call and also enters a deeper understanding of his vocation of priest and victim. ​ In 2007 the Lord tells Lourdes: Bring to Me the Mothers of the Cross from the four corners of the world. She begins to teach women how to live their sufferings united to the love of Jesus Crucified as a source of God’s power for their families, Church and world. ​ For many years Fr. Jordi had the call to community as a way of life for all states of life. His understanding of community life, united with the charism in Lourdes’ heart, becomes the foundation for Love Crucified. The first community cenacle (gathering) took place on March 11 of 2008, with the name “Friends of the Cross”, inspired by St. Louis Mary de Montfort’s passionate love for the Cross and the Blessed Mother. Maria Hickein was among the founding members. In July, 2008, Love Crucified goes on its first pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. It was there that Lourdes received the mission for the Missionaries of the Cross (the men of the community). Mothers of the Cross and Missionaries of the Cross are consecrated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Fr. Jordi & Lourdes Pinto prostrated before the Tilma at the Basilica. The first Love Crucified retreat was in February of 2009 at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia. The first covenant of the community is written and taken by the first members. Our Lady Rosa Mystica was given to us as patroness in relation to the call to raise up a holy priesthood. Pope Benedict XVI declares the year of the priesthood to begin in October, 2009. This becomes a confirmation to the call from Our Lord to raise a holy priesthood through the hidden martyrdom of the heart. We pilgrimaged to Ars, home of St. John Vianney, patron of all priests, then to Notre Dame du Laus Sanctuary in France where we received the vocation to be the Lord’s living chalices in the Chapel of the Most Precious Blood. From here came the inspiration for the community’s cross which were made in June of 2010. Chapel of the Most Precious Blood In 2011 the bishop gives Fr. Jordi permission to serve full time in the mission of Love Crucified. In December the Hickein family moved to a rural area near Covington, Georgia, which soon became the center of the Community and site of its retreats. In 2012 the Pinto family buys the house next to the Hickein's for Fr. Jordi to live and for priests to experience our charism in the school of the Sacred Heart. The Lord calls this house "Padre Pio's Refuge for Priests in the Sacred Heart of Jesus." P. Pio's Refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus In 2012, Msgr. Ronald Sciera enters the Missionaries of the Cross. In January of 2013, Daniel Blanchette comes to Padre Pio’s Refuge and discovers his vocation as a Missionary of the Cross. He is now a permanent resident involved in the core of the community. In April of 2013, we gave our first retreat outside of USA. It was in Rome, to the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christ consecrated —men and women. Fr. Jordi and Lourdes had a private audience with Cardinal Piacenza, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy. He exhorted them to persevere in the vocation of Love Crucified. Love Crucified's first mission in Rome. In the same year, on May 31, Feast of the Visitation, the first house of the community, Our Lady of Grace, is purchased next to the Refuge. It becomes the site of Love Crucified retreats in USA. On June 13, Msgr. Ronald Sciera was invited to concelebrate a daily Mass with Pope Francis at Santa Marta Chapel in the Vatican. After the Mass, Pope Francis blessed the Love Crucified mission and cross. Pope Francis blessing the Love Crucified Cross. Our Lady of Grace Retreat House In 2013, after several visits of Fr. Jordi giving priest retreats in Bogota, Love Crucified is founded in Colombia. The first Love Crucified retreat in Colombia was given in June of 2014. On June 7 of 2016, the Community’s formation book, The Simple Path to Union with God , was published. A Spanish edition followed. Establishment of Love Crucified in Bogota with Adriana and Juan Miguel. The community (2022) has members in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Honduras. The Simple Path to Union with God has transformed the lives of many. HOME

  • The Cross is the Treasure | Love Crucified Catholic Community

    The Cross is the Treasure/Spiritual Motherhood Lourdes Pinto, Washington DC, ca. 2011 Back

  • Covenants | Love Crucified Catholic Community

    Covenants Oldest on top 2016 USA Covington, GA March 3rd, 2016 Mónica Ríos, March 3rd, 2016 Kathy Andre-Eames, March 3rd, 2016 Katerine Martínez, March 3rd, 2016 Daniel Blanchette, March 3rd, 2016 Jack DeGrange, March 3rd, 2016 Ernesto García, March 3rd, 2016 2016 Colombia ​ Myriam Suárez, October 8th, 2016 Juan Miguel Jaramillo, October 8th, 2016 Gloria Grisales, October 8th, 2016 Adriana Prieto, October 8th, 2016 Yadira Galindo, October 8th, 2016 Julia Tovar, October 8th, 2016 William Aranguren, October 8th, 2016 Martha Flórez, October 8th, 2016 Back Next page

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    HOME ABOUT US ABOUT US IDENTITY OF A MOTHER OF THE CROSS IDENTITY OF A MISSIONARY OF THE CROSS HISTORY MISSION MISSION THE CALL MESSAGES from THE LORD LOVE CRUCIFIED CROSS COMMUNITY WAY OF LIFE COVENANT PRAYERS INITIAL DISCERNMENT TESTIMONIES PHOTO GALLERY TEACHINGS ALL TEACHINGS WEEKLY CENACLES MEN & WOMEN CENACLES RETREATS IDENTITY/MISSION Videos Purpose of Private Revelation BOOKS/MUSIC BOOKS MUSIC RESOURCES CONTACT US SEARCH Covenants Oldest on top 2020 Medellin, Colombia María Mercedes Gómez, December 8th, 2020 Father Mariusz Maka, Medellín 2020 Bogota, Colombia Fernando Gutiérrez, December 12th, 2020 Orlando Martínez, December 12th, 2020 Orlando and his wife Marcela Love Crucified Community with Mgr. Álvaro T. Vidales, Bogotá Back Next page

  • Revelation 14: First Fruits.

    Book of Revelation 14 – "First Fruits": The Saints Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero – November 21, 2019 "First Fruits": Those faithful in trials called to prepare the way for others. 2 Talks with text Part I The 144,000 companions of the Lamb See notes ⤴️ Part II We are called to be among the 144,000 companions of the Lamb (Text is same as part I) See notes ⤴️ See also: Pure Incense: The Prayer of the Saints Book of Revelation:Prepare for the Battle and the Eucharistic Reign Back to teachings

  • Hidden Ordinary Life | Love Crucified

    His Living Tabernacles in the World – as St. Joseph Lourdes Pinto — March 19, 2020 Back

  • Pure Suffering | Love Crucified

    Pure Suffering Lourdes Pinto – January 12, 2017 4 steps to fruitful suffering: 1.Thank God 2.Accept 3.Suffer with Christ 4.Intercede. See Text Note : Text contains supplemental notes, not a complete transcription of the audio. To get a fuller understanding of this teaching, we recommend you listen to the audio. Back

  • Fire purge – The entire world will experience

    T he E ntire World Will Experience the Purge of Fire The message of our Sorrowful Mother – Dec 8, 2022 Back

  • Madre del Silencio – Music by Maria Hickein of the Love Crucified Community

    ​ MADRE DEL SILENCIO Mother of Silence Texto y música de María Hickein Text and music: Maria Hickein ​ Madre del Silencio, Madre de Esperanza Mother of Silence, Mother of Hope Madre de La Paz y de la Felicidad, Madre de la Unidad Mother of Peace and Joy, Mother of Unity Luz en las tinieblas que intentan ahogarnos Light in the darkness that tries to drown us El terror y el miedo se quieren apoderar de la humanidad Terror and fear want to take over humanity Da a luz a tu pueblo en este desierto Give birth to your people in this desert Mira que el dragón furioso y rugiendo está See how the furious and roaring dragon ¡Nos quiere devorar! Wants to devour us! Guíanos Señora, nos llegó la hora Guide us, our Lady, our time has come De entrar en batalla a muerte entre el bien y el mal To enter into deadly battle between good and evil ¡Y hay que ganar! And we must win! ​ ​ Escucha el gemido, escucha el lamento Hear the groaning, hear the wailing De tu pueblo herido, errante y hambriento va From your wounded, wandering and hungry people... Sediento de libertad… Thirsting for freedom... Danos tu silencio, danos tu mirada Give us your silence, give us your gaze Tu eres la victoria contra las fuerzas del mal You are the victory against the forces of evil ¡Tú las conquistarás! you will conquer them! ​ Madre del Silencio de la Dulce Espera Mother of the Silence of Sweet Waiting Somos tus doncellas, humildes guerreras We are your maidens, humble warriors Dispuestas a luchar Ready to fight Y entregar la vida por tus Misioneros And give our life for your missionaries Muralla de bronce, valientes guerreros… Bronze wall, brave warriors… Con ellos reinarás. with them you will reign. ​ Music Page

  • Spiritual Motherhood for Priest 2019 | Love Crucified

    Spiritual Motherhood for Priests Lourdes Pinto – Germany — February, 2019 ⇧ Notes are here Back

  • Becoming One with the Father | Love Crucified

    Becoming One with the Father as Victim Souls Lourdes Pinto – March 2017 Back

  • Victim souls – Lord's Plea: Bring Me...

    To respond to the plea of the Lord, “Bring Me victim souls.” All Christians are called to be victim souls. Only God is holy; therefore, to be holy means to be transformed into the One you receive in Holy Communion, to become One with Me. Perfect love on earth is expressed by laying down your life for the salvation of your brother and sister. It is your “yes” to give the oblation of your life that “stirs into flame” the graces of your baptism and you receive the power and fire of the Holy Spirit. It is then, in this way, that your life possesses the "power of God.” That is why I desire many victim souls, for it is only the power of pure love that will pierce the darkness that is seeping into the hearts and minds of My people. Bring Me victim souls, My little one. Do not be afraid. 1/29/11 Simple Path #122 p.326 The time is at hand when all will be called to suffer persecution for My sake. This time of persecution will divide My followers into two camps: those with Me and those against Me. Few will remain with Me in the time of the great tribulation. You, My little ones, are being prepared for this time. Your lives lived in humility and purity of heart united to Me will be the light in this darkness. Your lives hidden and transformed in My crucified love will usher in the New Pentecost for the world. My hidden force of spiritual mothers, as one with My Mother of Sorrows, will raise up God's army of holy priests for the decisive battle to be waged against the principalities of darkness. Your mission is to raise up and form many victim souls for these decisive times, for the battle will be won through the power of the Cross. My hidden martyrs of love is the power of God to wage this war against the principalities of death. 2/25/14 …Bring Me victim souls to suffer with Me in order to obtain graces of conversion for many souls, who otherwise will be lost. Believe in the power of your hidden lives of suffering with Me. 11/2/17 Back

  • Spiritual Mother's Letter – Love Crucified

    Back My Dear Father, This is exactly where the Path leads us: to the beauty of the fullness of our restoration in Christ as the new men and women of the Kingdom of God! ​ He (St John Paul II in “Givenness”) writes about the word “helpmate” (Gn 2:18): “Woman is given to man so that he can understand himself, and reciprocally man is given to woman for the same end.” How true this is in the GIFT of our communion. “God has given you to me.” “This awareness becomes a source of enrichment for each of us.” Yes, my dear Father, God has given you to me as my spiritual son and father, and also as my friend. You have enriched my life with the gift of your life as you have made yourself vulnerable to me and have received me into your heart. THANK YOU!!! ​ “Only someone who has dominion over himself can become a sincere gift for others.” God leads each of us through the narrow path of the Cross to have dominion over ourselves through the gift of self-knowledge and the knowledge that we are the “beloved” of God in Christ. This is what I read in your words to me in the last email. You are acquiring dominion over yourself, and therefore becoming more-and-more a gift for others! “The beauty of the Transfiguration strengthened the Apostles, so they could endure the humiliating Passion of the Transfigured Christ. For beauty is a source of strength for man. It is inspiration for work, a light that guides us through the darkness of human existence and allows us to overcome all evil, all suffering, with good…” Thank you for reminding me in your last email that I am called to be the Maccabees mother encouraging her son to be martyred for God. I pray, as St John Paul II writes, that the beauty of my femininity and maternity will be a source of strength for you to love as one with Christ to the extreme of the Cross!!!! ​ I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us to be the witnesses, the “great saints” of our times as God’s “new Adams” and “new Eves”. Men and women who have the courage to "discover good and beauty” in each other and in all of creation “despite all the deprivation and degradation to which human civilization succumbs.” As we become ONE with Christ Crucified, we are made new. In our communion as man and woman we are called to help each other walk this narrow path to new life! ​ My dear Father, the Lord has been warning me for years that life as we know will cease to exist… Yet He is bringing those humble and docile hearts, that have the courage to respond to His grace, to Mt. Tabor to be transformed in Him. We, the “new Adams” and “new Eves”, will walk TOGETHER strengthened by our communion of LOVE in the Trinity to live His Passion and bring forth the “era of peace” through a New Pentecost for the world!! To me it was significant that the Spirit brought us the document on “Givenness” through you. You are being given the grace to enter and live the words of this document and to be its WITNESS to your religious order and to the world!! ​ I pray, my St. John, the words, Totus Tuus. “A prayer that we remain pure, and thus transparent to God and to men.” I thank God for having given you to me, for you are truly beautiful and you have brought the beauty of God’s love to my heart and life! Animo, my dear spiritual son and friend, God is doing AMAZING things with us. I send you my love and blessing through our Mother of Sorrows,

  • Contemplation at the Foot of the Cross and Healing

    Contemplation at the Foot of the Cross and Healing Lourdes Pinto — October 23, 2021 The foot of the Cross, Ch 2 ST. BRUNO AND OUR FEAR OF SILENCE by Fr. Billy Swan, October 6, 2021 To face oneself in stillness is an essential exercise of knowing our true selves and knowing God. We can only know ourselves by facing ourselves once we’ve stopped running from ourselves. When St Augustine did manage to enter into himself in silence, not all he saw was pretty: “Lord, you turned my attention back to myself. . . . And I looked and was appalled. . . . You thrust me before my own eyes so that I should discover my iniquity and hate it” Silence is also the space in which God reveals himself. Into this silence, he speaks his word. Immersed in silence, we listen to God with “the ears of the heart” (St. Benedict, The Rule). At the Cross We Begin to See —Diary of a MOC. p.30 Mary immediately turns your gaze to My crucified Love, but many cannot see Me because their eyes are covered by the darkness of sin. Mary, your advocate, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit, immediately calls upon My Spirit to come to the aid of your soul. The planks of pride, self-love, vanity, and sins of all kinds are revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. It is here at My feet, through the gift of repentance, that you begin to see. Grace builds upon grace, but also, each grace removes a veil that keeps the eyes of your soul from seeing the glory of God before you and the darkness that keeps you from hearing the whisper of God within you. ( 12/12/11) We discovered that the silence embraced by St. Bruno and lived by the Carthusian monks becomes not a burden but the space in which we can know ourselves more deeply and know God better. Free from distractions and noise, it leads us deeper into reality and all that is true. (St Bruno and Our Fear of Silence) Transformation is in the HEART 837 references in the Bible to heart How do we go deeper? Mt 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Humbly kiss and adore the feet of our Lord asking for the gift of knowledge, which is twofold: Knowledge of GOD and Knowledge of SELF. Seek true sorrow for our sins, the “gold of precious repentance”. 9. p.36 You enter the Cross through the gate of My Mother. She accompanies you to the foot of the Cross to kiss My pierced and wounded feet. This first encounter is the awakening of your soul. It is through this act of humble love, in imitation of My Mother, in which you receive the gift of knowledge, therefore, receiving the gold of precious repentance. 2. Vulnerable & Intimacy Pope Benedict XVI, Path p.32: …He kneels before us and carries out for us the service of a slave: He washes our dirty feet so that we might be admitted to the banquet and be made worthy to take our place at His table… The basin that purifies us is God himself, who gives Himself to us without reserve to the very depths of His suffering and His death. … The Lord's love knows no bounds, but man can put a limit on it. Self-knowledge > Repentance > Humility …Souls advance from this part of My Path (My feet), depending on their docility to the lights of the Holy Spirit on their many patterns of sin... The soul that and is then able to advance in My path on the wings of the Holy Spirit. Simple Path #10, 40 The soul which receives the gift of self-knowledge and sees the hardness of its own heart arrives at a: It either accepts the gift or remains in darkness. Receiving the gift of self-knowledge hurts; it feels like a . P.44 Hebrews 4:12-13 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. And before Him no creature is hidden, but all are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. Sins are like weeds- 2-C II. Chapter 3- passage Through the Pierced Side of Jesus Suffer with Him our own hearts are purified by direct contact with His wounds St Thomas- By touching His wounds, we touch His love, the love by which He laid down His life for us. —How Do We Touch His Wounds?— p.87 We touch Christ’s wounds by uniting our sufferings with His. This is the necessary process to union with God. St Paul tells us that there is a condition for us to be “children of God” and “fellow heirs with Christ”: “provided we suffer with Him.” (Rom 8:12-17) …The Cross, without My Sacred Heart, is useless suffering brought about by sin. But suffering united to My Cross is new life; it is participation in the work of redemption, which is participation in the life of the Trinity… Intimacy When we suffer with someone, our focus is not on ourselves but on the other. P.89 Enter into the suffering with the other Rejection /abandonment Wound- anger, resentment, hatred, self-pity, revenge I suffered abandonment so that you could enter into the fullness of life in the Blessed Trinity, living in the loving embrace of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I call you, My family of LC, to suffer all with Me so that you can serve as My balm to alleviate My pangs of seeing so many of My children, especially My consecrated souls, abandon Me. At the same time, as My disciples of reparation, your suffering as one with Me saves many from the fires of Gehenna. (Simple Path, #30, p.93) Tendency- self-absorbed in our sufferings Volcano Core- pure pain I Desire and Need for You to Suffer with Me —Diary of a MOC. p.96 Why do I desire and need for you to suffer with Me? It is through My suffering that you come to know Love. Love is purified in suffering, but My suffering is pure love; therefore, when you suffer with Me, your love is purified in Me. This suffering with Me and loving with Me brings new life, a new creation. By allowing all suffering to draw you into My sufferings and sorrows, you will come to know Love.My Sacred Heart is pure love. You were created for Love; but how few, My little one, come to know Love and enter the joy of living in Love. (8/27/11) Acceptance of Suffering —Diary of a MOC. This is most pleasing to Me. Trust, for there isn't a suffering I permit that will not bring you into the union of love I desire. Trust in the power of suffering all as ONE with Me. It is this power that will set the world on fire with My Spirit. ( 7/9/12) Will You Suffer with Me to Save Souls? —Diary of a MOC. p.99 Will you suffer with Me? Will you unite with My suffering to purchase the redemption of many? You see, My suffering and resurrection have purchased the salvation of the world; but My Father, from the beginning of time, willed for the fulfillment of salvation to come through My Body, the Church. Therefore, the salvation of many souls is dependent on your response to suffer with Me. (11/10/10) —How Our Wounds Are Healed— p.105 Only Jesus’ wounds heal We acknowledge that we are wounded and seek to know our wounds We have repressed our wounds and placed them in our dark room God the Father taught St. Catherine of Siena that we must work hard to bring to the “throne of conscience” what is hidden in us. Discovering our disorders helps us reach our wounds A disorder is any behavior that is not virtuous, including bad attitudes attentive to how we think and feel in situations that trigger those bad attitudes and disorders in us.These include discomfort, anxiety, fear, anger… example, we come in contact with authoritarian and demanding persons and we find that our reaction is to avoid them by running away. We find that we feel fear, insecurity, and inadequacy. Another example: we notice that we are unable to say “no” when we should; then we feel resentment, anger, frustration because we acted just to please. Ask “Why?” Opens heart Re-live memories & allow emotions to surface taught since childhood not to show any negative emotions, therefore, we stuffed them, but they still oppress us in many different ways. acknowledge that we have them (our anger, resentment, hatred, frustration, irritation…) and expose them all, making ourselves naked before Jesus crucified, asking Him to take them from us. “We submit every thought to Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5). Underneath the negative emotions lies the pure pain of our core wound. Name the wound “I was not loved; I was not appreciated nor accepted for who I am; I did not count; I was rejected, ignored, abused, forgotten, unwanted or, ridiculed.” Feel the pure pain and unite it to Jesus’ pain Suffer all with Me —Diary of a MOC. p.123 To suffer with Me is to be made pure like Me… To suffer with Me is to begin to love with Me… To suffer with Me is to become Love… To suffer with Me is to enter the fullness of JOY and happiness on earth. (11/2/11) Back

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    CAMINO A TI Path to You Text and music: Maria Hickein ​ Me has dado el camino a Ti, a Tu corazón. You have given me the path to You, to Your heart. Camino sencillo... de unión con mi Dios. The Simple Path... to union with my God. Y es Tu pecho traspasado, es la herida en Tu costado donde voy... And it is Your pierced heart, it is the wound at Your side where I go... Son Tus llagas, Tus heridas dónde encuentro nueva vida, donde soy... They are Your wounds, the wounds where I find new life, that´s where I go... Tu compañera de amor, la que consuela Tu dolor Your love companion, that consoles Your pain Que Te acuna entre sus brazos That cradles you in her arms ¡Te recibe en su regazo en Tu pasión de amor! Receives You in her bosom in Your passion of love! Soy Hostia viva por Ti, Cáliz de vida para Ti I am a living host for You, chalice of life for You Me hago amor entre Tus brazos I become love in Your embrace Ya no vivo yo, eres Tú... quien vive en mí... I no longer live, it is You... who lives in me... En mí... In me... Abriste el camino a Ti, a Dios Trinidad you opened the path to reach You, to God-Trinity Amor que Te dejas ver, Te dejas tocar. Love that lets itself to be seen, to be touched. Eres puerta a la esperanza, You are the door to hope , ¡Eres una nueva alianza y nueva luz! You are a new covenant and a new light! Y si Tú eres mi camino And thus, You are my path Mi victoria, mi destino está en Tu Cruz My victory, my destiny is in Your Cross Mi compañero de amor, el que consuela mi dolor My companion of love, the one who consoles my pain Y en el fuego de Tu abrazo and in the fire of Your embrace Me consumo y nace un nuevo corazón... I am consumed y a new heart is born... ¡Mi Dios! Custodia viva por Ti, My God! Living monstrance for you Fuerza escondida junto a Ti... Hidden force one with You... Me hago amor entre Tus brazos, I become love in Your embrace Ya no vivo yo, eres Tú... quien vive en mí… I no longer live, it is You... who lives in me... En mí... In me... ​ ​ ​ Music Page

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    Examination of Conscience Through The Simple Path to Union with God Am I living in the love of God in my daily life? Two formats are available with the same content: pamphlet or booklet (larger font) : How to print 1- download the file of choice. 2- Print double-sided, landscape form, short edge binding. ​ Pamphlet Booklet The Lord gives us a new commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 13:34) Paul teaches us how to love as Christ loves: Love is patient love is kind love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude It does not insist on its own way it is not irritable or resentful it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (ICor 13:4-7) Our Lords’ messages in The Simple Path to Union with God teach us how to grow in this Way of Love as we begin to work through and purify the situations and relationships in our lives. ...Ponder every relationship and situation in your lives where you are not loving with Me, through Me and in Me. Ask yourselves, “Why is it so difficult to love this person or to love in these situations?” It is precisely in those situations and with those persons where you need to be purified. It is only in this way that you can become ONE with My Eucharistic life and be transformed into Love. My pure victims of love are God’s warriors for these decisive times. (9/1/14), Simple Path #57, p.171 ​ I. LOVE IS PATIENT The love of God will stretch your love beyond your physical capacities. The expansion of the tent of your hearts is a most painful process. You have to choose to love those most difficult to love. You must always choose love, patience, and tenderness and never give in to anger and resentment. The tenderness of God was manifested through My hands. The healing grace of God was transmitted through My hands. I need you to be My hands and to transmit the healing grace of God to your spouses, children and many. It is My tenderness that heals the harshness and hardness of hearts. Radiate My tenderness through your hands. (3/1/11), Simple Path #106 REFLECTION: 1. Are my words, especially with those that I live with and work with, tender, respectful, uplifting, affirming, kind. If not why? Ask the Holy Spirit to take you to the root of your harshness. 2. Am I quick to rash judgements? Does my frustration lead to angry outbursts? ​ 3. Do I become easily agitated or irritated by people or circumstances that don’t conform to my will or desires? Or do I humbly accept all situations as allowed by God and opportunities to grow in sanctity? II. LOVE IS KIND... Tenderness is the virtue in which the love in your heart is manifested through your faculties of touch, sight, and speech . God is love; therefore, here on earth, my love was experienced by many through the touch of My hands, through the gaze of My eyes, and through My words. I am a living torrent of grace, which is the love of God flowing through Me. When you come to possess Me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, My love flows through you. You become My living vessel; you become My hands; you become My gaze; you speak My words. This is what it means to be My living chalices and living hosts. This love is manifested concretely, tangibly, through your tenderness. By being attentive to how you use your hands or fail to use your hands, how you gaze at others, and how the words flow from your lips, you will come to know the sin that remains in your hearts. My Mother is forming each of you to be Myliving chalices. (1/2/12), Simple Path #105. REFLECTION: ​ 1. How did I use my hands or fail to use my hands? Is it difficult for me to show tender affection, am I pushing myself to do what is most difficult? ​ 2. Was my gaze one of criticism and judgement? Ask the Holy Spirit to pierce these spirits and make you conscious of them so that God’s light can shine through your gaze. ​ 3. How have I spoken, and how has the tone of my voice been with those I live with? If harsh, short-tempered, angry, sarcastic, critical, demeaning… why? Luke 6:45, “From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The condition of our hearts is revealed as we are attentive to what and how we speak. ​ III. LOVE IS NOT ENVIOUS OR BOASTFUL OR ARROGANT OR RUDE... Jesus tells us: Receive the crown of glory, the crown of thorns. The King of Kings allows Himself to be crowned with the crown of thorns... My interior crucifixion I lived through the thorns of ingratitude, rejection, ridicule, murmurings, lies, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, deception, arrogance, pride in all its disguises... My Heart is crowned with the darkness of your sin (humanity’s). This is how I lived My Kingship on earth and it is how I continue to live My Kingship in the Eucharist, for this is Love. To share in My Kingship on earth is to share in My crown of thorns. ... You must receive with greater docility, abandonment and love My thorns through the darkness in the hearts of our sons and daughters. This is the perfect participation in the life of your Beloved, the life of Love. (11/24/13), Simple Path #75 REFLECTION: Did I receive the crown of thorns from Jesus — thorns of ingratitude, rejection, ridicule, murmurings, lies, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, deception, arrogance, pride, with humility and gratitude? Or did I rebel or make myself the victim? Do I live my life thinking that I deserve the crown of glory on earth? How was my reaction to the gift of the thorns the Lord was blessing me with? Do I carry any jealousy or resentment towards others in my heart? IV. IT DOES NOT INSIST ON ITS OWN WAY. Abandon yourself simply by accepting all, the way that it is given to you... Give yourself completely, serving all for love of Me. The mission will move forward according to My plan and Will. You are called to be love by sacrificing yourself completely for Love. This simple abandonment in each of the circumstances of your lives that I have placed you in will produce the hidden force needed to conquer the darkness covering the earth. Abandon yourselves to love the most difficult ones closest to you. Kiss My pierced feet each morning; and set yourselves out like warriors on a mission to serve with love, patience, tenderness—be slow to anger. (2/26/11), Simple Path #80 REFLECTION: ​ 1. Have I remained in peace with the difficulties, challenges, and tribulations in my life? If not, how have I reacted — with frustration, anger, complaining, resentment, jealousy, envy, doubt, fear? Why? ​ 2. Have I come to trust in God’s love for me in ALL the circumstances of my life? Pray for this grace of abandonment and trust. Thank God for the storms and receive the blessing hidden in each storm of your life. 3. Is it difficult for me to surrender my desires, opinions and will? Can I be stubborn or manipulative in attempting to get my way. Keep in mind that how we fall out of love is often not due to our impure desires, but in how we seek those good desires placed in our hearts. 4. How do I continue to “insist” on my ways? Have I accepted and loved my spouse, children, co-workers, community members… the way they are? V. IT IS NOT IRRITABLE OR RESENTFUL Jesus: ...I am humble, pure, simple, silent, generous, forgiving, merciful, patient, and tender. I give Myself fully to the good and the bad, to the deserving and the undeserving, to those who love Me and to those that persecute Me ; for when one is not obedient to the precepts of My Church, I am persecuted. I continue to love those who do not love Me. I continue to love those who use Me. I continue to love the unfaithful. I continue to love those indifferent to My love. I am left alone in the Tabernacles of the world with few who come to be with Me, to adore Me and to give Me thanks. I cry but My tears are hidden. I intercede continuously before the throne of our Father for all. My hidden life in the Eucharist is seen by Abba and blessed by Him Who sees all. (7/5/12) Simple Path #49 REFLECTION: 1. Did I continue to give myself fully in patience, kindness and tenderness when I was treated badly, disrespectfully, harshly...? 2. Did I choose to love when I was not loved, used, ignored... by communicating with respect and tenderness and not separating myself? Do I compare and pass judgements on the motives of others according to my own preconceived biases? 3. Was I able to see beyond their exterior acts and see the condition of their hearts and suffer this with Jesus? Do I pray for the healing of those who wound me? 4. Do I carry resentments in my heart that prevent me from fully loving and forgiving others? ​ VI. IT DOES NOT REJOICE IN WRONG DOING... Jesus: My daughter, a hardened heart is not able to receive the grace of God. It is not able to see the glory of God revealed before him. I, God Incarnate, was in their midst yet they were blind. My Heart was grieved to see the condition of their hearts, for I knew that not even My crucifixion would touch their hearts. My daughter, many are called; but it is few that respond. The act of Mary Magdalene and Peter, in which they come to Me with tears of sorrow, is necessary to pierce the hardness of the human heart steeped in sin. My daughter, My Heart continues to be grieved at seeing such hardness of hearts within My Church. I desire that you awaken the hearts of My sons with tears and supplications as only a mother can. (1/14/11), Simple Path #38. REFLECTION: ​ 1. Do I live my life “wrapped in the gift of self-knowledge”? Have I grieved my sins or do I justify myself when I receive self-knowledge? 2. Am I attentive to the hidden intentions of my heart: acting to be liked, admired, appreciated, loved, accepted, honored…? How were my intentions impure? ​ 3. Are my words and actions authentic and transparent to my true self, or do I at times live in the hypocrisy of my wounded false self? ​ VII. IT BEARS ALL THINGS, BELIEVES ALL THINGS, HOPES ALL THINGS, ENDURES ALL THINGS... Only love radiates the light of God, for His light is Love. The light of Jesus Christ is love that suffers for all and with all: Love in pain and sorrow, Love that enters into the brokenness of humanity and receives her brokenness into Himself to heal and restore her in God. Love receives her wounds and bears them upon His Body to heal her with the balm of His tenderness in mercy. This is the Light of the world. This is Love, the Word Incarnate. Receive My wounds, the sin, brokenness and oppression of your brothers and sisters , so that you can radiate My light in the darkness. This is love. The love of the world is self-seeking and self-centered, but the love of God is self-giving. (12/31/12), Simple Path #88 p.243 REFLECTION: 1. Have I taken the time in prayer to receive the wounds, sin, brokenness and oppression in my spouse, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, superiors, directors, friends, co-workers, daughters and sons-in-laws... and to suffer their brokenness with Christ as my prayer to Abba? 2. Have I taken the time to enter the PURE PAIN of how the woundedness of others hurts me, others and themselves? ​ VIII. LOVE IS THE EUCHARIST Only through the power of the Eucharist can we be transformed to love as Christ loves us. With Trust and patient endurance, we must allow our disorders to come to the Light to be made pure in the furnace of God’s love. Jesus: The Eucharist is the power of God in the world. The love of God is the Eucharist and is transmitted through the Eucharist. Learn about the hidden life by contemplating Me Eucharistic life. I am hidden from your human eyes but completely present. I am verbally silent, yet My soul speaks to your soul... ...Your ordinary and hidden life through the Cross becomes united to My Eucharistic life. Your hidden life takes on the same power as My hidden life because we are no longer two but ONE. These are My living hosts. In this union of love , you enter and live in the realm of God. Through Me, with Me and in Me your most ordinary life is the power of God. Your thoughts, words, deeds, but most especially your tears and sorrows of heart, possess the power of God to bless the world. Your hidden life not seen by anyone is seen by God and, through Me, with Me and in Me, He blesses many. Your life, as ONE with My Eucharistic life, moves beyond time and space. Ponder My Eucharistic life with the Holy Spirit and Mary. I desire for you to help Me form many living hosts to shine the light of God and to pierce the darkness. You grow in holiness as your hidden life is lived to greater perfection in My hidden life. (7/5/12), Simple Path #49. ​ REFLECTION: Has the Eucharist become the center of my life? If not, what do I place before attending Mass? Consecration to the Precious Blood of Jesus Prayer ​ Merciful Savior, conscious of my nothingness and of Thy sublimity, I cast myself at Thy feet and thank Thee for the many proofs of Thy grace. I thank Thee especially for Your Cross and Precious Blood by which you revealed your infinite love, forgave our sins and gave us a share in your eternal life. ​ In the presence of our Mother, Mary, my Guardian Angel, my Patron Saint and of the whole company of Heaven, I unite myself voluntarily with my whole heart and forever, O beloved Jesus, to Your Precious Blood, by which Thou has redeemed the world from sin and death. ​ I promise Thee with the help of Thy grace and to the utmost of my strength to love you and thus give you my all as a victim united to you the Victim of Love at the Cross. ​ I confess and repent from my sins, my coldness, and all the acts of disrespect I have ever committed against Thee. I make reparation for my disloyalty towards Thy Precious Blood and make satisfaction to Thee for the many profanations which men commit against that precious price of their salvation. Lord Jesus, I offer to Thee the love, honor and adoration, which Thy most Holy Mother, thy faithful disciples, and all saints have offered to thy Precious Blood. I ask Thee to forget my sins and coldness, and to forgive all who offend Thee. Sprinkle us, O Divine Savior, and all, with Thy Precious Blood, so that we, Love Crucified, may love Thee from now on with all our hearts, and worthily honor the Price of our salvation. Amen.

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    Know Who You Are — Intimacy with Christ Know who you are, as John the Baptist knew who he was, and the gift given to him from heaven to accomplish his mission. He was the Bridegroom’s best man (prophet) preparing the heart of the bride (the Church) to recognize, know and love the Bridegroom. When the Bridegroom appears, John understands he must decrease. His joy is made full. ​ You, on the other hand, are My bride, the Church, as one with My Mother, the perfect, pure, holy Bride. Your mission, as one with Mary’s, is to bring souls to the foot of the Cross to contemplate the love of their Bridegroom, to look and gaze at the One who has been lifted up and to be healed, restored and made new. —4/28/11 Simple Path #92 p.257 Back

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    A Crusade of Victim Souls Therese of Lisieux is one of these little souls. Through her "little way," God brings a new understanding of victims of love to the world. She offers herself to Christ as a voluntary oblation, “That I may live in one act of perfect Love, I OFFER MYSELF AS A VICTIM OF HOLOCAUST TO THY MERCIFUL LOVE… “ (Story of a Soul Ch.XII) ​ St. Therese prophesied that the legion of little souls, victims of merciful Love, would become as numerous “as the stars of heaven and the sands of the seashore.” “It will be terrible for Satan; it will help the Blessed Virgin to crush his proud head completely.” (St. Thérése of Lisieux, The Legion of Mary Handbook, 256-257.) In the last one hundred and fifty years the Church has seen an unprecedented call from our Lord and Blessed Mother for victim souls, a gift of God in view of the crisis the Church and world is undergoing. The ways of God are not the ways of the world. He will raise up a transformed priesthood, pierce the darkness of Satan and usher in the new Pentecost with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, not through more programs, but through His “hidden force”, a crusade of victim souls. Important Messages and Saints for These Times St. Therese of Lisieux 1873-1897 St. Therese lives her victimhood of love as a warrior to help priests obtain victory. She writes to a priest, “Like Joshua you fight on the field, as for me, I am your little Moses, and without ceasing my heart is lifted up to obtain victory." She lives in the Heart of Christ Crucified, therefore, she also suffers and laments with Jesus for priests that are not holy: “How many bad priests there are, how many priests who aren't holy enough! We pray, we suffer for them..., do you understand the cry of my heart?” (Convent letter, cited by Cardinal Cordes, in Why Priests? p 55) Blessed Conchita 1862-1937 Blessed Conchita, wife and mother of nine children, is an example of the fire of love that makes us victims with Christ. Jesus told her: “Offer yourself as a victim for my priests. Unite yourself to My sacrifice for gaining them graces.” (Conchita, A Mother’s Spiritual Diary, 85). Today’s world has a need not only for religious, but also married and single victim souls that will surrender their entire will to God for the sanctification of priests and families. ​ Jesus asks Conchita for a crusade of victim souls-- generous men and women in all vocations of life to help priests and families: “I am going to ask you one thing: a crusade of victim souls to the glory of My Father following the spirit of the cross.” ​ “… It is a union of pure souls, without self interest, victims in the midst of the world, who, fulfilling their duties, with love and zeal and a sacrificial life, give me glory.” Jesus wants Conchita to give Him holy priests. United to Him, she will belong to priests in the sense that her life will be an oblation for them. Jesus tells her: ​ “This will truly be a solace to My heart, giving Me holy priests. Tell Me you accept, that you will belong with Me to priests always since your mission on behalf of them will continue in heaven.” Mary Appears as "Rosa Mystica" to Pierina 1947-1966 The apparitions of our Blessed Mother as Rosa Mystica in Montichiari are specifically a call to priests, religious and consecrated souls and a call to the world to pray, sacrifice and do penance for them. ​ First Apparition - Spring of 1947 ​ “Our Lady, a beautiful woman, wore a violet dress and a white veil around her head. She was very sad; her eyes were filled with tears which fell to the floor. Her breast was pierced by three big swords. Our Lady said, ‘Prayer-Penitence-Expiation.’” Second Apparition - June 13, 1947 ​ Our Lady appeared dressed in white and instead of the three swords she had three roses: a white one, a red one, and a golden one. She brings a message of hope with powerful promises to male and female institutes, religious orders and secular priests: “I promise those religious institutes, orders, and secular priests who venerate me in this special way my special protection, an increase of spiritual vocations, fewer betrayed vocations, and great sanctity among the servants of God. I wish the 13th of each month to be celebrated as the day of Mary... I wish the 13th of July of each year to be celebrated in honor of 'Rosa Mystica.'" ​ Third Apparition - October 22, 1947 ​ Our Lady explained to Pierina the meaning of the three swords and the three roses: The first sword means loss of the vocation as a priest or a monk. ​ The second sword means priests, monks, and nuns who live in deadly sin. ​ The third sword means priests and monks who commit the treason of Judas. While giving up their vocation, they often lose also their faith, their eternal beatitude, and become enemies of the Church. The white rose means the spirit of prayer. ​ The red rose means the spirit of expiation and sacrifice. ​ The yellow or golden rose means the spirit of penitence. Fourth Apparition - November 16, 1947 ​ She said, "Our Lord, my Divine Son, is tired of the many offenses, the severe offenses, the sins against holy purity . . . "He wants to send another flood of punishment… I have interceded that He may be merciful once more. Therefore, I ask for your prayer and penitence to expiate these sins." Blessed Elena Aiello 1895-1951 (Simple path 430-431) Sister Elena Aiello was beatified on the Feast of the Holy Cross, 2011, by Pope Benedict XVI. The prophecies given to her by Jesus and Mary are very serious and urgent. Again, souls are asked by our Lord and Blessed Mother to suffer for priests and pray and do penance for the conversion of the world. ​ Jesus: The Church is opposed, and the priests are despised because of the bad ones who give scandal. Help Me, by suffering, to repair for so many offenses, and thus save at least in part, humanity precipitated in a slough of corruption and death. Then the Madonna appeared to me. She was dressed in black, with seven swords piercing Her Immaculate Heart. Coming closer, with an expression of profound sorrow, and with tears on her cheeks, she spoke to me, saying: Cry out until the priests of God lend their ears to my voice, to advise men that the time is near at hand, and if men do not return to God with prayers and penances, the world will be overturned in a new and more terrible war. Arms most deadly will destroy peoples and nations! The dictators of the earth, specimens infernal, will demolish the churches and desecrate the Holy Eucharist, and will destroy things most dear. In this impious war, much will be destroyed of that which has been built by the hands of man. Clouds with lightning flashes of fire in the sky and a tempest of fire shall fall upon the world. This terrible scourge, never before seen in the history of humanity, will last seventy hours. Godless persons will be crushed and wiped out. Many will be lost because they remain in their obstinacy of sin. Then shall be seen the power of light over the power of darkness. >>> Our Lady of Akita, Japan 1973-1981 The Second World War brought incredible devastation upon Japan. Atomic bombs annihilated two of its cities. It is, therefore, remarkable that Our Lady warned the world at Akita that if we do not turn to God, “Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad.” Akita is not an apparition, rather, Mary shows the continuity of her presence through tears shed by a statue of Our Lady of All Nations. She speaks about the power of the “cohort of victim souls” to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa: Many men in this world afflict the Lord. I desire souls to console Him, to soften the anger of the Heavenly Father. I wish, with my Son, for souls who will repair by their suffering and their poverty for the sinners and ingrates... I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him [The Father] the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him forming a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father’s anger. I desire also this from your community… Already souls who wish to pray are on the way to being gathered together. August 3, 1973 Back

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